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Re: If you could start from scratch...

I would not have bought used Flips, that's for sure (elastic doesn't last long enough when you buy them new!) Actually, I probably wouldn't buy Flips at all. The wing droop is starting to drive me crazy.

If I could restart I'd do:

12-18 small preflats
6-8 Thirsties Duo Wraps sz. 1 (seconds, if at all possible)
12-18 of my "imitation NB Simplex" diapers + a couple of NB Simplex seconds, in the prints I like.

And for one-size:
12 GMD flats
12-18 large preflats
8-10 DiaperSafari OS covers (bought while they are B1G1, of course!)

Also, fleece liners, and/or suedecloth insert socks (made by me), & some kind of doubler for night time, too.


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Re: If you could start from scratch...

I would have bought all fitteds from the start. I HATED pockets. <3 My GoodMamas, though.
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I would have bought imagine diapers!!!soomuch cheaper and I think they are perfect in every way. Imagine nb and imagine OS aio
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Re: If you could start from scratch...

I would have bought HH mini one-size for newborns, and then nothing but pockets after that. I tried a ton that I never used much but I think my perfect diapers might be tots bots easy fits. I would have loved a WHOLE STASH of just those. But #3 is almost 2 1/2, so my CD days are numbered...
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Re: If you could start from scratch...

For the newborn stage I would get
15 swaddlebees simplex
15 blueberry basix
I try to find these used I would use these for 3 newborns

For my onesize stash I would get(I always have 2 in diapers)
6 bumgenius 4.0s(nitetime)
6 flip nitetime inserts (for nite time)
6 flip shells for travel and when power is out
12 flip day time inserts
12 flats
12 freetimes for younger babe
12 swaddlebees simplex os older babe
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I now have my favorite stash of the last 3 years and I am satisfied with it birth-PL That being said, I like to try everything, so even if I had thought of this stash in the beginning, I probably would have tried a bunch anyways.

For newborn, I bought a bunch of random AIOs and different prefolds/fitteds. Within a couple weeks I sold off everything I didn't care for and bought more of what I liked, I shopped around a lot and got great deals on FSOT as well as used store points to get new things...
24 Newborn Simplex AIOs
12 Osocozy Unbleached prefolds
12 Osocozy Flats
6 xsmall Sandy's (up to 11lbs)
6 small Sandy's
I'm still using this stash at 11 weeks/13lbs and will use it for the next baby.

And once we grow out of our newborn/small stash (I think about 4 months) I have this through potty...
24 M/size 2 Bottom Bumpers AIOs
18 large flats
6 large Sandy's
6 Motherease OS fitteds

Once potty trained/outgrown large Sandy's...4 toddlerease for nights

All of this has it's use in our day to day life. It takes care of days/nights/travel and I'm covered birth to Potty without having to buy disposables.

I also found that I like sized/non PUL covers like Nikkys, Imse Vimse for day and wool/fleece for nighttime.

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Re: If you could start from scratch...

Flats, wool and flips !
Gerber flats for the first few months, then probably osocozy and then GMD because of the larger size. Right now I have the osocozy and blueberry cotton, my blueberry bamboo and GMD are in the mail. I can't wait to try them out.
I love the natural look of an unbleached flat in wool, and the fact that I can just padfold in a flip when I am not feeling like it or when I want her to wear cute tight jeans, it is so trim that way. You just cannot kill a flat, it is indestructible lol, it takes the thickness, size and form that you want it to be. It is the perfection on earth :P

In my almost 8 years of cloth diapering I have change my stash a LOT. I have bought everything, every type, every brand.. I wish I had found the flat love before, I would have saved a lot of money lol. But still I had a lot of fun trying it all.

I would NOT have bought microfiber, wouldn't have bothered with pockets either..

I still have a whole stash of OBGE and while they are very easy to use, oh so reliable and trim, they are so difficult to take care of. It takes way to long to wash and dry. It is difficult to rinse and I am tired of the smell they have if I don't use a little bleach, I am tired of bleach, I want easy diapering !!

So wool, flips, flats and snapi, that is all I need !!
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ISO: Large unbleached muslin flats !!

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Re: If you could start from scratch...

I sold everything off last time, so I am starting from scratch with what I know I like/want:
For newborn days:
30 GMD orange-edge prefolds
4 Thirsties Duo wraps size 1
3 small snappis
36 home made doubly ply flannel wipes (I made these and kept them from last time)
12 single ply flannel wipes for the diaper bag
Water bottle/sprayer for changing table and small one for diaper bag
2 medium Planetwise wet bags
2 Planetwise pail liners
A bunch of homemade fleece liners for rash cream days
Diapering from ~1 month on:
18 BumGenius 4.0 snaps
12 Rumparooz snaps
1 Aristocrats small wool cover (I use this over pockets at night for heavy wetting)
30 extra BumGenius doublers (I use two newborn inserts before I go to the onesize one)
10 hemp ovals (I use at night and naps for extra protection)
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I'm surprisingly stash happy! (for once!) For my 12+lb 6 week old, we have...

14 tots bots easy fits
8 medium simplex
4 BG freetimes

12 size2 grovia prefolds
18 size3 grovia prefolds
2 flips
2 small thirsties
2 grovia
1 Capri size1
1 blueberry coverall
1 bummis simply lite
1 xs Wollybottoms
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Re: If you could start from scratch...

Ah, how I would love to start from scratch! If in get ambitious, I'm going to. This is my third cloth diapered baby, but the other two were babies six and night years ago. I automatically went with what I knew and trusted from then, but I'm really wishing I'd given some other options a chance. What I have now? A ton of pockets and then a few other things. What I would like to try? Some AI2 systems and ... And some different brands of pockets, maybe some flats definitely some fitteds. The problem is, it seems like no matter how much research I do, I can't predict how diapers will work for my particular baby, so I have no idea what I would end up liking! I guess that's why I haven't started over yet...
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