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Sorry it's taken me so long to get on here again ladies. This week has been interesting to say the least... and to come back to a full swing school week with a newbie... no time whatsoever!

So I had my 41 week "checkup" at 2pm on Monday, the 9th. MIL was with N and would get Z at the end of school. N didn't want me to leave... he wanted to go with me to "the doctors and put monies in the turtle fountain". I cried as we left. I was getting no "goodbyes" from him...

When the Dr came in, she asked me why I was still pregnant. We joked with her about it, and said that I was told to come in for an appointment and then have an induction afterwards. She said that had she seen me at my appointment on Friday, she just would have scheduled me for a 9am induction. I declined being checked since we were just going upstairs in 15 minutes anyways. She told me to get a snack and a drink since once I stepped on L&D, I would be denied all food and drinks. She sent the orders to the L&D floor, and DH and I went to the car to get our stuff.

Anyways, we get up there, and I get checked. I was already a 5! An entire weekend of 7min apart contractions put me at a good starting place! The MW said I had two options. We could go home, and she guaranteed I'd be in later that night on my own with the contractions I was having, or we could get an induction started (with either pitocin or just breaking my water) and she guaranteed me a baby before 7pm. Considering we already had MIL watching the boys, and the boys would be VERY disappointed if I came home still pregnant, I just opted for an induction. I declined the pitocin route because I didn't want to be hooked up to an IV. She said I had to at least have an IV lock on because my platelets were so low, and if I started hemorrhaging she needed quick access.

Anyways, she broke my water at 3:30. Nice clear fluid... and SO much of it! They asked if I was diagnosed as polyhydramnios... it was never said to me that I was, but I was literally gushing water for over an hour. Standing, sitting... didn't matter. It was gushing everywhere. They think I had a late onset of it.

Contractions picked up from every 7 mins when we got there to every 2 mins almost instantly. The MW left and continued on with her clinic rounds, and had every resident and OB stop in to introduce themselves in case I went quicker than she thought. I was doing really well with the contractions, and was debating getting into the tub... water birth sounded really nice (and for once I got a room that had a whirl tub)! The Dr that saw me at my 2pm appointment came in at 5:20 to check me, and I was at an 8. Beyond this point, I don't remember much. Needless to say, I didn't even get into the tub.

DH said the MW came in around 5:40 and checked me again, and said I was a 9.5. She said that if I felt like pushing, I could... and just listen to my body. Don't really remember much of that either. DH says I was pushing for about 5 minutes. I do remember feeling the ring of fire with this one... something I didn't feel with the other two. After her head crowned, DH says I got really violent pushing her the rest of the way out. He also said it was a "tidal wave" of water that the MW had to dodge; I remember her moving, but didn't quite know why .

She was born at 6:18pm, and was 8lb 13.3oz, 19" long. Since I did push her out so quick, I did tear. The MW said that it was going well preventing it until her shoulders... then it just followed the "old scar" (being the one from Z... I didn't tear in this region with N). She said that it's a 1st degree since it's superficial, but it's so long that she classified it as 2nd degree. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as I remember it hurting with Z.

Certainly the fastest labor I've ever had. I asked DH if we had just come back that night, would we have even made it to the hospital. The contractions didn't get really bad until I was an 8... it's a 45 minute drive to the hospital, and I was an 8 an hour before she was born. We both think we wouldn't have made it.

N and Z are just completely smitten with their sister. She's the first thing they talk about in the morning... asking where she is, if they can hold her, etc. They both LOVE helping out with her. I can only hope it lasts!!


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Re: Abigail Kaley is here!!

Oh my she's adorable!!! I love the screaming pic lol. Reminds me of dd2
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Omg, look at the squish on that baby! Congrats!!
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Yay finally get to see pictures! Congrats!!
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Re: Abigail Kaley is here!!

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What a cutie! Glad it went well and so fast! Gosh I hope I have a similar experience!! Congrats on your beautiful girl!

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What an awesome story! She is beautiful congrats!
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Re: Abigail Kaley is here!!

Amazing! So glad that all of that "homework" paid off with such a relatively painless, quick experience!
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Re: Abigail Kaley is here!!

Congrats!! beautiful baby!
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She's beautiful mama, glad it went quick for you!
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