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Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Maya has had this "rash" for over a week now. It breaks my heart.
TMI, but she has atleast 4 sores, they scabbed up, than 2 of them opened up and bled a bit. I've tried everything I can think of. This is the third diaper rash since we started using cloth. The last one was pretty bad, but not quite like this. We just started using cloth about 2 months ago. We never had this problem with disposies, so now DH is blaming the CD's.

First I want to mention that we were at the zoo last monday and she was soaking wet from sweat. (It's hot every where, but we are in S. FL with high humidity) When I changed her dipe, she was super red; the start of the rash. It continued to get worst.

So far I have tried the following: Butt paste, Desitin, A & D ointment, neosporin on the sores, naked tush while in the house, now today with the rec of my friend who is a nurse for a dermatologist, she suggested Triple Paste. Her ped. told her to use that.

Today I bought a small pack of disposable doublers to use with her cloth dipe as DH asked me to use disposies until the "rash" is gone. I felt that was a good compromise.

A few weeks ago I stripped her diapers & wipes using this method as rec from a DS mama. We were using All Free & Clear & heard that could be the problem.

For general stripping---

Wash your diapers on HOT--the hottest you can get your machine. Add a few squirts of Dawn dishwashing liquid. NOT the concentrated kind. Just the cheap-o regular blue dawn. Do several rinses. You will want to rinse until you can't see anymore bubbles when it is agitating. This can take several times, depending on how much build-up is on your diapers.

Then, you'll want to run another HOT wash, and don't add anything. No detergent, dawn, NOTHING. Wash, and then if you want to, in the rinse you can add some tto or lavender oil. (I do occasionally, but honestly, not very often.)

That should pretty much strip your diapers. It might take a lot of washing, but it's worth it. Your diapers should have a very CLEAN and fresh smell. You'll be able to tell.

-Do a cold water rinse, no detergent.
-Fill the washing machine (highest water setting) with HOT water.
-Add oxyclean (I use the Sun version of oxyclean--usually 2 scoops) and your regular detergent (I use Sun, don't use anything that will cause build-up, or it won't work!).
-Let the diapers soak for 2-3 hours. (Often I'll just do it overnight to get them really clean.)
-Run through the wash cycle, doing at LEAST 2 warm water rinses, or more until you can't see bubbles.
-Dry in the dryer.

This works AWESOME for inserts! I use all micro inserts, I've never tried this with hemp.

To strip your washing machine, fill it with the hottest water you can find. Add 1 cup of bleach and 1 cup of laundry detergent. Do a few wash cycles. That will strip everything.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post. I really do appreciate any and all advice and feedback. I have a ped. appt in the AM, but I honestly feel that the DS mama's will be a lot more help.

Thanks so much!



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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

It could be a yeast rash. Our dr told us if a rash has gone on for a while (like your dd's has) it has probably become infected with yeast and you will need an antifungal to to treat it. Our dr said to use lotrimin. You can get it with the foot creams in any drug store or Target. Hope that helps.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

When my newborn had a rash like that, my ped. recommended a cream called Calmoseptine. You can order it from a pharmacy if they don't carry doesn't require a prescription. It really did help (though it wasn't a miracle cure...once the skin is open it takes a little while to heal). I think you can google it, too, if you want to take info to the pharmacy. I've heard that triple paste is good, too. If you wind up using the Calmoseptine and do decide to use cloth, (and I kind of wish I had used cloth because I think the disposable wipes and diapers contributed to my DS's rash), you'll want to use a liner because the calmoseptine will stain.

I would go ahead and take her to the might be a yeast-based rash, which would need an anti-fungal cream to clear up (I think). And it really does help to air out baby's tushy for a little while every day.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

I too have fought the terrible diaper rash (on and off rash for 2 months!) and spent a ton of $$ on diaper ointments from desitin to weleda to a&d. went to my family doc who is a very crunchy gal herself and she steered me to the local coop in search of a product called florisone, which is a natural alternative to a hydrocortisone cream. we used this and then aveeno zinc oxide baby cream as a contact barrier and within 4 days of consistent use it had pretty much cleared up. now i use the florisone whenever he starts to get red and a BAD rash doesn't develop. i guess hydrocortisone isn't recommended for use on kids because of the steroids (? MAYBE) that can be absorbed through the skin. HTH if you have questions about the product/ ingredients in it, pm me, i'll dig out a tube and answer what i can. Best of luck.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

What kind of detergent are you using now??

I'd definitely take her to the Dr's. That sounds like a nasty rash!! It doesn't sound like build-up issues, but it could be. So, I'd first see if they think it's a yeast rash, or something worse.

Cam has had infections in the diaper area recently (non-CD related---due to UTI's, etc.), and he's had to be in sposies while he had topical medication on. It was easier, so that I wouldn't ruin my diapers, but I could make sure he was completely saturated in the ointment.

If it is build-up, we can fix it, I'm sure!!

I've also noticed, when I'm stripping my diapers, that the 2nd time I wash them (with nothing in it), I'll do warm rinses instead of cold rinses. For some reason, the warm water stirs up more of the build-up/excess soap than cold water does.

Good Luck mama! Your poor baby sounds like she is in pain!
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Sounds like a yeast rash............... dd has one now. Using Monistat now. Let's hope! Good luck to you.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Sounds like a yeast rash. DD has that in the summer. I just bought the california baby diaper rash cream "calming" and it really helped to dry it up. I am useing it at night and mornng and it is really helping.

If it continues beyond 10 days call the doc. My brother who is Dr says to use lotrimin when it gets really bad, but you should consult your ped if it goes byond 10 days.

That and a bath everynight.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

My DS gets awful rashes that take awhile to go away when he eats oranges or grapes. The acidic fruit just reacts with his bum. DS currently has a rash from the grapes he has eaten for the past 5 days. So no more grapes but the rash is slowly going away. To speed up healing I dab the spots with gentian violet once a day. I make sure to use liners because the purple temporarily stains the dipes but washes out after a few times. This is the only thing that has helped us!

I hope your rash woes leave soon! Also, I always use fleece as a stay dry liner in all my fitteds and prefolds so that DS does not feel the wetness on his skin and to eliminate rashes.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Ok if she has sores and has had them for over a week, it could be a combo of a staph infection and a yeast infection. Zach had that, we HAD to take him to the Dr to clear it.
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Re: Worst Diaper Rash Ever. Please HELP! :(

Ah mama I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! I usually try first things first..a bath full of baking soda. It sooths the tush and cleans out the skin. I then slather on Aquaphor, essential oil of any kind, or Desitin..whatever I can get my hands on at the diaper changing moment. If that doesn't work, I try switching up the dipes. What types of dipes are you using? My son usually has a reaction to fleece (Fuzzi Bunz) and sometimes suedecloth. If he gets a rash I put him in prefolds right away and he goes coverless and it does the trick every time. I believe you can also use colloidal silver. The natural health store guy told me to use it to boost the immune system and to use it for infection.

I hope you get some answers. It's so sad to see the little ones' bums suffer!
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