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Re: Breastfeeding in your eyes; how has it changed?

Back when I was single, bf'ing really weirded me out. I'm embarrassed to say, I was in church one Christmas Eve and there was a woman in the pew in front of me bf'ing a baby. I could hear the smacking, and I thought to myself, "Eww, does she really have to do that here???"

Fast forward to having a good friend bf her baby, and I mostly observed how much work it was, but she handled it so well. That was really my first personal experience with it.

Fast forward to being preggo with DS...I figured I would try it, but I wasn't going to beat myself up over it if it didn't work. I bought bottles and formula just in case I needed them.

Fast forward to actually having DS... I had so many post partum problems (hemmoraging, stitches coming out, super painful nipples and letdown, lots of pressure to supplement). I tried about once a month to give DS formula, b/c I kept thinking I wasn't producing enough b/c he needed to eat so often. Then I would reread the ingredients on the formula container, and I would stop offering b/c I hated the idea of him eating all those chemicals when what I had to offer had to be better for him. He would never take a bottle, anyway, so I nursed him until I got preggo with DD and my supply dried up.

Fast forward to DD...I armed myself with books, including the Jack Newman book. I am way more confident, and so far things are going fine. I can't believe she is already 4 1/2 months old!


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Re: Breastfeeding in your eyes; how has it changed?

When i was preggers with my first, i figured I"d breastfeed for 6 mos or so...."til she got teeth" I believe came out of my mouth. I had no information though, so when i went to my doc b/c babe was fussy and seemed hungry, i started her on bottles of formula as he said, and we soon lost my supply and our nursing relationship b/c she started to refuse me. I felt guilty, but thought there was nothing more i could have done. Yeah. With my second and wanted badly to nurse, but with no information/support yet again....repeat scenario.
Third pregnancy....i had internet. I found mdc. I had moral support from a great husband. More importantly, I had a ton of will power, determination and didnt' give a **** what anyone else said. I was going to nurse that baby and i was going to succeed. 2 yrs was my goal - he is still nursing on a random basis at 3 yrs. We had a super rough go of it the first 8 mos, I wouldn't have thought ill of any other mother for throwing in the towel. I wasn't going to though.
The biggest thing that has changed for me in the way i think of nursing - when my first was an infant - i thought anyone nuring over a year was some sort of weird supermom. Nowadays, when i know of someone weaning at a year, or 6 mos, or whatever their choice is.....I feel like it's too soon. I don't fault them for it, everyone has their comfort levels and good for them for doing it for that long.....but it seems sooo young to me to wean a baby.
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