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Friday Chat 10/15

Good morning

You gals with the back aches......I'm there. The arch has definitely increased putting lots of pressure on my upper and lower back. Blargh.

Stephanie-So glad you're able to drive now!!!! Hopefully that helps you be with both sienna and the fam!!

Well, Bray didn't nap yesterday....he tried at 6pm and i turned all the lights on andfed him dinner. He passed out about 820 or so and he's still sleeping now at 815!!!! I guess I should wake him, but I don't wanna!!!!

I got so much done yesterday!!! So proud of myself.
I think we'll go to toddler time and then the park....maybe pick up lunch somewhere. I didn't leavethe house yesterday so I owe it to my little guy to get out today.

And, I'm thinking I'll go to Target and find a nursing silly boob has been leaking on and off-I told Dh and his response was, "nice".


Cecili :wave2: Wife to Bryan (5-15-04) Momma to Brayden (2-5-08) Clara Reece (11-24-10)
And Bennett Lane (3-27-13)

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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Cecili - SS about the back aches, I've got it too, really bad. Good for you for getting stuff accomplished!

Yesterday was DHs b-day and it was a good day. My DH is so sweet, he spent his b-day morning shopping for shoes for DD and even bought me a knitting needle and some wool yarn (he got to pick the colors) so I can at least start a soaker. I need to order the other needles online now. I him. Waiting on a call from the doc's office today. Went in last friday for a probable bacterial infection "down there" and STILL haven't gotten meds or test results. Needless to say I'm a little mad, and VERY uncomfortable. So major FX that I get a prescription called in today so I don't have to wait all weekend. Hanging out with fam this morning and then going to an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch this afternoon with both sides of the family, DD is so excited. I'll try to BBL but no promises. Hope you all have a good day!
of 3 years to a chaplain's assistant, mommy to DD 2/08 and preggo with a boy! EDD 11/27/10
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Hi Ladies!!

Cecili - enjoy your day deserve it!!

Kealii - Ugh i hope you get your meds Not fun. Enjoy the pumpkins and apples thO. I think we're heading to a pumpkin patch this weekend as well.

I'm in cleaning mode this morning as I've let the house go over the past couple of days...dh comes home some time today so I usually like to have it looking tidy. It will be nice to just hang at home this weekend. We need to clean the gutters for leaves, and take DD to get her halloween costume.
I was looking at my bag today and think I should start picking up hospital stuff to pack with.

Then I think I NEED to get the kids outside for a bit later...they've been inside for 2 days with the weather being crappy/ momma being way too tired to trek to the park. Tiredness is def setting in.

Im not having back issues like you guys, but mine seems to be my hips when I'm sleeping. I'll wake myself up bc they're so sore and then try to turn and get comfy on the other side only to wake up with the exact same pain throbbing an hour later.

Enjoy your morning ladies
I'm Alisha and I'm a Cloth Diapering Addict!
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I'm just a , , , kinda momma -- and I wouldn't have it any other way
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Alisha- I get the same hip pain. Can't stay in bed too long anymore. Plus, when I go to roll over, my stomach cramps up making the movement excruciating.
Hope you get that cleaning finished up!!! Sounds like quite a to do list!!

Kealii-Hope those mds come through....can't magine making it through the day with that pain. Gld you had a good day with your hubby.

I finally got the boy up.....he did NOT want towake up. He slept 12.5 hours!!! Definitely need to get him out today. I'm not ready to give up naptime and don't wantto go to bed at 11pm either =)

Hope the day goes good for everyone!!!
Cecili :wave2: Wife to Bryan (5-15-04) Momma to Brayden (2-5-08) Clara Reece (11-24-10)
And Bennett Lane (3-27-13)
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Good Morning!!

Cecili~ DS is still sleeping too! He got up only 1X last night too! I have also been having back issues and my hands go numb when i am trying to sleep! that drives me BONKERS! Hope you have a fun day out and about! I think that me and DS are going to do the same thing!

Kealii~ I sure hope the Dr calls back an gets you something for relief!

Alisha~my home has been opposite, i have been a cleaning machine the last couple of days and need to get out ad enjoy some sunshine. I know itll be gone for a long time sooon! Ugh WI winters are my leas favorite!

AFM~ I m going to get outa the house today! I just dont know what to do yet. Tonight it is going to be just me and Elijah, Bris is sleeping at a friends and DH is we need to find somthing fun to do! maybe a movie? or a game place of somsort?
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Momma to 99, 07 & Stella Grace 10/28/10
~My Star In Heaven~
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Good morning!!

I don't have too long to talk, the kids are all up and running around. Just a little update. We had an OB appointment Wednesday and we're measuring right on track! The baby is weighing 5lbs already, so she'll probably be around 8lbs at birth, which is pretty normal for our babies. I feeling alright these days, just super achy. I'm carrying REALLY low. Even the u/s lady was like "whoa! Her head is low!"

Today I'm trying to catch up on the kids laundry and tackle their bathroom. I even did the bathtub today which was AWFUL! We have a rubber mat down so they don't slide everywhere. Well, DH is normally the one that gives them the bath and he never pulls up the rubber mat and rinses, so all the dirt from the kids gets stuck under there. So that mat is currently bleaching and the bathtub, toys, toilet, sink, everything is nice and clean!

Last weekend dh took me shopping for some warm maternity clothes that actually FIT! I picked up 7 shirts, 1 pair of secret fit jeans, and 1 pair of PJ pants. Didn't spend all that much either! On our way up there, we also picked up a papisan swing from craigslist for $75! It was in near perfect condition too! I'm so excited about that! I was dreading spending $140 for a new one. One step closer to being ready for the baby!!

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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Cecili- hope you find a nursing bra today! and wowsers did bray sleep alot!! lol
Kealii- what a sweet dh, mine would never know what to look for if he went shopping for things like that!
Alisha- I feel ya with the sleep pain and stuff! Hope you get those kids outside and worn out today!!!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day, took ds to school in the am, knitted while he was there, after i picked him up we went to krystals and she did henna on my belly
then when i got home i had to take a nap, so we had a family nap and all slept for like 2 hrs!! lol , then i had poms practice with the girls, and came home to dh making dinner! he made chicken mostacholli (sp?) and it was fabulous. after dinner i made pumpkin pie, and started having contrax, so i drank alot of water. they were like every 5-7 minutes for about an hour, and pretty crampy... so i timed them, but after an hr they teetered off. we also carved pumpkins and baked the seeds last night. so after i put ds to bed i conked out!

Today im not doing much, i have off for the next 2 days before my 4day stretch, so im gonna take it easy, especially with all the contrax im having lately. I think my cousin and dh's bff are coming over for dinner tonight so i have to find out what to make. i want to make something ive never made before so i should dig into some cookbooks and find a recipe!
Hope everyone has a great day!!
Korin mommy to connor 1/11/07 and Addison 11/15/10 due with baby #3 11/10/15
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Cecili- Have fun hanging out with little man today. I hope he enjoys his time playing. SS about the back ache. But yay for getting stuff done!

Kealii- Your DH sounds adorable. What a way to have a good birthday by making sure wife and child are both happy! I hope they get you a script soon. I can't imagine dealing with that for a whole week.

Alisha- I hope you guys get some outside time. The weather is beautiful here today. Ugh, the hip pain. Mine is getting worse. Nothing like feeling like a beached whale in your own bed!

Krystal I hope you find something to do. What a special time for you and DS to just get to hang out without anyone else's drama!

Heather- I don't like messing with cleaning the tub, let alone when the mat gets gross.
Way to go on the buys. However, I must say, I have not found the secret fit love. All my winter pants from being pg with DD, just are uncomfortable this time. I decided to try these wonderful secret fit pants . They felt great at the store but the fall off of me since wahing them.

Korin- Sounds like you have been busy. I would love to do have henna done. I am not brave or talented like Krystal to do it in the mirror. Enjoy your days off from work.

AFM:37 weeks!!! Bring on the baby. I am off work now. My blood pressure was crazy high yesterday at my appointment so Doc said no more work. The thing was yesterday I felt great, my ILs were in town but I spent the whole time running errands and getting my first ever mani and pedi. I felt really relaxed by the time I got to my appointment. Even after they had me lay on my side my BP was still elevated! So then my Dr brought up the possibility of induction. The only thing that saved me was my protein was only trace amounts and is still considered normal. I am supposed to monitor my BP over the next few days, if they stay high or I start spilling protein my Dr wants to talk more about the big awful "I" word. I am mostly disappointed because my Group B strep was still negative which meant we could stay at home as long as possible. So hopefully it was just a fluke! Otherwise baby measured right on time, HB was around 145 and my weight was the same from a week ago!!!
Plus I got a bit of the nesting bug!!! 2 nights ago I went crazy and had DH stay up until midnoc putting the nursery together. I feel much more prepared now. Even though baby will be in co sleeper for the first few months. I love just sitting in the room.
Today DD and I work on a glue and paste project to put in "Pretzels" room. She asked to do another glue project so I have been working on it and decided to take a break to check on here! Then we have a surprise b-day party for a friend turning 30 tonight. Unfortunately the host has requested no children so we had to get a babysitter. I feel guilty spending time away from DD now that baby is going to be here soon and she won't be the only child anymore.
Whew- I was chatty. Now to go see what DD has been up to. She has been really quite.
Tiffany Wife to Charlie(5/31/03) Proud Mommy to Maylee(11/19/07) and Aven(10/27/10) Cautiously expecting our Rainbow in March
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

Busy day here.. it is homecoming wknd so town is crowded and DH (journalist/photog) is super busy.

It is my reunion too so half of the homecoming events have to do with my graduating class. I am only going to the tailgate party tonight (free hotdogs woot!) and the reunion itself tomorrow though.. I am skipping the game, walk of classes, alumni party, etc.. I am not feeling up to it. Besides, I didn't really like anyone I went to school with LOL except DH who was in a different graduating class..

Anyway. Off to pack orders so they will ship before the PO closes for the wknd. Have a great day ladies!
Jacklen - Wife to James, mom to M, C, and A
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Re: Friday Chat 10/15

cecili: i let me kids give up naps early so that they would sleep good at night! both kids go to bed at 7:30pm and wake at about 7:30am on school days. then i get time to myself with hubby in evening and go to bed when i want! have fun at toddler time!

kealii: glad you had a great day for dh birthday! he sounds like a sweet man!! i love going to pumpkin patches!! if its not raining i;d like to take the kids to the local one on sunday.

alisha: i share your hip pain exactly!! i have to keep flipping over which is a feat in itself!!! i had a hossy bag packed but now im in the safe zone for homebirth but im going to keep it packed in case of emergency transport to hossy. then its ready to go.

Krystal; have fun tonight!! those nights can really be a great thing before baby comes!!! enjoy your time together!

Korin: i hope the contrax settle for you and make your next work shifts easier! rest well on those days off!! you deserve them! sounds like you had a great day with family!!

Tiffany: you are chatty today!! i sure hope that BP goes down for you!!! i will keep my fingers crossed for you that you dont need the I word!!!!! but keep your fingers crossed for me that i go into labour!!!!!!

AFM: just making a barbie princess cake for dd birthday party tomm. i sure hope i can pull this off!!!!!its the kind with the barbie in the top. then i need to cook up some extra lean ground beef and ground turkey and make taco rolls. some for dinner some for the freezer for after baby! tonight we are going to try get the hoses and water pump for birth pool then i should have everything for our birth! oh except me in labour. i so want to go into labour on my own. i have never experienced this and i really dont want gel agian!! so im going to be using epo like crazy and dtd!!!!

one of the cashiers at the market said the "did you have baby yet" like looking at me you couldnt tell? duh! so i finally used the " yes i did but the other twin needed to grow a little longer!" she looked so confused!! lol and again i have dd with me but left the newborn home or in the car? give your head a shake woman! uh oh! hormones are coming out!! LOL
Sandra, SAHM to Ashton Kaine (04) andSierra Jewell (07)and our two angels in heaven. Miss you!
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