View Poll Results: At what age do you plan to get your child a cell phone?
9 or younger 9 10.59%
10 5 5.88%
11 5 5.88%
12 8 9.41%
13 7 8.24%
14 13 15.29%
15 2 2.35%
16 21 24.71%
17 2 2.35%
other 13 15.29%
Voters: 85. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Cell Phones

I have 3 girls and 2 have cell phones they've had them appox. 2 yrs now so almost 11 and 13.


Sharon,mom 2 Kaitlyn 19,Tayler 17,Anna 9,wife 2 James 4 yr old lead Teacher at a childcare center.
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Re: Cell Phones

I got my DD one when she was 10. It wasn't so much that she needed it (or used it) to call her friends but more for me to be able to call her when she's at her dad's without me having to talk to him . She's had it for 3 years now and she's been very responsible with it, she doesn't talk on it much, like most kids these days though she texts more than talks.
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Re: Cell Phones

I think you're asking for trouble using cell phones in the classroom.
Well, we will just disagree. I don't. I'm a very experienced teacher and try to utilize all the technology I can in my poor, rural school.
Gena (37)
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Re: Cell Phones

As a collective group, my birthdaughter's biological and parental units got together and we decided to get her a cell phone. It has heavy, heavy parental controls. All texting is blocked, it has speed dial set for the allowed numbers (parents and bio-units and their spouses only). It is a 'restricted' line through AT&T, so it can only make calls and receive calls from specifically allowed numbers and 911. She was in kindergarten when she got it.

She spends a lot of time being driven to school by other parents from her school (her mom doesn't drive) and wanted to be able to contact "us" (her biologicals) and her Dad without having to bug her mom to dial the phone. She can also use it to call 911 or any of us if she feels she is in an unsafe situation or wants to come home from after-school activities.

It's $15 a month; 9.99 for the "extra line" on my ex-husband's plan and $5 to restrict access. We all have AT&T so it's pretty much unlimited minutes.
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Re: Cell Phones

I voted 11, but really it'll be once they hit middle school. Once they start doing afterschool activities is when it'll be okay. Before then, I think it's crazy. My son had a friend that had one in kindergarten, which is insane to me! What 5yo needs a cell?!
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Re: Cell Phones

Whenever our kids start driving, I will give them a phone to USE while they are out. When they can pay for their own plan, they can go ahead & sign up for their very own. My family had one cell phone that I could take when I went out with friends, then it came home & went right back on the charger. It wasn't mine, it was just for whoever was out & about. I didn't get my own cell phone til I was 20.
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Re: Cell Phones

Probably middle school - maybe 8th grade. I want my kids to have a means to get a hold of me that isn't tied to a house line. As a kid, I was stranded in all sorts of places because my parents REFUSED to get call waiting, and my dad was always on the phone for the work he did with the state. There were times that I would go and hide from the coaches so they thought everyone had left, and I would sit and wait at the school in the rain and wait for my parents to finally come get me (if, say, softball practice had canceled early due to rain). I was so embarrassed that I could never get a hold of my parents when I needed them. I once walked home in the pouring rain (about 2 miles on a busy highway) because I had gotten tired of calling them only to get a busy signal.

So, probably when they start doing organized sports and other activities that require me to drop them off.

ETA: That does not mean that this will be a cell phone they can use willy nilly. It will probably be a pre-paid phone, or one that my DH and I can control that is tied to our plan. Probably a refurbished old phone that can do some fun things (like take pictures), but that we won't pay an arm and a leg for. When my kids have their own money, they can buy the gadgets they please with it.
Jen - SAHM to James Alexandra and my sweet baby Thomas

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Re: Cell Phones

We got our oldest daughter a phone last summer, she was 6. She had just started training more at her gym, she's a gymnast; so we wanted her to be able to get a hold of us if something came up and we weren't there. Also, she occasionally stays the night at friends' houses, so it puts our minds at ease that she has a way to contact us.

She has free reign of her phone, but really it never gets used. It's not like very many of her friends have one.
Abbie, wife to N, mom to I, A, J & L
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Re: Cell Phones

I voted 12, but I think she was actually 11.5 or so? We got our oldest daughter a pay as you go phone. $25 a month paid her bill and it allowed us to put her on the commuter train for the 1/2 hour trip to get to her dad's house on the weekends. It has saved everyone a ton of time and gas, and it has given her more responsibility & independance.
For last Christmas, we upgraded her to a 3 year plan & a texting phone that has a slide out keyboard and she is in heaven. Of course, had the first phone not gone so well, she would not have gotten this, but she has proven herself to be very trustworthy and responsible. It is also a huge help when she is at her dance classes, as she can call us to let us know of schedule changes and she can also get herself to dance from school, which is a far way off the beaten path for us. She would otherwise have to take the school bus home and then take a $13 taxi ride from our home, so it is worth it. She is not allowed to talk on it for extended periods of time, due to health issues that we worry could come up, but the text plan seems to be a fit.
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