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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I am a wrapping mama, so I always get comments about how I got her in there and what a great idea it is.

At the fair this past weekend, I had one dad comment about how I "had the right idea" and then talking how they had to carry their kids when they were little and they get tired.

My mom and dad like it, but then again, my mom wore me in the 80's before it was cool


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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I've only had one negative "I think that's bad for her back", but the rest have definitely been positive..."that looks comfy", "he/she sure looks happy in there", "I wish I had one of those when mine were little", or "can I ride in there?"
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I get mostly positive comments, mostly from grocery store employees. The dairy guy knows DS and his "ride". Earlier this week a cashier asked how it went on because she was looking to get something for her daughter to use. I also, several months ago, had a grandfather type ask where he could get one to wear his grandson because it made his arms tired holding him as much as he wanted to be held.
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I have gotten a handful of negative comments over quite a few years of baby wearing. Things like "isn't he too big to be carried" or "I wouldn't want to be tied up like that" but over all people have been really positive. When Tharen was tiny I would hear lots of "he looks so happy" or "why didn't I think of that". As he got older I usually just heard how cute and happy he looked, or how it was a great idea. Baby wearing is not incredibly common around here but it isn't unheard of. Slings and pouches at least are pretty normal with little babies. I did get a lot of "wow that is so pretty, what is it" about my mei tais. In the past 6months dh and I have been doing all of our grocery shopping at the local Korean market (the produce is so much better, and cheaper there) and baby wearing is definitely the norm there. I can't count how many moms and dads I have seen with little ones in Ergo's. I never see strollers, either the child is in a carrier or old enough to walk. I even see quite a few more traditional carriers. Dh had to stop me from rushing up to a woman with her baby in a podegi because I never see anyone else who wears one and hers was sooooo pretty!!!! Extended breastfeeding is also pretty common there. You see lots of moms feeding their little ones in the food court area. Not uncommon at all to see a toddler still nursing. I love it!
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I also get lots of positive comments from older people, who think she looks happy, and who say they wish they had something like that when they were younger. I haven't gotten any negative comments, but I do notice that moms carrying their baby in a car carrier when I'm wearing mine look at me funny or avoid me.
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I started wearing my DD from birth essentially. She was in a Natural Baby carrier for the first month or so, then she started riding in a BabyHawk or Ergo. I have *never* received negative comments by anyone.

I remember when DD was about 6 weeks old going to a craft fair and having all these older ladies comment on how "neat" my contraption was. It also prevented people from trying to touch her, which I liked.

Now, at almost 3, she rides in a ToddlerHawk or an Ergo. It's a good way to keep her contained, close to me and happy.

When I was unpacking my apartment a couple months ago, she was whining and throwing tantrums. I put her in the toddlerhawk on my back and she was quiet instantly and even helped me put lotion and things on the highest shelf in the closet.

I remember a guy in the Tempurpedic store in the mall commenting on my Babyhawk when DD was around 6 months old. He watched how fast and efficiently I tied her in it and he asked for the name of it and the name of the carry I was doing, because he wanted to buy his wife one for their upcoming baby.
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

My MIL is always impressed by how calm DD gets the minute she gets in the Moby so I guess that's positive. My mom is nothing but negative about it though.

ETA: I just remembered, I had some women in the Target parking lot comment on how great of an idea it was to shop with her in the Moby and how she must love being that close and feeling my heartbeat.
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Re: Positive Babywearing Stories?

I've only gotten positive comments.

About a month ago I went to Target with both DC. I put DS (almost 3) on my back in my Scootabay and then was carrying DD on my hip. I heard one woman say, "Oh my! I thought you were Super Woman with the way you were carrying your kids!" She didn't realize DS was in a carrier and thought he was just getting a piggy back ride....
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