View Poll Results: does your 4 year old still nap?
every day 32 47.06%
occasionally, if they were up late or had to get up early 17 25.00%
only when sick 10 14.71%
never 9 13.24%
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does your 4 year old still nap??

DS turned 4 in February and still NEEDS a nap every day...he's a crabby, cranky, mean little guy without one. He'll meltdown over any little thing when he's over tired--today it was because his toy car was the wrong color red ?? Anyways, his friend came over right after Ash went off to bed & when I told him he was napping, he looked at me like he didn't understand what the concept even was. It got me thinking about his pre-k class & the weird looks I got from some of the moms when I mentioned going home & taking a nap one day as we were leaving.

I know every kid's different, but sometimes I really do feel like I have the only 4 year old that still needs a nap every day no matter what. He usually goes to bed between 10 & 10:30 each night and gets up for the day between 8:30 and 9:00, usually closer to the earlier side of that...he's allowed to sleep in as late as he wants...I figure if his body needs the extra sleep, he's going to get it. We try to let the kids follow their own natural schedules as much as possible, but even with that 10 hours of sleep a night, he still naps for a good 3 hours each afternoon. He has reflux but it seems as though its under control with medication now (he used to wake 3-4 times a night and now maybe wakes once to go pee then right back to bed). When they did bloodwork at his last appointment, it came back that he has low iron & low red blood cells--not low enough for medication or concern, but it was something that they wanted to re-check at his 3 month checkup. They also tested him for ADD/ADHD at pre-k this year...they didn't give us a definitive yes or no, mostly because of his age, but they said that he shows a lot of ADHD traits & its something we may want to keep an eye on as he gets older. Is it normal for him to sleep this much still? Something I should maybe mention to the doc at the checkup next month?


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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

My 4yo still naps every day, and if he doesn't he is crabby too. Today he slept for 2 hours before he woke up on his own. He also goes to bed around 9, and gets up on his own between 7 and 8. At the pre-k he will be attending this fall (it is an all day program) they have a rest/nap time automatically provided. All children have to lay down and be still, though not all children have to sleep. I'm sure ds will be one of the kids sleeping!

As far as the iron is concerned, my son had low iron several years ago, and the dietician suggested increasing vitamin c at the same time as increasing iron. Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron, and I'm sure you are aware that iron deficiency can cause fatigue.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

Adam will be 5 in October and NEEDS a nap. He is usually tired by noon but will not take a nap any earlier than 2:30.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

My 4 year old (actually 4 1/2) takes a nap everyday. Next year in pre-k he wont though.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

Mine is 4.5. He doesn't nap everyday, but most days. He does go up to his room every day for a nap. Sometimes, he just reads or plays quietly and doesn't sleep. Some days, he sleeps. It used to be more days he would sleep, but in the last couple of weeks, he more often doesn't. He still sleeps 3 days a week or more though and gets a quiet time even if he doesn't sleep.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

Nope. My nearly 4yo DD gave up regular naps pretty much the same time she gave up nursing, which was at 30 months. Sigh. She does, however, have a daily quiet time in her room. On the very rare occasions that she falls asleep during the day, she almost always wakes up super cranky and then takes forever to get to sleep at night.

The silver lining is that she has a fairly early bedtime at 7:30 and sleeps through until 7am or so most mornings.

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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

My 5yr old doesnt nap but we have quiet time. She needs that time to unwind. If she doesnt get it, boy look out!!
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

My daughters are 9, 5, and 2 and they all nap. On weekends when the almost 10 year old is home from school and during hte summer she is expected to read on her bed for 1 full hour everyday so I can get a break. It won't kill her. And I'm a nicer mommy. My 5 year old and 2 year old both nap every single day at 1pm. The 5 year old starts kindergarten in the fall and I promise you if she goes to morning K, she will be still carrying on with the nap. It's rare that she doesn't fall asleep for 45minutes to an hour after playing for a bit. She's allowed to play quietly, she's not allowed to wake her baby sister or get out of bed until I come up to get her. But she's absolytely miserable without a nap. Today we needed to miss nap due to a pedi appt and she had a complete nuclear meltdown at 6pm and was in bed for the rest of the evening. It was horrible. She still needs it. My oldest napped until she went to full-day kindergarten. And that was hard for her. Once every 2 weeks or so she would come home fro,m school and go to her room to put away her backkpack or play and we would check on her in a few minutes and she'd be passed out on the floor or her bed or whatever and we couldn't wake her even for dinner. She would sleep right through until the next morning. She was so exhausted trying to keep up wiith her friends at school that she just needed one day to catch up on sleep. There are just some kids who need more sleep than others, same as adults. I get those funny looks and the "oh you are so lucky she still naps!" but I don't feel that way. Actually it's a giant PITA having to be home everyday at 1pm regardless of what I have to do. And then getting the oldest off the bus at 3:30 and then making dinner and having homework and baths to do and realistically if my stuff isn't done by 12:30 everyday so we can be home for lunch and nap, it's not gonna happen.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

DD2 turned 4 last month and she gave up regular naps about a year ago. She will still occasionally nap, but will put herself to bed. She is definitely in tune with her needs.
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Re: does your 4 year old still nap??

My 4 year old goes through stages where he does not nap for days at a time, but every time I think he's going to give up napping, he goes right back to it. He is definitely a much happier kid when he has napped. If he doesn't want to sleep, he still has to have a quiet time every day--he can play quietly or use his Tag reader with headphones, but he cannot wake up his brother.
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