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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

Originally Posted by Dawnn View Post
Haven't you ever made cookies and told your kids they could only have a couple then after they went to bed ate all the rest of them? I can't possibly be the only one who has done this and had to make more so my kids didn't know I ate all the rest.

Maybe she just really likes the sweet stuff. It tastes good!
This was also a thought that my mom and I both had....and yes, I do love sweets too!! (Although I don't think I'VE ever eaten 6 cupcakes in a sitting before...) I think I will still call the Dr. just to rule anything out....actually going to call in a few minutes as they have just opened. And I have definetly put everything away for now. We'll see how long it takes her to realize how to open the microwave..............She's already got the child lock on the pantry figured out.


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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

If this were my kiddo, I would take her to the doctor after getting rid of every bit of sweets in the house, to include sugar cereal and white bread (leave the fruit).
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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

Did my Master's thesis on childhood obesity

Children always overeat "forbidden foods" - the bigger deal you make of it - the more she will try to it.

They are some really cute studies showing that if you forbid broccoli they will overeat, hide and hoard it....

I'd relax - serve good food 3 times a day and a few healthly snacks - set a good example and trust you DD's natural instincts.

I know that is easier said than done - I spent years researching this issue and it's hard to not freak over my DD's eating.

Hope that helps - Gwen
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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

my 5 yr old is like this, though we don't have alot of sugar in the house, he sneaks the CRAZIEST of things. Found honey, mustard and ketchup packets under his bed that he's been eating He isn't obese by any stretch, but he is ALWAYS eating! I can feel your pain. His dr has never seen an issue with it though......but I would still check it out there.
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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

She's 4. She knows this food tastes good. I have a 4.5 yr old oy who eats all day long.

What I have started doing is keeping the larger tupperware in the cupboard with all of his snacks-raisins, pb crackers, graham crackers, baggies of goldfish and granola bars. We have a dry erase chart on the door-when he takes a snack he puts a mark in the box-when all 5 boxes are filled the snacks are put away and he's done till tommorow. He also has a drawer in the fridge with fruit, cut veggies and cheese in it.

This has really helped us in sneaky department. This kid would get up in the middle of the night and raid my dh's junk food stash. We finally told him that there are somethings adults can eat and do that kids cannot. We re-inforce this constantly-but we do let him have treats and we tell hithat its ok to eat this as a treat but too much will make you sick and give you a tummy ache. Try giving her some control over her snacks and see if this helps.

Part of it is the age.

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Re: I think I have a problem....(long)

mama. Sugar IS addictive; I know from personal experience. Definitely I would get her checked out medically, but I think the PP's are right about watching out for "forbidden fruit." You might need to get rid of the processed sugars in your house for detox sort of. But don't make it punishment.

It *might* be a food allergy too, even if her blood sugar is normal. (Have you considered using one of her grandparents' testing kits to test her blood sugar? Might be less traumatic for a finger-stick than a big needle like for the CBC.) Sometimes people crave the very thing they're allergic to (thought of that since you mentioned she gets shots for other allergies).

FWIW, we don't keep sugary snacks around here cause I can't have "just one." And my DD threw a fit at a b-day party over the weekend crying for more "Cake, cake, cake!" Finally the b-day boy's mom had to pack the cake away because she just wouldn't stop asking for it and throwing fits when I said no. :sigh: We may be "in for it" here too.

So, yeah, I totally feel your pain.
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