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Toddler Wearing??

DD is 13 1/2 months old now. As an infant, she HATED being worn. It was just something we couldn't get the hang of, around 5 months, I stopped trying and subjecting her to what she perceived as torture. Now, lately with the teething, she seems to be permanently glued to my hip. I'm a working mommy, I work at a daycare, so it IS possible to carry her around all day, but it's tiring and I need that extra hand a lot of times.

Who here wears their toddler?? Is it worth purchasing some sort of sling or something at this point?? I'm on a VERY tight budget so I don't want to waste the money if it isn't going to be worth it. Is this carrying thing a phase she's going through you think?? I'm pinchin nickels right now so this is a bigger decision than it really should be lol.


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Re: Toddler Wearing??

I STARTED wearing cadence at 18 months and we got ots of use out of our MT and still do. I say its worth the money
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

Mikey is 14 months old and I tried to wear him from the start and he hated it for ever that is until recently...I would say in the last few months he has come around and now my two favorite thinsg are

My BECO---like a MT with click straps and he will let me wear him for over an hour hanging out on my back, he especially loves it when I get my little brother to wear him (my lil bro is 11) I will strap him to my lil brothers back while we go grocery shopping and stuff and they both have a blast playing around.

The second thing I love is my HOTSLING---I love it because its super duper easy to get on and get mikey in. When he was littlier I tried the Hotsling but I hated it then I realized it was becasue I had on a too small size, but then I got the right size and I love it!! Yesterday I took my Step son and little brother to teh arcade and I was worried to bring Mikey becasue I thought he would be running every where, so I used my HS and he hung out on my hip while we watched teh older boys play all sorts of games!! It jsut so nice to have him on my hip with the sling supporting so much of his weight so I dont have to lean to the side to keep him on my hip and it also frees up both my hands to use YKWIM??

Anyways I HTHs I woudl defitnely try wearing your DC now its always worth a shot what every makes your life easier!!
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

DD is 20 months and I wear her almost daily, especially if we're out and about. She loves it and it makes my life soooo much easier.
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

I don't wear DS much around the house but I wear him everywhere else. So I don't see why you couldn't!

Oh, and we use a mei tai. I haven't tried a sling since he was really small, but I do know some people use them for toddlers... they just don't work that well for us.
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

I wore my youngest from birth to almost 3 yrs old, at that time I only knew about over the shoulder baby holder ring slings and I loved those. I discovered peanut shells about a year ago, but I only have newborn fosterbabies, not toddlers. I was shopping with a friend last week along with her 3mth old and her almost 3 yr old daughter. Her DD was clingy and wanting mom to hold her, but mom just couldn't carry her for long, I took the peanut shell fleece from the diaperbag that we both carry her 3mth old in, put it on and put her DD in it on my hip. I was able to comfortably carry her all over the place for a bit more than an hour-her DD is tall and lean, but weighs 23lbs. Since she had never been in the PS, but I carry her brother all the time, she thought it was cool to be in the PS and was very cooperative with it and as it turned out, she was getting sick so she just wanted to be carried and comforted. If you want to be able to carry her and have hands free, I say go for it! You can find used carriers on here in the FSOT or you can go to TBW and find a ton there as well. I do have several OTSBH if you are interested in those for $5each plus shipping
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

dd is 16mo and I wear her almost daily. I use a sling or pouch for quick errands (shopping) and a mt for longer trips. I use my ergo to vacume and cook.

Since you have sewing skills, you could prob easily make your own mt or wrap or trade someone for it.

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Re: Toddler Wearing??

Wrap sling a Maya. DD loooooves it for the hip carry. I use it even now sometimes (but usually she's too impatient for it; she's almost 2!)
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

I wear my girls. They are 18 months old. Usually I used a MT or sling but they would complain after 10-30 minutes. I got an ERGO and they ask to be the baby who gets to ride with mama. It was well worth the investment.
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Re: Toddler Wearing??

DD is 15 months now. I only started wearing her in the last month or so because she started getting heavier, and she escapes from the seatbelt in a shopping cart now. I got a UBW on sale at Amazon, and it has really saved my back when we're out of the house all day. I think I paid $28 for it shipped which was a good price for a new one, but I think if you look around you could find something similar used, or WAHM made that is affordable. I like using the sling not just around the house, but also when we're out in public, because I don't have to worry about her diving out of a cart, or running off on me. You might find the sling useful when taking care of other kids at daycare too.
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