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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

I guess this is our school room, though only my 11year old actually uses it for school work. It is where school stuff is stored, but actual school work for the other kids happens all over the house. Since 90% of my 11 year olds school is independent, she stays in this room where there is little disruption (it's baby-gated from my 2 year old ) It would be a dining room - if I had anywhere else to store school stuff. I also have an upstairs closet holding several bookshelves of school books. I always buy more than we can possibly use in a year....then put it away and forget about it.


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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

Originally Posted by dirtmagnets View Post
Tyler usually ends up at the dining room table and Ryan prefers to work on the living room floor, so the school room is really a school-storage room that happens to have a handful of posters on the wall.
Yep. Over the (17) years we've been homeschooling, we've found that no matter what system we have set up, the kids usually migrate to the dining room table! We do have book shelves and all of our homeschool stuff in another room, but they like to do the bulk of their work at the dining room table and reading on the couch or outside on the trampoline.

And, if they're at the dining room table, it's convenient for me to continue with my tasks and still be available to help them. When school work is done, the kids pick up all their things and put them away, so we can have our table back for dinner. A milk crate works great for this. It's large enough to store their daily school books and supplies and yet easy enough to store in a closet or corner until the next day.

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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

Originally Posted by Five Green Beans View Post
outside chalk board (we have a picnic bench to do activites/lessons out their too but no pics and camera is lost)
Just wanted to say we have the same chalkboard. I was going to paint it with a colored chalkboard paint, but for now I am leaving it as is.
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

Here is our homeschool section (in my bedroom)

File folders and a small bin filled with flashcards stored under the table. On the table (which will be removed during craft time) is the storage for all of our crafts, play dough etc and their work boxes.

They love skeletons

Their desks (excuse the big bag of clean unfolded laundry at the foot of my bed ) The storage unit holds the printer, their craft boxes, and reading books.

Workbooks and printer paper stored in a file cabinet in my closet

All that is missing is our cork board which should arrive soon!
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

These make me consider HSing my 2 youngest kids.
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

Love the pictures!!! We're doing some unofficial schooling with my 25 month old, but am hoping to get Hands on Homeschooling soon. I want to see if I can actually do it and keep up with it. Anyway, it'd be great to get an area set up as well. I'll talk to my husband and see where we can put it.
Thanks for the great pictures!!
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

I have pics on my homeschool blog here:

Its changed some sense then, I need to take new pics! The furniture is in the same spots though.

1st pic-
This shelf now has his 'shelf work' activities. I have 6 trays on it: math, world science, fine motor, life skills, reading/writing, art (I'm thinking of removing the 'art' one and putting something else, any ideas?)
I change these regularly, when he is bored of whatever was there before.

On the back of this shelf I've painted a calendar, which we add a 'day' to every day, and count the days, talk about what day of the week it is, and the month and the weather. The laminated cards for this live in a pocket folder behind the door.

I also have a cork board on the right, which holds his most current art work, usually related to our letter of the week or theme.
Next to that is the white board, he uses it to write his name, and the letter of the week. and to scribble on! I've added a 'holder' under it for whiteboard crayons/markers and erasers. We also magnet up erasable letter of the week and his name card (laminated)

Pic 2:
This shelf had random activities before, but now the top shelf I have the current curriculum books we are using. (peak with books, a science book, 100 easy lessons, teach me to do it myself montessori book and a couple kids art books)

Middle shelf is ALL craft supplies now, which was in the closet before. He also has an easel now.
Bottom shelf holds 3 large bins, one has Theme of the Week related stuff, one has Letter of the Week related stuff (theme starts with the letter), and one has additional art stuff, mostly the little stuff like glitter, popsicle sticks, pom poms, etc.

Above the shelf is the whiteboard where I write the letter of the week. On the side of the shelf I make a list of things that start with the letter with a little pic of each.

His school mat rolls up beside it (he does all work at his desk or on the mat, or on the 'messy mat' (a cheap yoga mat) that lives under the shelf.

3rd pic
Shows what the whole space looks like. What do you guys think of the 'wall paper'? Too much? Maybe I should take it down and put up posters! (I have a bunch!)

We put the letter of the week in tape on the floor as well.

In the closet (to the left), I have a shelf with workbooks (kumon mostly), another with curriculum books (all kinds of stuff). There are drawers too, one holding paper, another small supplies like ice cube trays and tweezers and little stuff, and the other 3 is my art stuff.
There are small shelves that hold all the extra homeschool stuff - manipulatives, math stuff, matching games, melissa and doug homeschool type toys, etc.

The other side of the whole room is my sewing room! Which is a big mess!

We have a huge bulletin board with MORE of his artwork on it there.

We do science in the kitchen sometimes, and lots of cooking, and a lot of stuff outside, Levi has his own garden where we grow things to eat, a sand box, a play kitchen, the pool, a small climbing thing. His Skuut in the garage for trips around the block.

We do community events too, like plays, volunteering, acting, gymnastics, a science class, library story time and more
And outdoor physical stuff like skiing!

In the living room is his playhouse with library books in it for quiet reading.

In our bedroom is my bed and his toddler bed, a BIG bookshelf (and tones more in the garage shelves), train set, blocks, dolls, soft toys, bilibo, a box of small random junk toys, a bag of dress up stuff, some toy cars, fabric letters set, and thats it! We dont have a lot of toys.

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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

I love these pics! My mom home schooled the 3 of us, until she needed to return to work (financially). My brother went into 8th grade, my sister into 7th, and I went into 4th.
Ive been throwing around the idea of homeschooling the girls (DD1 is almost 2, and DD2 is still baking) At least until first or second grade.
It was extremely beneficial for my brother and I. We learn a bit differently, and I am a bit dyslexic. Being at home allowed us to figure things out at our own pace, without being pushed to keep up with the other kids.

I would love the girls to at least have their basic math and reading down.

Where do you guys buy your books and supplies? I saw you get a lot of "extras" (posters, flash cards) at the dollar store.
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

I could take pics of:
~~the maps in the hall
~~the book shelf
~~the sofa
~~the kitchen table
~~and the woods.

Been schooling for 12 years and that is still what I have.

Oh and the white board is behind the sofa cuz we don't have a permanent place to put it.
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Re: Pictures of Homeschooling Area

We just remodeled our school room for the new year, so these are the pictures I took once the room was finished.

I need to organize this a little better now that I have time.

This is a reading/spelling pocket chart I made for them.

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