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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

One more problem I am having now though, she doesn't seem to want to nurse for very long any more. Like lest than 5 min at a time.... is this normal? It's so frustrating because I just want to get the feeding over with but she seems to want to feed every few min. for 5 min at a time rather than all at once!
She may just be a gourmet eater! Some babies like tasting a little bit, then some more later. Her eating habits are likely to change often, that was my experience with DS. I too had horribly sore nipples. Her top and bottom lips should be completely everted. For the first couple weeks, my DH had to take DS's lower lip and pull it down (you can do this by pushing their chin down) and that made a perfect latch and I felt SO much better! As for sore nipples, I used Lansinoh lanolin everytime I finished nursing. You don't have to wash it off b/f feeding and it does wonders for cracked, blistered nipples!!

Stick with it! I know it can be difficult, especially since you're tired, but you two will work out a plan together!


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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

I'm sorry to hear you are having bf'ing problems
I totally understand what you are going through, as I too had a bad side that was difficult to nurse on because it hurt so badly and had a giant crack, but that was due more to my physiology (inverted nipple), making it difficult for baby to latch.
What I found worked best for sore nipples was the soothies gel pads you have, and also soaking the nipple in salt water (1 tsp salt in 1 cup of water) for a minute or two after nursing, and then putting some of Lansinoh lanolin on it. Another thing that helps with healing is exposing the nipples to air. I know it's a pain to walk around with your boobs exposed, but it does help
As others have mentioned, I would highly recommend seeing a lactation consultant. I did and it helped tremendously! It's sometimes only a small adjustment that is needed that makes a big difference. Your local LLL is also great to check out for bf'ing support.

Here are some good internet resources that helped me:
Dr. Jack Newman's website, it has some great articles and videos showing correct latch. Plus he even answers questions if you email him!

Hang in there, and things will get better, you and your baby are both learning something new. It does get easier I promise
~Shannon ~
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

Pretty much everything has been posted...I think it's probably a latch issue, if she "opened bigger than normal and it felt better" that's what you need to try and get every time you latch on.

Don't be afraid to gently take her off the breast (insert a finger between her gums to break suction and gently remove your nipple, don't just pull out) and relatch her, multiple times if needed. Some of the above links have good ideas for encouraging a good latch, the key is really having her mouth BIG -- like a big yawn -- then while it's open that big, QUICKLY pull her into your breast. Also, make sure she's well supported so her weight isn't pulling down on your breast.

Lansinoh is great for sore nipples.

Hang in there, momma! You can do this! Most of us have been through it and it's hard and it hurts at first, but once you figure it out, it's GREAT!

ETA: if she's wanting to nurse that frequently, it *might* be another sign of latch issues, since if the latch isn't right it's harder for them to get milk out. As your latch improves, she'll probably nurse longer and go longer between feedings. Hang in there!!
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

I didn't read all the responses, but just un case no one else suggested this try pulling down her bottom lip once she's latched on. A lot of babies tuck it in causing a bad latch. I had the same issue and was also doing better after a little more than a week. It gets so much easier!
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

Sometimes it's your "hold" on one side. Try changing positions & hang in there! It will get better!

Also wanted to add of you can walk around topless & let your nipples airdry, that is what helped me the most. I rubbed my milk on them & walked around topless. Not a pretty sight for my dh, but I really think it saved me. All the lanolin did was make it more moist & hurt.

Sending good BFing vibes your way!
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

I think most of the posts were right on, besides the ones that incouraged formula. You can do it! I was going to add that like Dre said, about the breast milk on the breast... It is natures antibiotic. Use it please. Breast milk is good for pink eye, and many other things that require antibiotics. The breastmilk is going to help you more than the artificial creams IMO.

You are doing a great job! Take the baby in the bathtub with you and relax. I did that and it was really relaxing for us both!
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

You can also try breast shells. I bought some this time around and they were a life saver!! My nipples were SO sore - dry, cracked, bleeding.. and they were drying to my pads and bras, it was so aweful having to peel stuff off my SORE nipples! My midwife told me to get some shells. They prevented my nipples from touching anything and the pressure would allow a drop or two of milk to come out now and then and dry on my nipples (great for helping them heal). I didn't even need to reapply my lanolin! I'd put the shells on with some lansinoh in the morning and that was all I needed! Anyway, that's what worked for me.
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

I don't have any new suggestions but wanted to say that we had the same issue. Just the left hurt badly. We did the football hold b/c my nipples point down and not out so it worked better for both of us (now that he has head control we use side lying and cradle too).

ANYway, just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in the one-side thing. It also started to feel a lot better going into his 3rd week (after he hit 2wk). But until he was about 4wk initial latch felt like he was sucking shards of glass through my nipple.

I'm a big wus when it comes to sharp pains, but I was starting to get worried about thrush. The LC and our Ped both said they could see why I thouht it might be based on my pain, but that neither he nor I had it.

Hopefully you two make a great swing upwards around 2-3wk!! PM if you want to chat about it.
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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

Well from a BFing mom of 6 and I have nursed all of my babies until they weaned themselves, I'd suggest when you feed on the sore side, lay down on that side with your head on about 2 to 3 pillows and have baby laying close to you and face you to nurse. If your nipples are slightly different it can confuse small babies.

Also, If you are arm holding during nursing, try using a thick bed pillow instead. Maybe she needs a bit more support on that side.

I am small chested/breasted (LOL) so I use a pillow for more support so my babies can latch on easier and have extra support.

You can also use a safe for nursing cream on your nipples and surrounding area to help ease the pain and help heal faster.


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Re: When breatfeeding hurts... *HELP*

I didn't read all the posts, sorry if I duplicate.

A quick guide to latch
hold your breast like a sandwhich with free hand, bring baby to bb's, not other way around, put your nipple just over her mouth by her nose, she'll look up to reach it, and open her mouth wide in the process, then quickly put in as much BB as possible, all of the aeriola (sp?) if possilbe.

make sure lower lip is out


ETA: don't be afraid to pull her off if it hurts at all after the initial latch (it will hurt for a 2nd while you heal), and try again. She will get the hang of it, keep up the good work, mama!
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