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Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Thought I'd give ya a break Megan.

My son was up at 530am crying, soaking wet from shirt to shorts...not the best start.
DS is officially 18m today I can't believe how big he is and how quickly he is growing. Last night after teaching him "baby" for the past few weeks, we taught him baby in the belly and he kissed my belly!!! My heart just melted!
Today we have a dr appt for DS and a picnic with the neighbors which is really just to trick her kids into leaving their little picnic table here for my son.

The ac is still out, but at least outside temps are returning to normal. On Sunday and Monday we topped out at 92 inside while it was 101 outside. I was miserable. We have 1 more guy coming to give us an estimate today, but I have no idea how we will pay for this.

So what's on everyone elses plate for today?


Kristy~ISO: Sleep!

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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Morning Kristy! That is so stinkin' cute about your DS kissing your stomach!! I wish DD would do that but she's just too little to understand. Oh man I don't know how you're dealing with this heat! Hoping you get a lower estimate today

We're headed to the Naval Hospital today. DH has an appt with an ENT because he has a polyp in his nasal canal?? or something like that. While we're there, we're going to go to the tricare office and talk to them about switching over to standard insurance. I will mostly likely do this, even though they won't cover a homebirth at all, if there was need to deliver at the hospital I could go to the one that is less than 15 minutes from my house instead of almost an hour away.

Enjoy your day and stay cool!!
Megan, Navy wifey to A, Homeschooling Mama to L ('09) and I ('10)
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Originally Posted by elizabeth429 View Post
DH has an appt with an ENT because he has a polyp in his nasal canal?? or something like that.
As odd as this sounds, its the 3rd time I've heard of it this year. Good Luck, I hope everything comes out positive...or should I say negative...good luck!
Kristy~ISO: Sleep!

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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

5:30 crying is no fun! DS was super crabby last night/ He went to bed at 8pm to wake up again at 8:30 and would not go back to sleep. At 9pm DH went to bed with him so I had some quiet time before I joined them at 10. Then he just whined off and on all night. I am trying to night wean him, he whimpers for a bit and usually falls back asleep, but last night he was up whining for boobie all night long. I gave in a few times but would unlatch him before he fell asleep. I am trying to get him to fall asleep without nursing,, UGH such a long process, lol

Today I have a midwife appointment Hoping to hear beans heartbeat

Have a great day!
Jen... Wife to be to Dave and Mom to Alisha (09/18/04) and Luke (02/18/09) and Owen born on Christmas day 2010!
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Good morning Ladies!!!

Love the belly kissing story Kristy. My dd is almost 18 months (7.11) and if we point to my belly and say "baby" she pulls up my shirt and gets this confused look on her face.
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Kristy, that is so cute about your son! DD is still too little to understand. And ugh, 5:30? I thought it was bad when DD was fussing at 7:30!

Megan, I hope everything goes well today! Our Naval hospital is about 40-60 minutes from where we moved (lived closer for DD, but we wanted to buy and got a much bigger house out in the country) but I love it there! I heard the local one is a nightmare and doesn't have rooming in or breastfeeding support. No way! Good luck with Tricare! If I can get out of that office in less than 2 hours then I consider it a good day!

Jen, I'm sorry you had a bad night! I had to wean DD at 11.5 months (I just got my geology degree in May and had to go out in the field to finish class requirements) so DH got this BornFree trainer bottle (the one for 6 months-the spout is softer), filled it with warm milk and gave it to her before bed....she did fine! Now I know I need to cut that out, I'm just not in the mood to deal with the screaming right now....I read if they need the milk (and she drinks it all) that you can give it to them before bed with you, brush their teeth, and then fill it with water if the need the sucking to get to sleep. I don't know what to do really.

Today my DH has a night flight so we are hanging around here this morning to spend time with him since he won't be home until like 1am. Then I am off to the store to get a few things to make it through til Friday when we leave! DH has totally planned this weekend trip for us-my birthday, Mother's Day, and Anniversary present combined! I finally found out today where we are going-Myrtle Beach! =D I don't know all what he has planned, but should be fun! And we are taking the dogs! Yay for family vacay!
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Kristy, yay for cooler temps. Hopefully your a/c is a cheap fix. We just spent WAY too much fixing the a/c in our van... that we just got! ughh..

Megan, good luck with the nose thing.. and the insurance. My little sis is always having headaches with military insurance.

Jen, I'm jealous that you are still nursing Luke. I night weaned Elle shortly after I found out I was pregnant because I was soooo tired. Then, totally unexpectedly, she weaned herself completely by the time I was 12wks. I think that my supply had fallen too much and she just got bored. It was sad though the day I tried to nurse her and she pushed me away. I do hope the night weaning goes well for you, though. Uninterrupted sleep is well worth the long process.

g&g, Your trip sounds SO fun!! How sweet of your DH to plan all that!

AFM, DS is at his last day of camp today so it's just the girls and I. We're headed to the library and then just general errands and groceries. Nothing too exciting, I just need to keep ODD's mind off missing her big brother. It's crazy - they fight like cats and dogs, but with him being gone for three days she's been just a wreck. Last night she lay in bed and cried because she missed him. Poor girl.

Have a great day, all!
Courtney, wife to Chris. BFing, BWing, Real Food Eating, Crunchy Christian Mama to
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

AC out, gosh we would die here if that happened. but yeah that can be expensive. we have/had an AC man in the family so we havent had to pay anything for him to come look at our system, BUT my SIL is divorcing him, so I dont know if we can count on that in the future!
I was just hanging out all day yesterday with my mom and my family, and my bro and his twins who are 5 just like my DD, they are in town from washington state till the end of this week, but today I wanted to stay in here, and get a little more housework done, thinking about taking out the carpet cleaner, and shampooing the livingroom carpets.. IF I can move this counch, it sucks to clean around furniture. oh I hope I have soap, lol
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

Morning friends!
All moved in! It's a disaster in here, but slowly coming together. Most of the kitchen is done, but i've got loads to do today! JUst wanted to peek in and say hi.
Things went well yesterday, I managed to take it as easy as I could, tried to stick to the cleaning and some unpacking, light boxes, but it's hard when you're used to being helpful! LOL. Only big issue was that my MIL took it upon herself to start unpacking my kitchen while I was still at the old house cleaning.....I just let it go, smiled, and said thanks, but now rather than just unpack where I want things to go, I have to take things out of cupboards and re-arrange. Oh well! I am thankful for the help, and know she means well.

Have a good day ladies, i'll check in later with personal messages. :P
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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/30

i'm horrible about messaging and commenting on everyone i apologize lol my poor brain can't keep up. i know i know i'm horrible. lol. woke up this am with my side numb.... wierdest feeling ever! it went from my right boob along my right side all the way to my pelvic bone. it was tingly like when your foot falls asleep super odd lol. Nothing much going on here yet, making a list of everything that needs done before baby arrives and with how fast this summer is going by it won't take long before that day comes. i can't believe we have our gender ultrasound in a week!!!

got a call from my little brother (his baby was just born 2 weeks ago) he lives on an island off of florida and the oil is going to cost him his job . so him his GF and my niece will be moving back here. not gonna lie i'm excited about having them close i miss my brother terribly. and our babies will only be 6mo. apart so it will be awesome watching them grow up together.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
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