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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

i really think it's just different from kid to kid. I didn't set up a specific plan for my kids praying they'd love veggies. They were all raised the same, all given the same food, vegetarian for the first 2 years at least before they were offered meat, etc. And they are all different. Let's say I make pasta with steamed vegetables and roasted garlic and sprinkled with parm cheese. DD#1 will eat all the steamed veggies and pick at the pasta. DD#2 will eat all the pasta and pick at the veggies. DD#3 will push EVERYTHING around in her bowl whining for fruit. I will say as a disclaimer that they all eat their veggies and sometimes they complain and most times they don't. But my oldest is veggies and fruit only and my middle is a "bread" only child, and my littlest is fruit only. We do very little processed sugar, very few packaged foods/preservatives, no dyes, and all whole grains and mostly organics. They love homebaked goodies. I provide veggies at 2 out of 3 meals per day and expect them to eat at least a little of the vegetables. They eat vegetarian at our house and omnivorous at their dad's. I provide fun dips for their veggies, fruit smoothies, muffins with fruit or veggies in them, etc. And every meal has something that everyone likes so you don't get to choose something else. I find that if you just keep offering and don't make it a power struggle, they will try it eventually. My job as a mom and their chef is just to make the vegetables attractive and the most delicious and nutritious that they can possibly be. My middle girl still talks about the time mommy made a flower with her snack(it was all veggies cut up and placed on the plate looking like a flower).


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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

I eat vegetarian and my DD and DH eat mostly vegetarian as I am NOT likely to buy or cook meat. We always have a good supply of various fruits and vegetables, and rarely have processed foods available at home. DD almost always asks for a fruit or vegetable when she wants a snack (usually something she can see or grab on the counter).

That is just what we eat and while DD does know what Mc Donald's is, and she knows what chips are, etc. (thanks, DH!) it's just not an issue because we don't have junk food at home. She helps me make her lunch and snacks every night and picks out most of her lunch herself.

It's just never been an issue for us, but I don't think she "learned" to like them out of necessity, I think she learned to eat from seeing what mommy and daddy eat, and what other people around her eat. If we go out to a restaurant she would usually rather have the french fries instead of the fruit bowl. If there are chips in a bowl she WILL eat them, but then she'll eat a couple carrots. We usually just don't make a big deal about what we're eating, it's just food.
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

All 3 of my kids eat veggies very well without any argument. I just always offered veggies consistently but never made them eat them either. We never made a big deal about them but we don't keep much junk food in the house either. My ods loves raw veggies but no so much cooked veggies, my yds loves pretty much all veggies. He will always eat his broccoli before anything else and pick at the meat. My dd eats a good variety of all. I just think being consistent and not actually making a big deal out of "eating their veggies" actually helps.
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

3-6ish is a picky time. I think it's when they realize they *can* be picky!
There are a lot of vegetarian foods that are not vegetables so I can totally see how a vegetarian kid can still be picky.
My dd is a teeny eater so even at 6 I give her tiny portions. She'd live on pasta and rice if I let her and I will let her eat a fair bit of them but if she wants more she needs to eat the rest of her protein and veg. For her actually, the issue is that she doesn't like the protein, but it's the same concept.

I really don't want to cater to her, but it is difficult because my dd will just not eat if she doesn't like dinner. She doesn't starve by omgoodness the kid is skinny. 40lbs at 6!
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

How are you cooking it? My DS won't eat steamed vegetables or raw vegetables, but if I make it in a soup or in a stir fry with mushroom soy sauce, he gobbles it up. He won't even eat any meat. He points to the vegetables and makes me pile them on his plate with rice.

You could also try pureeing them after steaming them and mixing them into things like pancakes, meatloaves, mashed potatoes. Or if your children love smoothies, try adding spinach and kale to the mix before loading it with sweet fruits.
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

Originally Posted by ariadne19 View Post
I tried with DD1... We introduced all veggies (even ones I dislike) we made sure she saw us eating them... We put them on her plate and encouraged her to eat them, but never MADE her... As a baby/toddler she loved them all. But once she turned 3, the veggie love was gone.
this exactly for me with ds1 - I even MADE his baby food so the colors/flavors were super fresh. It was a joke that if it was green, he'd gobble it up. Same thing, around age 3 he became SO picky and now ds2 is getting that way. I tell myself it's a phase.
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

yes, this age (about 3.5) turned my great eater into a super pickey, only veggie is raw carrots, doesn't like most of the dinners i make, little boy. It's annoying because he's the oldest and his younger brother will see him saying, "i don't like this..." and will say the same, which is actually kind of funny because they have VERY different tastes. BUT i make sure they have healthy food, with eat least one veggie on there plates for both lunch and dinner. Most of the time they don't eat more than one bite (i make them take one bite before they can say they don't like it, even if they didn't like it yesterday!) unless it's raw carrots. it's a wonder these kids aren't orange! DS2 LOVES raw carrots, he eats them first and will often choose them for a snack. DS1 (the newly-picky one) eats them because they're there. But i can not get them to eat a cooked veggie for the life of me! Well, canned green beans they'll eat, but i tend not to buy them because of all the added salt. i try to trick them with frozen beans, but it doesn't usually work. they will eat pureed squashes or cauliflower in their cheese quesadillas, but that's probably because they don't know they're there!
Mostly, i just keep telling myself it's a picky stage (really, it's not just veggies, it's almost all food that has flavor) they would live on whole wheat pasta with some cheese sprinkled on it if i let them...but any other ideas on how to get kids to eat and actually enjoy healthy foods would be great!
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

i just keep offering them my 2 year old finally started eating veggies. my other two are wonderful veggie eaters
I don't know. I honestly think it's because I was able to make the older girls foods more consistently as babies. with my youngest we traveled a lot more she didn't eat as well
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

I think consistency is key. If you are all eating veggies, and keep offering it your toddler will eventually come around. If you make a big deal out of it though, you may make it worse.
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Re: How do I raise veggie loving kids

dont force but try, try again. my kids go through love hate phases. They eat what we eat so if I know they really dont like it I only put a bite or 2 on their plate and overcompensate at another meal with something they will eat.
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