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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

I have to just add my

It is medical personnel like this that made it so easy for me to quit breast feeding before I tried with my older two sons. It absolutely infuriates me that the people who have first contact with a new mother are medical people with no actual knowledge of what they are trying to teach you. I think that the letter they wrote back to you was just to mollify you and hope that it would simply make the problem go away.
I'm glad to see you aren't letting it go. This medical office needs to be held accountable for how they made you feel. They should also rectify the false information they are giving out about a subject they obviously are not qualified to speak on.


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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

"Dr. xxxxx understood the question to relate to known benefits of breastfeeding."

I am not trying to be a smart*** at ALL, but I wanted to let you know that doctors have their own little lingo for things.

The "question" at hand is that there was a disagreement with you, for good reasons. They cannot use words with negative connotations, so they talk about the "question", as if you were seeking the guidance of the doctor. They then follow with an explanaton that supports THAT position, even though it never existed.

It is like reading your medical report and seeing "The patient comes in today complaining of..." and you think "wait, I wasn't complaining, the doc ASKED ME what was wrong". Very true, it just happens to be their language.

I once had a doctor get all over me, extensively asking the same questions...repeatedly....until I finally said "well, yeah, I'm stressed." Okay, all of a sudden, I must have stress and need a prescription for that. To which I responded "Every human being I know with a pulse has stress"....what a nit!

I think they hear what they want to hear. The certainly get on their own agenda and cannot seem to get off of it easily.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

congrats on the switch. I would have reemed her out though in the room.

I'm sorry for all those mamas who do see her and wean cause of lack of info. Horrible terrible doctors out there.

I just plain out refuse to go to well baby visits cause of this. no guilt, no pressure, nobody giving me crap for what I HAVE researched and feel motherly doing.
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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

wow from that letter it seems they're saying that really after 6 months they don't see a reason??? ignorant jerk wads. i'm sorry but i'll nurse my baby as long as i please!!!! blah......
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

The entire thing just irks me to no end. DH is military and so we don't get much say in who we see. DD has seen a few different pedis, and one PA in the Peds Clinic. The PA is a TOTAL moron when it comes to BF. At DD 4 month appt, her growth had started to slow a bit. I told her I expected this since she is BF and BF babies do tend to slow around that time. She told me that wasn't true, and that DD was off the charts for growth. I whipped out my WHO chart for BF babies, and showed her where I'd tracked her weight, and she is just FINE! She persisted, wanting me to give Human Milk Fortifier or a formula, and I just told her no way.

Please KUP!
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

All we can do is continue to advocate for the sake of babies who can't speak for themselves! Breastfeeding is best. For as long as you want to do it. Period.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Originally Posted by sienna View Post
Here is some of what i would write.

Dear so and so,

I am in receipt of your letter of xy date and thank you for the same.

It seems from your letter that you misunderstood my concerns about my visit to dr. x on January x, 2007. At that visit we did not discuss the merits of breastfeeding beyond 6 months. Dr. X inquired as to how long i intended to nurse my child and when i advised her that i intended to nurse for at least 2 years she clearly stated that breastmilk has no nutritional value beyond 6 months. My concern is that Dr. X's statement is not only opposed to the recommendations of the aap with respect to breastfeeding, but that it is flat out wrong. I also recounted to the action line other statements that were made to me by dr. x about breastfeeding which were neither factual nor evidence based.

etc etc.


lmk if i can help any further as i used to write nasty letters for a living. (was an attorney)
I'm so glad you're pursuing this, there is no way to get our society to back off of BFing pairs unless we advocate passionately and intelligently. I've been very grateful that both our Ped and my Family Doc have been supportive and non-plussed over my extended BFing. It only comes up in terms of medications I may have to take or when discussing my toddler's overall diet. I wish other people would reserve their opinion on the subject...

Oh BTW, I didn't see anyone else link to this great article for you. I'd pass that one on to the uninformed docs you've been dealing with.

Keep it up, mamma... YOU ROCK!
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

ugh...makes me so mad!! My sister was all but done weaning my nephew at a yr old when he got pneumonia. He wouldn't drink ANYTHING unless my sister nursed him. The nurse TOLD my sister to nurse him if that's all he would nutritional value huh? So that means that my nephew should have died for those weeks she had to EBF he him after one yr b/c he was sick and according to your doc he was getting no nutrition. Stupid ppl make me SO mad!!
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

First off that letter they sent you was ridiculous. If I were them I'd be so embarassed to have even droped that in the mail. Second it was written so impersonally. It was like "medical jargon" They showed absolutely no compassion. I think you should stage a sit in at your peds. office as well as the office of who ever wrote that letter to you. I'm so mad and it's not even happening to me. know all us ds mamas have your back.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Well, I came in late on this one but O-M-G! This ped must be related to my ILs. I got the whole "that only applies in the Third World" rant too at Christmas.

It's legalese IMO. They're just trying to cover their butts cause you called them on it. I don't think you'll be able to force them to admit the ped was wrong (cause then there would be legal consequences) but certainly he (she? not sure) was off-base. What he/she should have said was, "Go ahead and nurse as long as you like, but make sure to continue introducing different flavors and textures with table food as well." That's the AAP's official line for how long you should breastfeed: "as long as mutually desirable."

FWIW, my DD will be TWO next month and is still nursing. She never really showed much interest in any solids til she was about 15 months, when she suddenly devoured a bowl of mac-n-cheese AND a bowl of vanilla ice cream at a 5-star restuarant. (It was a work-related thing and they INSISTED we bring her along. She loved it!) She's had two pedi's too (we moved)--the first finally gave up asking how many servings of xxx she had per day and finally said, "Give her a little of whatever you're eating, just make sure it's not a choking hazard." Her second pedi never batted an eye.

Good for you for publicizing the incident...maybe you will save another BF'ing mom some grief. And congrats on #2! How exciting!
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