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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

O.k. time to find a new DR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a moron!!! And then to reccomend SOY??? Hum, can we take their license away?


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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Originally Posted by Fither View Post
oh wow, this thread is so old i had forgotten about it! i have another wee little update about the situation.

we had our first ped's visit with our new and IMPROVED pediatrician. we LOVE him. our son didn't gain weight from his last visit, the first time it's ever happened. the ped's comment was, "well i see that he was a breastfed baby, so that's not uncommon for his weight to sort of hit a stand still right now". i said, "actually he's still breastfed". his reaction??? "oh, great! ok then, i'm absolutely confident that his body is doing exactly what it needs to be doing. women have breastfed their toddlers for all of mellenia, and i believe that humans were designed to thin out during the second year."

(it turns out that he believes that his lack of weight gain was actually from a really horrible stomach flu a few weeks back where poor jack didn't eat for five days and the fact that he's had a really bad cold this past week and hasn't eaten much during that either.)

i could have KISSED him! my husband and i looked at each other and sort of gave a little nod and a smile. we definitely made the best decision going with him.

i did mention that i offer him cow's milk and/or enriched rice milk once a day, but that he's not really that into it, some days he'll drink it, other days not at all. he just shrugged and said, "well as long as he's still nursing and he eats his table food well (which he definitely does) i wouldn't worry about it at all. whole milk isn't all it's cracked up to be, and if you're worried about vitamin D, you could always give him vitamins". and that was it, no lecture, no nothing. awesome!

as another aside, i saw our previous ped while we were there, i just walked right past her holding jack and just sort of glanced at her. i wonder if she's surprised we switched?

and i am FINALLY going to address that moronic letter they wrote back to me. i'm meeting with the breastfeeding clinic ladies in person, letting them read the letter and then go from there based on their advice. if they want to totally take over, fine with me. if they want me to address it with the hospital again, i'll do that. i finally have some time on my hands now that school is out for the summer so i'm pleased to get back to this issue. i'm glad i waited though, i was so steamed about it in the beginning i would have been way too emotional about it. now it's all pretty matter of fact and i think that will serve me better with these types of people.

thanks for your continued support mamas!
Yeah mama! What am improvement on the other pediatrician!!! I'm glad you found someone you like and who seems to know their stuff
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing past one year

Originally Posted by ravenonyx View Post
I'd tell her flatout that she is uneducated about breastfeeding, and you'll be following the WHO recommendations, thank you very much. And I would stop the conversation there unless you really feel the need to get in an argument about educating her about it. Just put your foot down and say that she can keep her uneducated opinion to herself or you will find a new pediatrician who can actually KEEP UP with kids healthcare recc's.
Amen, sister.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

sorry but I kinda had to laugh at what she said....does she realize how stupid she sounds...and even for a doctor. did your milk turn to beer or something....maybe you are producing soda pop...what flavor??? I haven't read all the other post but man, I think I would have laughed in her face.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Originally Posted by Fither View Post
i'm looking for a little support here

we had jack's one year well baby visit today, and i couldn't believe the things his ped said to me.

her: "so what is jack eating these days?"

me: "breastmilk and table food, he eats pretty much everything."

her: "you do realize that there is absolutely no nutritional benefit to nursing past one year, don't you?"

me: silence

her: (after my half a second of silence) "you REALLY need to wean him off of the breastmilk and introduce whole milk over the next three months, i'll be very concerned if he's not on whole milk by then"

me: silent head nods

my husband: "well he gets rice milk in his sippy as well" big mistake. i mean he only gets like an ounce per week for crying out loud.

her: "well that is absolute no, NO more rice milk. there is no vitamin D in rice milk, toddlers should NEVER have rice milk"

me: silence

her: "exactly how long do you plan to nurse?"

me: "i'd like to make it until two years"

her: "i find that very concerning, his nutritional needs are no longer being met by breastmilk, he needs whole milk, and if you won't do that, he needs to be on soy milk."

me: "ok....moving along...."

ok, i just had to do that! i was soooooooooo angry!!! i was seriously speechless! i mean how can she say that there is NO benefit to nursing past one year?? that's just asinine. why on earth would the WHO recommend a minimum of two years, if there were no benefit? does she think that my milk turns to water at the stroke of midnight on his one year birthday?

so mamas who nursed past one year, did anyone else get this much trouble from your ped about it? i had no plans to introduce cows milk to him for at least another couple of months, and then we were going to do it slowly. OH, and before i forget, i checked his container of organic rice milk as soon as we got home, and THERE IS VITAMIN D ADDED. one serving is 30% of the recommended daily allowance.

thanks for reading my rant, i feel better getting it out

Excuse my language but complete bull****--My sil nursed her baby till she was almost three -- co-nursing -- her third at the same time -- she actually had a dilema like that where her pedi told her becuase she was preg that she needed to wean the other baby -- SHE CHANGED PEDIs
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Sounds like you are doing the right thing, Momma. You always have support of us here, I'm sure you see that.

I hope you can get a change in their policy or the documentation they hand out to all the parents. How discouraging would those comments be to a mother who isn't confident in her decision to BF and isn't sure what the next step should be. How sad.....
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

My pediatrician is a great pediatrician, but he makes me mad lately. He told me to quit nursing at 1 year plus he told me that cloth diapers are not necessary. Just made me mad! I am going to find a new doctor for my kids before they have their next appointments. I don't feel that he is the doctor for us anymore. I want to find a doctor who is more supportive of my decisions.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Your pedi sounds like a jack ***! I just had Jacob's 12 month well baby and his pedi thought it was great we are still nursing. She did not even MENTION cow milk to me.

Also my oldest has NEVER had whole milk he has only ever had rice milk after he came off of soy formula because of dairy allergies. HIS pedi told me not to give him the soy because rice milk has more benefits vitamin wise. I also give him a daily vitamin.

I thought they were advising young children and women not to drink soy milk in large quantities anyway?

I would try and get a new pedi if you can because it sounds like he is clueless and you don't need that stress.
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

I am so sorry that you had to go through this! But I am also glad that something is being done!

My hubby is a medical student. They have to learn about breastfeeding and the benefits of it on children. As well as the changes there bodies go through vs. what a formula fed baby's body does. All the pedi's and family practice docs (residents, attendings, students) that are at our hospital are very pro breastfeeding! They are taught about it and encourage it! I wish that I could say all pedi's are like that, but sadly, they are not. I am glad that your doc now is supporting you! Hugs!
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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

uhg! I hate it when Dr's pull BS out of their butt and expect you to believe/follow it just because they are a Dr (no offence to any Dr's on

You are doing a great job mama! I don't think I could continue with my ped if he said some bull to me like that, I would probably end up telling him how uneducated he was about things and then find a new I got very lucky with our ped and I talked to him about extended bf'ing in the very beginning just to see where he was on things like that before we really started going to him, And he is all for bf'ing and for extended bf'ing and I even talked to him about baby-led-solids, Just so we wouldn't run into any problems like this in the future he was also fine with that and told me that if it was something I wanted then go for it and told me how she would be perfectly find on NOTHING but breastmilk for the first year of her life anyway so it didn't matter if we didn't start solids at 4-6 So that made me VERY happy. I was soo worried I would get a ped who would put me through BS like that
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