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Milestones for 8-9 months

My daughter is 8 months old (almost 9 months) and is not crawling yet, nor does she even seem close to trying. I try not to compare her with other babies, but I was wondering if this was normal. She rolls around the room and can scoot in a circle on her belly but that's it. I try to let her play on the floor more but she cries when she is on her stomach too long. She loves her jumperoo and exersaucer a lot though. She was almost 5 weeks early so I wonder if she's just developing slower?

I am a first time mom so I just need reassurance that everything is okay (hopefully)!


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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

My daughter crawled at 9.5 months and then was walking at 10.5 months. My friends baby didn't ever crawl....just went straight to walking. Every baby develops differently! I wouldn't be surprised if there was a slight delay due to your baby being born early. Just relax and try not to worry about milestones.....on the plus side, you don't have to worry about your little one getting into everything yet!
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

I agree with geetabean, and also... when you have an early baby, they say they develop more to the time they were due. I think your baby sounds normal, so don't worry!
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

I would not the other mama's said, all babies develop at their own time.

If she does not like tummytime, you can encourage it with tummy time on you (so you lay on the couch and prop her on your tummy. You can sing to her, play peek a boo and encourage the muscles to develop. You can also encourage her to sit and play (builds core muscles) and tummy time on her boppy.

Also wanted to say I was excited to see you are in school for intervention education (special education)--I am working on my masters right now!
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

You have to adjust for her due date so she is more like 7 months which is still pretty early for crawling. Both of my kids were 9 months before they were hands and knees crawling. My ds was walking before his b-day and my dd was 13 months so they weren't late with that. My ds is ahead of his age in his gross motor skills so even though he wasn't an early crawlier didn't mean anything. Your dd sounds like she is doing just fine.

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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

Meh. Milestones shmilestones. Your baby will do it when she's ready, she sounds normal to me, don't even worry about it!
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

My YDS just turned 7mo and he doesn't crawl but he does like an army pull across the floor, otherwise he just rolls. ODS began crawling at 8mo and walking at 9 1/2mo.

I had a friend who's daughter never crawled. She literally would scoot on her bum with one hand in front and one hand behind. And she was FAST! She did that until she was 18mo old when she began walking. She never figured out how to crawl on her hands and knees.

I wouldn't worry at all! All kids are different!
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

My son started doing everything at about 7 1/2 months but he was funny - he would scoot by rolling/flipping over for 2-3 weeks to get around - as long as she has a way of moving, I wouldn't worry at all. If she is doing that, the rest will come really quick - I laugh as do you really want to rush it as once it comes, life as you know it is quickly over. My son crawled but for a while it was this weird slow crawl and now he has it at 10 months but he's almost walking. If she was a premie, I'd factor that in too right now. She's probably fine but most county's or states offer a free assessment if you are worried. I'd be more worried if she did nothing, wouldn't play in the activity things, etc.

Get the baby gates and start doing that now as once she does it... she'll take off and there is no looking back.. just leave her on the floor and she'll figure it out. My son just went to the stand up position really quick after sitting - days - I put him in the pack and play and the next thing I knew he was standing and laughing then a day later... he was cruising the thing.. then the rest of the furniture... it was pretty funny but now we have to chase him and it would have been nice for a few more weeks.
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Re: Milestones for 8-9 months

My daughter didn't crawl until ten and a half months. She is ahead for all other things. Don't worry! The rolling is a good sign - she's figured out how to get around at the moment.
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