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Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

We are co-sleeping with our new LO. It's going great because I am actually getting SLEEP!!! and with 3 other LO's and homeschooling in the fall I am going to need it. Just not sure if we are doing it right/safely.

I nurse DS and let him sleep beside me, usually resting his head on my arm.. he seems to like this the best. He takes a pacfier some of the time, but mostly will just sleep contentedly next to me, in between DH and me.

However, I am thinking maybe I should move our bed against the wall and put DS in between the wall & me. Securing the crack w/ blankets stuffed in, maybe? and then how close should we really be when sleeping? Sometimes I can get him to sleep on his own on the mattress but other times, he fusses. I'd rather just get some sleep so I do what he likes. If I have to do the whole swaddling and rocking bit just to put him in bed with us, it's not worth it and he may as well be in a crib. Aside from all this he does sleep a LOT which I think is great. So please tell me if what I am doing is safe or how you co-sleep if different.

Also this is our first truly co-sleeping so how long does/can this last? When does he go to a crib and how does THAT transition work? He's going to get BIG quick and start moving around more, that I know. i worry about him falling off the bed.



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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

When we co-slept I took the philosophy of keeping it simple. Many many times when DD hadn't fallen asleep nursing or with her bottle, she would sleep on top of me (tummy to tummy). If I needed to get up, I would wait until she was sleeping deeply and put her down on the bed. I would be wary of putting the bed up next to the wall and stuffing blankets in the crack.

I co-slept with my 2 until they were 9 and 7. So it can last as long as you feel comfortable with. When they get to the age of falling off the bed (crawling/rolling) I would use a bed rail along one side. I have never had one of my little ones crawl off the side, so I don't know about that.
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

I am bed-sharing with my EBF son who is 4 months. We lay on our sides facing and he sleeps with his head near my boob throughout the night and nurses on and off. We've had no problems at all with this. Our bed is in the middle of the room. He usually sleeps on the outside, but I rotate breasts when he wants, so sometimes he's on the inside between us.

I haven't gotten to the weaning stage of sharing a bed yet, so I can't help you there.
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

My boys (they are 1 year) sleep with me as well. We pushed our bed up against the wall and have chairs (tall-backed, leather) pushed against the other side. They nap and sleep the night in our bed, so when I hear them I just run in there to make sure they are not going to crawl off, but they have not ever been close so I donèt worry too much. My boys liked sleeping on my arm the best too, they still do, but have gotten more used to just sleeping beside me. They started off sleeping on top of me. I think it is recommended to not have your babe between you and your husband, but we did (we didnèt really have an option with 2) and it was fine. I think if the baby is sleeping close enough to you youère going to know if your husband gets too close to him. A friend of mine started getting her kids used to their own beds at 18 months, when they began sleeping through the night, so I guess itès up to you. We havenèt started yet and donèt plan to anytime soon!
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

My DD is 7 months so not yet left the bed, we have a bed rail on there since she is starting to move and I prefer to keep her on that side rather than between DH and I but he is also very aware of her and sleeps very far to his side. She would only sleep in my arm the first few months, maybe till almost 5 months, but now sleeps fine just next to me. (I was SO concerned about that, like giving her a stiff neck or something) She always stays really close except in the morning when she rolls over to DH to wake him up so I am not too scared of her rolling off the bed, she is a snuggle bug and needs to be close.
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

My dd is 12 months and has coslept since birth. We sidelie nurse to sleep and then I try to get away from her some, if I can. She has always slept on her tummy just because it's the only way she could sleep. We have our mattress on the floor and she has recently started moving more and falling out sometimes, which sucks since it wakes her up and upsets her, but it's not really dangerous for a few inches. We should really move it up against the wall, actually.
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

My ds is 6 months and we have been bed sharing since birth! We also side lye so he can nurse to sleep and in the beginning he would stay nuzzled up to my breast all night but now he moves and so do I sometimes he sleeps on his tummy and sometimes on his back. Early on he was always on his side. I switch breast throughout the night so sometime he is between hubby and I. DH is very aware of ds. Early on, I used a separate blanket than DH just to reduce the suffocation risk. Now that my ds is 6 mths he is a mover for sure! I have a co-sleeper on my side of the bed, and yes, my ds has rolled into it a few times just and inch or two down ooppss.. He also takes naps in our bed, which is in the middle of the room, so we have a video monitor on him so I can get to him right when he wakes up so he doesn't crawl right off the edge I had originally planned to move him by 1 yr but now I can't imagine him not snuggled in bed with us I love it! I sleep great, my ds sleeps great and actually my DH sleeps great too GL
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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

Safest is no blankets, no pillows, mattress on floor, and the order of Daddy, Mommy, baby (Daddy does not have 6th sense to not roll on baby). Also, mattress should be a regular mattress, not a memory foam or anything (I am wary of pillowtop as well, but I'm not sure that's actually a hazard), with normal cotton sheets.

However, our bed is not on the floor. I put the pack & play next to the bed braced up against the wall so if DS fell out when he was really little he would just roll into the pack & play (he never did, the only movement he ever did was to latch). I then got a bedrail at around 3months (at which point he figured out how to circumvent it and roll out anyway on a few occasions).

Against the wall is bad because they can get stuck in the crack and suffocate - you would never know until you woke up in the morning. They are better off falling off the side of the bed and onto the floor - you'll feel like a crappy mama, but the scream will wake you instantly and babies are built to survive falls (trust me, my kid is a falling machine!).

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Re: Please give me some co-sleeping advice!

My baby girl co-slept with us till around the 4month mark.. then she would just start wiggling.. a lot.. haha, so we ended up bringing her playpen into our room and had her start napping there and now she sleeps there at night, still in our room.. sometimes, i just want her close and i bring her to bed with us.. she sleeps in the middle of us, and i know she loves it because she gets all excited when she knows she's going to sleep with mommy and daddy... we have slowly started the transition to crib and so far so good.. she has been taking all her naps in her crib in her room, now I just have to leave her there at nigh... :P
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