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Thumbs down the neighbor gave us a lil gift... ROACHES!!

I know someone just started a thread on ants, but I wanted to discuss my personal details...
In our house, we have laminate floors in the kitchen, so I can't spray stuff that will just be collecting on the laminate; we have small pets- hamsters, guinea pig, & rabbit, so I can't use anything that will irriate their resporatiry system; we have 3 dogs 7 a crawling baby, so I think Boric acid may be out of the question; I've seen quite a few baby bugs coming out of the electic plugs & in the kitchen yesterday & today; and home is over 100 years old, with the infested neighbors house 3 feet from our back door, so do we enen have a chance at getting rid of these bugs on our own?
I'd love to knock them out w/o chemicals... this is soo disturbing & sorry for all the likely typos-- I'm exhausted from deep cleaning the kitchen today. LOL


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Re: the neighbor gave us a lil gift... ROACHES!!

I know pepper and cayenne pepper keeps away some roaches and ants but doesnt always work. Other than that Im not sure. I normally go the chemical route if its something like that because the bugs can get very bad very fast and be a major health and safety hazard. If you cant use any chemicals inside (I put them behind the stove and under cabinets where the pets and kids coulnt get to them) you can always just use it outside around the neighbors house and around yours. Hopefully that would at least deter more from coming! Good luck! I have been trying to deal with fruit flies and I cant even get rid of those!!! Driving me nuts!
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Re: the neighbor gave us a lil gift... ROACHES!!

IDK about roaches, never had them in SC or NY and AK doesn't have them, TG!

But the fruit flies, or nasty little annoying bugs, I've used a bit of dark red wine or balsamic vinaigrette in a little dish or bottle, if that doesn't work alone, just put a little bit of honey into it. They will drown themselves. I get them sometimes because of the plants I have inside, in the winter. HTH!
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Re: the neighbor gave us a lil gift... ROACHES!!

When I lived in NYC we had them, we got that Foam insulation that comes in a spray can and sealed the heck any hole/cracks under the sink, stove bathroom -maybe sacrifice the electric outlets or take the cover off and fill it in! boric acid is ok in places where the baby wont crawl like under the sink behind stuff, also go outside and in the basement and seal up holes cracks windows! maybe even the neighbors house from the outside
I know this is the green board BUT throw out all your plastic bags, paper piles etc they are NESTING material!!! Especially if you keep them all together like under the sink!!! I still catch myself throwing them away out of habit from living in the city!!! Being Green is one thing but Roaches are an entirely different matter
You also could complain to the town/city/ whatever sanitation or housing dept type thing or call the landlord if its a rental! Have them spray the source!
But if all this doesnt work you may have to have the exterminator come in... I know they sprayed buildings monthly in nyc, they can be a health hazard their poop I think is bad for your lungs but dont quote me on that!!! So you have to weigh the pros and cons! But you should seal things up either way or you could spray and they will just come trotting back over!
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Re: the neighbor gave us a lil gift... ROACHES!!

Maybe this word work. I think Lowes caries it, but not food grade. You want the kind that is safe to eat.
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