View Poll Results: Do you throw your children a birthday party every year?
Yes 73 54.07%
Most years we do 15 11.11%
No 45 33.33%
Other 2 1.48%
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?


We had a big party for each kid when they turned 1. So far, the subsequent birthdays have been low-key. I think the next big bash will be when they turn 5


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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

We used to and even cheaply done parties are expensive. Now my parents and il's and us go out to dinner for each kids birthday. They get to celebrate with the grandparents and feel special and it is not too expensive.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

Yes, we do a big one with family & friends every year. It's never anywhere that costs money...we do the park, our house, and last year we did one at church. DD's first bday was a bit costly, because I'd never thrown a bday party, much less tried to stick to a budget. I learned well for last year though! Handmade decorations, a roll of paper towels, a big package of paper plates & cups (if you buy the really big packages the first year and hang onto them, you can use the remainder the next party!), handmade cupcakes, one package of birthday candles (same from the year before), pitchers of lemonade and iced tea, and finger foods. Depending on how large of a party you want to throw, you can do hotdogs or even pizza and still wind up within your $100 budget!

This year we're planning on having DD's party at church. They've got a room full of bouncy balls for us to use, high chairs & tables. We'll bring all the decorations, plates, cups, etc. I think we're going to buy 10 pizzas ($6 apiece at little caesars), and I'm making her cake. I've collected party favors all year from special sales I've found. Little containers of play dough were 10 for $1 at kohls with a coupon I had awhile back, so every kiddo will get some playdough, and I've got a few other things as well. Depending on how close we are to the budget, I might spring for balloons too :P
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

Nope, we don't have any friends within the state and only my brother and FIL (both live over 80 miles away) in state.

We did have a "party" for his first bday as my parents came out, so we had 6 people including DS. We had pizza, cake and gifts. Simple (except for the massive amounts of ballons I got him. And he loved then)

I only had parties for big birthdays. My one and only sleepover at 10, huge family party at 16, I skipped the 18th bday party because I didn't want a party. So yeah 2 parties ever. And they were enough. I always got to invite a friend over if I wanted to but most of the time I was happy just to have it a normal everyother day. I'm still like that except I won't work on my bday. My treat to myself.

If he asks for a party I might say yes, but no sleepovers. Sleepovers scare me, all those kids "sleeping" when I'm sleeping, that is just asking for trouble.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

yes with all of our extended family every year. Then once they are 4 and in preschool they have friends parties. They can choose to invite as many friends as how old they are (6th birthday, 6 friends) for a party at our house with cake and food or they can invite 1 or 2 friends and do something special like a movie or museum.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

Yes, every year. The first bdays were the biggest, dd2 just had the 4 of us at #2, but other then that we have a couple friends over, some snacks, cake, and an activity but that's it.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

Nope. DD1 is the only one who has had a party with friends over (we always do cake and gifts as a family) and that was for her 1st birthday and only because her aunties wanted to throw one.

I got a birthday party at 7 and a sleepover at 13 - those are the only two parties I've ever had.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

No. We don't celebrate birthdays, so obviously no parties go along with that. We celebrate lots of other stuff though.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

We do a big family/friends of the family party for their first birthday. We do that at the house and go big.

However, most of the family is out of town, so we don't really continue those. My in laws usually come down to visit around birthday time and we all go out to dinner.

But, starting in preschool they get to have a friend birthday. We alternate years between doing them at home and doing them out someplace. In fact, my middle just had his birthday party (a month late, but that's another story) last weekend. He invited 5 boys from his class to sleep over. We did go cart rides, played in the hot tub, Wii, air hockey, decorate your own cakes and I bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid for them to watch. He turned 7.

In 1st grade we have done the whole class at the house for a party but that's absolutely crazy. For my oldest we had 33 kids from school, soccer and the neighborhood. I'm not sure if I'll let either of the other two do that because it was a massive undertaking.
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Re: Do you throw a birthday party for your children every year?

Originally Posted by mom2LBJ View Post
Other, we've had a huge party every year, combo parties starting at 2yo for DS2 & DS1 together (June & mid May birthdays). So weve had one year with two huge parties for each kid. DS1 also had two big parties -a week apart- for his first birthday since MIL insisted on having her own party for him at her house with her friends (yeah, I know ). We also do cake, ice cream, go out for lunch, and sometimes dinner on their actual birthday (the usual for all birthdays, kids & adults) with the big party on a weekend.

This year I didn't want a party. DH only gets two scheduled times off a year. We usually use one for the combo party and one for a family vacation. DH needs knee surgery, so there goes one scheduled off time. That left room for either a party or a vacation. I wanted to do an all out family vacation in June, an all birthday themed family vacation. MIL & SIL were shocked that we weren't going to have a regular birthday party with other kids & family They planned a party, they paid for it all, BUT it had to be done at the same time as our family vacation. So our nice vacation was cut short to rush home to their party for the kids Never again. Not only did they rent a gymnastics place and invite all kinds of kids, they also had a huge BBQ at SIL's house with their extended family after the gymnastics party. So we came home from a vacation, did a gymnastics party by 2pm, and then an after party until 6/7pm. Next year the kids will be old enough to decide and not MIL/SIL (they can pick what they want to do on their birthdays!).

so no, I dont mind not having a huge all out party every.single.year. for each child Cake, candles, gifts and ice cream with parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents & cousins at home is just fine with me for young kids.
I don't mean to be rude mama, but I really think you need to start standin up for yourself when it comes to the inlaws. You didn't have to rush home from vacation just because they planned a party. Did they ask you first? It's not their choice what kind of party YOUR children have and when. Your immediate family comes first, which is you, your partner, and your children. I'm sorry, I spend way too much time on the Dealing with the InLaws and FOO board on BabyCenter and they would have a field day with that. Regardless, I hope your vacation was great!!!

All that said...

I haven't read any other responses yet. Right now we just do family parties with family friends and their kids. DS is only 11months old, he doesn't have real "friends" yet. Until he starts school we'll have family birthday parties, which will happen every year. Once he starts school and starts having friends he'll get friend parties, most likely every year. It will be up to him if he'd rather have a friend party or do something for the day, like go to a theme park or go to the beach etc etc. You can have friend parties very cheap- in your backyard with homemade games, homemade cakes, etc.

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