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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

I'd just try to find a doc that is more supportive of your parenting choices. My kids are almost never sick, so well visits are about the only time they see a doc. I do them because I think it's beneficial for a doctor to be familiar with them (or at least have a record of) what is normal for them. Occasionally problems are detected early through well visits, and that is another motivation I have for taking them. I don't go to all the ones they recommend for infants (since we skip many of the vaccinations).
If you are skipping all well visits, it might be a good idea to keep your own records of weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, etc. so that any big changes could be detected.

I think it's pretty important to find a doc that you respect and that also respects you, whether they are being seen yearly or just for sick visits.


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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

go to a general practice or "family" doctor instead of a pediatrician and you should not have this problem.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

I find this thread very interesting because I was also wondering if you have to legally take your child for the well visits. We haven't been there a while and I also didn't realize that the pediatrician could refuse to care for your children if you haven't been there in a while.

I guess I am fortunate that mine don't hound me about coming in. They actually told me once that they were just too busy to accomodate my 2 wk old for a weight check so we didn't go even though I called multiple times to try to get in. I figure I am doing others a favor in that practice by not taking mine in- we are not taking up others appointment slots.

I can see the point of having to state the facts on good child well being but if a parent is going to refuse it or not understand it, stating over and over isn't going to change things.

I also would be VERY bothered with the trophy for giving out the most vaccines. I wish they would worry more about having children in their practice who aren't overweight.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

My former ped office (actually a family doctor) had a 60% non-vaxing rate, and another 30% using a delayed schedule. Suffice it to say, they are pretty well known for not pushing vaxes!
I asked them about why I need well child visits, if the kids are clearly 100% fine (and since we don't vax, we wouldn't need to come for vaccinations.) She said the most important reason is to keep a healthy relationship going with the ped. If there were ever a time that someone claimed child neglect (for any reason, not necessarily vax related), it'd be important on our end to have a health history that our ped can attest that yes, we indeed take care of our children.

For that reason, we don't miss the well child visits. I've since switched practices, but our current ped is also known for being easy regarding vaxes (I heard her telling one of the new nurses that any non-vax patients get a green sticker outside their folder as a reminder for the staff. You know, b/c we are probably "green" families. :lol: ) But the twins haven't had a dr. appt. since their 2 year checkup, so I actually look forward to the well child visits.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

Y'all have made some very good points. I just feeling like they are driving the healthcare train and not me. This is another example that happened this week (as I was posting this).

My son, who has sensory disturbances (now under very good control thanks to our working with him at home) still has trouble sleeping at night. We decided to have him go in and talk to the doc about sleep hygiene. DH took him into this appointment. She suspects restless legs syndrome. The plan is a blood draw. If nothing is revealing on the labs, then we will go on to sleep health evaluation (which involves EEG/EKG type wiring...not the easiest things for a kid with sensory issues). The doc knows about these issues.

I get a call the other day saying that his blood work was abnormal with slightly elevated eosinophils (possibly allergic). The plan is to come in for followup on the blood work, discussion and physical exam. I ask the nurse if we are looking for a followup appointment immediately or with a week or two. She says "well, this is important, it needs to be followed up". "Yes, it does, but are we panicking like it is leukemia, or are we just following up like it is an allergy". She says I need to make the appointment as soon as possible. So the plan at this point is to come in for a followup of the labs for further discussion on the labs.

I get my calendar and call back for the appointment. I tell them that the nurse says he needs a lab followup with a physical. Physicals are being scheduled three months out. Okay, you may want to check if the physical is a well-child physical that they are sneaking in, or if he needs a physical as part of the followup from the labs. She checks. He doesn't need the physical, just the lab followup. UGH! The soonest they have is at the end of the month with our doc. I take that appointment.

I get a call today from sleep health to set up the appointment. WHAT APPOINTMENT? The labs were abnormal, and we have an appointment to talk to the doctor on what the further plan is. Nowhere in that conversation did they say that going forward with the sleep health referral is part of the plan at this point. They made the referral without telling me. Good grief! And it is not that they wanted the results back before the appointment at the end of the month because sleep health is scheduling out to the same time period.

This is what I am talking about. They have gone from being stellar to being this machine that the parents are just along for the ride. They are constantly blindsiding me. Going to sleep health is not a problem, but it is a CHORE when you have a child with a sensory disturbance, and you do NOT put him through something like that on a whim. It MUST be discussed with the physician first. If there is a clinical medical need, you bet I will do it, but I'm not going to do it and then find out that it was not clinically necessary, KWIM?

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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

Originally Posted by ambersrose View Post
go to a general practice or "family" doctor instead of a pediatrician and you should not have this problem.
I have read this from a lot of moms. I don't have a family MD here as we haven't lived here long enough to establish one. But I am thinking I need to look into this.

The thing that concerns me though is that family practice doctors might miss something that a pediatrician could catch. I worry since they don't specialize in pediatrics they might miss something or not treat appropriately for the child's age. Maybe this is unfounded, but it's just extra worry to take on if we change to a family MD. So basically it's trading one anxiety for another. Although, I can always consult someone about a child's medication dosage or get another medical opinion, but I can't easily sweep away the harassment I feel over CIO and non-vax debates with the ped.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

We don't do child well visits anymore either. Many of the same reasons stated. One Dr had the gall to say he would report me for child neglect if I didn't make a daily Menu plan for what my 18 month old daughter (4th child) ate and turn it into him every other day. He forced me into getting blood work done that came up negative for anything and would not listen to me when I told him I just have small children. My last 2 children were in the 5% on the charts and not even on the charts at times. It's just how my kids roll!

I'm still on the search for a good Ped or Family practitioner who respects my Natural Healing, Home birthing, Non/delay Vaxing, Chiropractic, Homeopathic way of life. I don't think one exists that won't charge $100+ a visit.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

Originally Posted by atria View Post
Mamas, an honest question...

Is it not medical neglect to skip all well child visits? We would love to skip them, too considering the same basically verbal abuse we go through about vaxes and growth percentiles. However, I would die if skipping well child appointments was ever held against me in any situation. I do not know what the future holds, and I have heard of this being used to claim medical neglect.

It's just sad that we live in a world where a co-pay must be dropped for a well-child appointment. Our ped comes in to pester us about vaccinations, feeding schedule, sleeping through the night and crying it out, too much weight gain and growth percentiles, etc. and only spends 1 minute with DD! He looks her over as well as I do and that's it.

Frankly, we can't afford to drop a co-pay every month to every two months when we don't utilize any special attention from the ped himself. But they do not care. I dread the appointments and even get chest flutters with anxiety over it as we are always not doing something right in his eyes. Then we are questioned about every facet of our personal and religious beliefs so that he can judge our religious exemption illegally.

And no, we can't switch peds as he is the only one who won't dismiss us from the practice for non-vax.

Sorry to de-rail the OP. My question was... medical neglect?
This is just wrong. We had our 18 month well child today and we happen to be going out of town tomorrow to visit family, well my son gets very grouchy for a day or 2 from shots so I just asked our ped if we could just come in next week or something and get his shots so DS wouldn't be grouchy on our trip, My awesome ped said of course, you can just get them done at his 2 year old appointment because there is no need to do them right this minute! He then said "are you wanting to do them at all?" in a super casual tone. This is what I love because we do regular vax on schedule and the whole bit and this is DS last round of shots until grade school and he was ok with us just not even doing the shots at all. Anyways, long story short he spent 50 minutes in the room with us just checking out DS and chatting with DD and talking to me about seeing the allergist and if there was anything else I needed. So great. As for medical neglect it *can* be used against you if you get in a situation for it to be.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

These threads always fascinate me. We don't have regular physical exams here. If you're sick you go to the doctor. That's it other than the 6 week and 6 month checkups. The pediatrician is a specialist you go to by referral only, and doctors have nothing to do with carseats or vax's. It's amazing just how different the madical systems are in two different countries.

I've never heard of such a thing as medical neglect. I don't think I saw the inside of a doctor's office from the time I was 6 to 15, because I was never really sick in that time.
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Since there is reason to suspect that this user and CDMama12 are the same person and they have failed to repsond to pm's asking for clarification, both accounts are being banned.
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Re: how to get off the "well-child" radar

<-- also fascinated. Can't imagine skipping well-baby visits. What a nice time to interact with someone who did 10 years of college studying baby development.

OTOH, if I had 6 kids like the OP, I might be able to imagine skipping them. :-) Something about walking a mile in someone else's moccasins.
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