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Pre-School Advice?

Okay so a friend of mine is placing her daughter in preschool at the local church. She asked if I wanted to send DS1 also. I have thought about letting him go to the local church pre-school...but I have also thought about homeschooling.

The preschool is 145/month. Two days a week from 8:30-11. 3 out of the 6 kids enrolled in the class right now are friends of his (have been since they were born). The class is during our normal playgroup times with them. So we wouldnt have that playgroup.

DS1 is 29months and has been potty trained for 3 months now. He loves being around other kids but has a hard time normally leaving me. Having him in preschool would allow me some one on one time with DS2 and let me take him to him to his "gym" class with out having to find a sitter for DS1.

My question is what would you do? Do you think he would benefit from preschool.Would it be wrong to place him in preschool but them homeschool him for kindergarten? DH response is whatever...lool


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Re: Pre-School Advice?

I think whatever you want to do is fine. Whether you homeschool him or not, he might enjoy the preschool or he might miss you. You won't know unless you try it. If you try it and he hates it, you can just back out. If he loves it, you can still homeschool, or maybe you will change your mind.

It is only preschool. I did not even go to preschool! It is not SUCH a big deal. Just go with what feels right to you.
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Re: Pre-School Advice?

I think there is nothing wrong with it. Of course I am biased because ds1 is going to start a church pre-scholl in sept. It is the same pre-school dh went to. It is from 10-2 tues and thurs.
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Re: Pre-School Advice?

My daughter LOVES preschool. Loves it. Begs to go on the days she doesn't have it.

I would definitely send him!
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Re: Pre-School Advice?

Do they have any sort of trial period where you can try it and withdraw if its not working out?
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Re: Pre-School Advice?

If it gives you time w/ your youngest- then I'd say it's a good idea. He'll benefit being w/ his normal playgroup and it's not that many day/ hours. I'm sure he'll adjust fine to homeschool. I doubt he won't like it anyway since he knows all of the kids.

And to the person who didn't go to preschool- I didn't either and most kids I went to school with didn't but nowadays all the kids go to preschool and preK. My neighbors kids started kindergarten this past year and was BEHIND in reading!!! I was like HUH???? I think we started learning to read in 1st or 2nd grade! I know it's not about keeping up with everyone especially if you're homeschooling and doing things at your own pace but just wanted to add that it's very normal actually expected (atleast around here) for kids to have already been learning and socializing WELL before kindergarten.

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Re: Pre-School Advice?

My DD goes to a church preschool- well they call it moms morning out here. It's from 9am-1PM.
I don't know if it's different for me because I would never even consider homeschooling my kids, but I know DD absolutely LOVES going to "school"! She just started last week and she goes Mon/Weds/Fri, and she thinks it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. She loves doing the worksheets and playing with the other kids, they have dress up clothes there and she loves that. She asks me every day if it's time to go to school yet lol!

My 19mo old goes 2 days a week on Weds/Fri and I'm really enjoying having some time to myself and being able to get things DONE. It's a really nice break and the kids enjoy it, plus the price isn't bad at all. I pay $200/month for both kids together.
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