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Just curious - solids

I don't want to start a debate, I'm just curious.

Lately I've read lots of posts where parents are feeding solids to LOs under six months. I seem to see 4ish months frequently.

My LOs are past that stage and I was wondering if the recommendations have changed? When all of mine were infants, the recommendation was 6 months before solids.

Not judging, just curious because I know that recommendations change constantly. When my oldest was a newborn we were taught to nurse 10 minutes 1 side then finish on the other. By the time my middle was born, it was nurse 1 side per nursing session to be sure to get the hindmilk. So, I know that changes happen all the time.


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Re: Just curious - solids

Everything I've seen says that the official recommendation is nothing but breastmilk or formula for at least 6 months. That's also what our pediatrician has told us.
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Re: Just curious - solids

I think the current recommendation by the AAP is 6 months. But older folks, or people whose information is not up to date (like our family doctor and my mom) say 4 months. We started a little before 6 months because DS reached out an grabbed a banana out of my hand
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Re: Just curious - solids

Our pediatrician at the 6mo visit just about bugged her eyes out of her head when we said we hadn't been giving our daughter solids yet - she said 4-6 months was optimum for avoiding allergies. I'm not sure why she didn't mention this at the 4 month visit (which would be the logical time to mention it, que no?).

I mentioned that I'd heard waiting longer was better, and she said new research was saying that wasn't the case afterall. Some googling when I got home backed this up.
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Re: Just curious - solids

We started all of ours at the 4 month range. We had a different pedi for each of them at this age and they all said it was fine if they were swallowing well and interested. We didn't start feeding solids regularly until 5-5 1/2 months. I followed the baby's lead and never gave any high allergy foods.
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Re: Just curious - solids

I have read and heard 6 months also. But we started at (gasp) 10 months. We follow CLWing. he did have small bits here and there and started to eat dinner regualarly at about 9 months but he mostly played.

He never got pureed food from a jar. (Or anything I puree. He doesn't even like mashed potatos!). He also never ate baby cereal. He is 22 months now eats like a champ and no allergies to be found. Oh and he still nurses on demand.

And we didn't go into saying we are going to do child led weaning, I didn't even know what child led weaning was until he was about 12 months when I stumbled on it on a forum. It is just how we parent.
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Re: Just curious - solids

My 2 1/2 year old DD started at 4 months and 1 week. Looking back, I think it was a little early, but I don't regret it.

I'm hoping to get DS to wait until at least 5 months to start on solids... but we'll have to see what he is like.. if he is grabbing at food beforehand, I might consider it.

I just saw pics on facebook today of a friend (well friend of a friend) whose son was born the day after DS was, and they started him on rice cereal recently... he's about 3 1/2 months old. Too young IMO but everyone does their own thing right?
I think it's a personal thing... not like putting kids in boosters too early or turning kids around too early (stuff that's actually ILLEGAL).... so I try not to judge.
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Re: Just curious - solids

Everything I have been able to find indicates that a later start is better, especially if you're doing baby-led weaning and encouraging self-feeding. We plan to go that route, so we definitely won't start earlier than 6 months. I figure if Cecilia is anxious for solids before that, I will get a mesh feeder bag and make some breast milk ice cubes for it!
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Re: Just curious - solids

I started my DD on rice cereal at 3 1/2 months and veggie jars at 4 month. Will do the next with this baby. My pedi told me not til 6 months, but I honestly really didn't care what she thougth lol She is now 18 months old, eats great, is healthy, no allergies, and is a smart, active little thing.
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Re: Just curious - solids

We were told (4 years ago) to start at 4 months due to bad reflux. Guess what it led to? BAD allergies. Though milk allergy was already there before we started solids. planning on waiting at least six months with this baby.
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