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Re: Just curious - solids

I agree, 3 1/2 months is crazy young. Sadly, I have heard of mothers starting as young as a few weeks. We cram our kids full of food and reward that with sweets and can't understand why childhood obesity is sky rocketing.

With DS1, I waited til just shy of 5 months to give him one meal a day of super runny cereal. I only started then because he hated taking the expressed breast milk from the bottle SOOO much and it made it really hard for his Daddy while I was at work.

With DS2 I plan on waiting til 6 mths and not starting w/ cereal (bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes as previous posters have mentioned). He is 5 mths, 1 wk now and is making it hard to wait as he recently started diving toward whatever I'm eating with his mouth open . Very cute, but I am resisting so far .


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Re: Just curious - solids

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
I agree to that to a certain extent. But, my kids were all late teethers. My oldest had only 2 teeth on his first birthday.

They were not ready to do much chewing in that 6-9 month range, but were otherwise ready. So, I didn't puree, but I did mash either fresh or steamed fruits and veggies until they were ready to chew the firmer foods.

I did completely skip the prepared baby foods. We tried a few times with my first, but it was much easier to just mash something off of my own plate for him than it was to give him those smelly jarred foods.
My little man didn't have any teeth when he started eating food in a solid form at 9 months. The gums are extremely hard and "chew" the food just as well as new little teeth do.
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Re: Just curious - solids

I missed the strawberry memo and my son likes them... hee hee... now he is slightly allergic to apples and possible pears... but it runs in the genetics but all that happens is his face and bottom get red.
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Re: Just curious - solids

They have started to change it to 4 months, but that's not because baby is ready. In my readings the recommendation changed because baby food companies were pressuring them to do so. They still have an open gut until 6ish months. I usually do solids around 8 months, and really get into it at 1 year.
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Re: Just curious - solids

I know what you are saying. When I had my first baby 13 years ago, I started her on solids at 3 months (!!!) based on the recommendation of her pediatrician. With my second baby, I waited until 6 months based on the recommendation of the ped. (I believe he said 4-6 months, but didn't flinch when we waited til 6.) I tried to feed my 3rd baby solids at 6 months, but he refused them and went to table foods at 10 months old. With my 4th, same thing but he was a bit more stubborn and didn't eat solids until 14 months.

My sister just began feed her 5 month old twins solids based on the recommendation of their doctor. The doctor actually suggested 4 months for cereal, 5 months for veggies, and 6 months for fruit, but because her girls had been having tummy issues since my sis quit breastfeeding, the doctor suggested waiting a month.

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Re: Just curious - solids

We tried some purees at six months, and DS didn't really dig on them. So he pretty much started solids at eight months, with well cooked veggies he could pick up himself.
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Re: Just curious - solids

I think some babies with terrible acid reflux are started early on cereal (like at 3 - 4 months) per their ped's recommendation. It's tough to keep up with the recommendations because they change all the time, and the studies are always contradicting each other!

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