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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My little man was trouble from the beginning! After 2 miscarriage scares and 2 stints of bed rest during the first trimester I was very thankful to have an easy rest of my pregnancy with what I knew was going to be my last baby. Then at 31 weeks, my water broke while I was making dinner! I went to the hospital where I stayed for 3 weeks on bedrest giving my little boy some more time to grow. It is truly by God's grace that he stayed in for that long with ruptured waters (doctors predicted that I would deliver within a few days) Graham Matthew was FINALLY delivered via csection at 34 weeks at 5lbs 10oz. He spent 9 days in the NICU and has been doing great aside from some severe acid reflux. At almost 3 months old he weighs about 10ish pounds. (My two older boys were born at 39 weeks at 7lbs 9oz and 8lbs 8oz.) My family is complete with my three hansome boys!


Mandy, Christian wife to Dustin and homeschooling mama to Lucas (1/24/07), Eli (7/1/09) and Graham (2/10/11).
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

I never noticed this forum before today and saw this thread. Both my girls were preemies.

DD #1 - Born at 35 wks 4 days at 4 lbs 15 oz. No stay in the NICU and came home after 2 days weighing 4 lbs 10 oz. My water broke and ended up being induced into labor. She is now 3.5 yrs old and doing great. You'd never know she was a preemie.

DD #2 - Born at 32 wks 1 day at 3 lbs 7 oz. She stayed 30 days in the NICU and came home weighing 4 lbs 12 oz. I got toximia with her and was admitted to the hospital on monitored bedrest a week before she was born. The blood pressure meds weren't helping and eventually magnesium and another BP med was added. I continued to go down hill and was induced into labor. DD2 is now 5.5 months (3.5 months adjusted) and is doing well. She's where you would expect development wise based on her due date. She has a few health issues, but the pediatrician said they aren't related to her prematurity. She is somewhere around 14 or 15 lbs now.
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

So I was just looking through this thread and never thought about it but I am a mom to a preemie. My ODS was born at 36 wks. I guess I have never thought about it because he was 5Lbs 14oz and 20in! He had no complications and went home as scheduled! It is so nice to see all the beautiful babies who have grown and are doing good!
Laura---Married: Chris(9-06) Mommy to: Ds1 ('09) Ds2 ('10) Expecting DD1(April '14) Foster Mommy to: Dfs Baby N since (9-12)
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My DD was induced at 35 weeks after my water broke. She initially had some respiratory distress and stayed in our regular county hospital because of apnea for 10 days, but since it was the "off season," we were able to have a private room in their tiny Maternity ward. She had a lot of issues with reflux and nursing, but she is now a happy, healthy 24 lb 18 month old who is right on schedule developmentally.
mama to DDs Charlotte (11/18/09) and Amelia (2/15/12)
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My girls M and E were born spontaneous vaginal at 34wks3days at 5lbs6oz and 5lbs3oz we were blessed and had no NICU time at all. They have finally made it on to the growth charts at 2mos5days but are still below 10th percentile.
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DD1 was born at 31w5d by emergency c-section. It was a failed induction due to severe pre-e, oligohydramnios, and IUGR. She was 2lbs 12oz. She spent a total of 6w2d in the NICU. She came home at 38 weeks gestation exactly.

She is now a crazy, hyper, amazing almost 5 year old! <3

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Melissa, L&D nurse and wife to my soulmate Shawn.

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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My little ones!!! (( I posted the introduction in another post)) and of course, I had to share we are hopefully expecting a FULL TERM baby for a change!!!
OMG!! Happily adding to our beautiful family
Three fabulous step girls 15-10, three adorably magnificent miracle girls of my own 5-2.
Not to mention my husband who likes to pretend he's one of the kids

Angel baby May 2011, Dec 25th 2011, and June 2015 . Never held, always loved
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Hello! So encouraging to read your posts

My oldest was a 41 weeked - 28 months now

My twins were identical and sharing a placenta which caused problems. After 2 weeks in the hospital with steroid shots they were delivered at 34 weeks exactly via c-section b/c of the shared placenta. Baby A, Avery, was 4 lbs and Erin was 5 lbs but the weaker girl. They spend 7 days in NICU and came home together in time for Thanksgiving. They are very healthy at 7 months but the developmental delay doctor says they are about 6 weeks delayed. They are making progress and honesatly I can't tell any difference between them and my 41 weeker. Very happy, sociable, army crawling and eating 3 meals a day We count our blessings every single day and give thanks!
Wife to bestfrined Proud Mama to dauther 1/29/10 and expecting Monoamniotic identical Twins "momo twins" 12/24/11
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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Just found this place!

My little guy, Nolan, was due May 14 but arrived unexpectedly early on March 8. He shocked us all when he was born at 30 weeks - I arrived at the hospital with mild cramping and at my first check I was 9cms. Nolan was 3lbs when he was born and dropped to 2.5lbs in the days following his birth. We are very lucky he had no complications - just a "feeder and grower." He had a 56 days NICU stay and arrived home on May 2.

Nolan is now just over four months old (two months corrected). I'm proud to say he's a chunky monkey at 11lbs!

His full birth story is here:

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Re: Introduce your Preemie(s)!

My 1st Little One Was Born at 32 weeks at 3lbs. 15oz., There were no known causes. Went into the doctor for a regular check-up and told the doctor I was having some pressure and lower back pain (which I had all throughout the pregnancy) but worse than before. He checked me and told me I was dilated 2cm and 100% effaced and asked me why I didn't tell him I was having contractions---well because i didn't know---needless to say I was rushed to the hospital and hooked up to all the machines and quickly placed on magnesium...the nurses were all shocked that I wasn't experiencing any pain from what apparently seemed to be active labor contractions (Blessing I I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was going to be sent home but the doctor felt I needed to stay the night because he just had a feeling that if he sent me home I was going to deliver...well the next morning I woke up with blood everywhere and was dilated to a 6 and was told they were sorry but I had to deliver...It was the quickest passing thing in my life...I dilated extremely fast and can't remember hardly anything it took 5-6 pushes and a total of 18min from full dilation to delivery...My son was in the NICU for 2 months and is currently 1.5 years old....I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child a little girl and am 25 weeks pregnant and praying that she stays put until at least 37 weeks...
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