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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

Glad to hear she's feeling better. Hylands teething tablets also have Belladonna in them, which works well as a fever reducer if you're interested in going the natural route.

Hope she stays well!


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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

I'm glad she's feeling better.Paul had febrile seizures a lot as an infant but hasn't had one since he was about 18 monthes(1 1/2 years ago)I'm lucky enough to have an e.r nurse for a mom so that helps.I personally like motrin better but we alternate and run a lukewarm bath and that helps now.My daughter has only gotten sick a few times and never had a high fever or seizures thankfully.

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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

you already got all kinds of advice but i just wanted to say that my dd used to have those seizures along with her temps and they FREAKED me out!! Thats a scary thing to have your baby doing that in your arms!

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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

[QUOTE=Tiffer23;780972]You should be giving her Motrin. Tylenol isn't worth much after 6 months, plus Motrin is safer. And try a lukewarm bath, popsicles, ice cream, etc.QUOTE]

Ditto on the Motrin/ibuprofen. That has always worked much better (and lasts longer) for us. And the lukewarm baths are always a hit when we're dealing with fevers.
My oldest gets febrile seizures. Hasn't had one for a looooong time (knock on wood) but still always runs a bit hotter than the "average" kid. They are scary and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.
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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

febrile seizures are from the RAPID INCREASE in body temp and not from the high temp itself. For that reason meds are often ineffective. Babies who are prone to them often have them repeat throughout childhood. Even when these babies get tylenol by IV in the ER it is often not effective at preventing it. Happily they aren't dangerous, just scary.

But advil does contain fevers more effectively and for longer than tylenol. you can also alternate the two if your babe is realy uncomfortable. but the seizures cant really be prevented, and are likely to recur. so make sure you tell anyone who cares for her that she is prone to the febrile seizure and that although scary it isn't serious!

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Re: Fever & febrile sezures :(

My daughter had this happen a couple weeks ago, it scared the heck out of me. So we rushed her to the ER at midnight and it was 103.3 when they checked it. They gave her some Motrin and within 30 minutes it came down But it was the same situation as yours, I was giving her Tylenol and it wasnt' doing anything, I had given her a lukewarm bath, that didn't help either. It was the sudden body jerks that scared me more than anything. She also got fever spots (look like freckles all over her face) They "Said" she had an ear infection and flaryngytis, but 24 hours later, everything went away and she never had any other symptoms. So we didn't give her the antibiotics but that one day.

Hope she feels better, fevers are scary and seeing your child sick is so hard.

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