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spin-off VAERS

Spin off of the vaccine reaction thread

If your child had what you believe to be a reaction from a vaccine, did you report it to VAERS? Did you doctor? Are you aware whether that reaction was investigated?


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Re: spin-off VAERS

I guess I'll answer since I voted in the other thread. My DS developed a mild rash + fever after his MMR. I did not report it to VAERS. I actually didn't even call the pediatrician to let them know at the time, only mentioned it at his next appointment. The reason I didn't report it is that I didn't really see that as the point of VAERS. Rash after MMR is something already known to be a possible reaction and it wasn't serious. I saw VAERS as more of a place for unexpected or serious reactions - like intussusception after RotaTeq - the type of rare things that don't show up in clinical trials. Of course, since I saw this question posed, I went to the VAERS site and they describe the purpose a bit differently - so maybe I should still file a report?
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Re: spin-off VAERS

After his last Prevnar shot, my 2 year old has what I would consider severe swelling at the injection site, broke out in a rash that lasted for 2 weeks+ and required steroids to go away, and he also had fever had the injection site. Yes, I reported it to VAERS, and no, I don't know if this has been investigated. Maybe not a severe reaction, but it was enough to scare the hell out of us.
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Re: spin-off VAERS

Yes I did report Kearnan's reaction after his MMR vaccine. It was a severe reaction. I know that the PA we were seeing at the time would not report it, it took 6 months for her to even admit there was anything wrong with him. There is a reason we don't see her anymore. There is the possibility that his pediatric neurologist reported the reaction as well after his testing. He said something about it but there was so much going on at the time that I only gave it a passing thought. I am not aware of if it has been investigated.
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Re: spin-off VAERS

No, it was never reported. My DD had HORRIBLE constipation and a raging fever (around 103) for 3+ days and I couldn't get the fever down for very long. She stopped nursing as much and became very lethargic, clammy, and listless. She was 2 mos old and it started a few hours after she got the shots.

When I called in, the nurse first told me that she must have caught something in the ped's office. When I told her we didn't sit anywhere near other people and our wait was very short, she tried to say I must have given something to my DD to make her constipated and that maybe she was allergic to whatever I'd fed her. My DD was EBF - no solids, no formula in over 6 weeks, nothing - then the nurse said it was my breastmilk causing the problems, but I had not eaten anything different.

I called everyday my DD was sick, sometimes twice a day b/c I was SO scared. I expected to find my baby not breathing next time I checked on her.

Thank God that she was fine. But, stupid me, I did the "normal" mom thing and chalked it up to illness or some freak phenomenon and went right on ahead and fully vaxed her until 2 yrs old. Every time she was vaxed, she would sleep for the whole rest of the day and not wake up until very late that night or the next morning.

She is completely fine, extremely bright and funny. I don't see any lasting effects from the vaccines, but I believe wholeheartedly that she DID have a reaction to the vaccines especially after reading other accounts of vaccine reactions.

We stopped vaxing after she was 2. Sadly, by that age, she'd already had most of them and nothing ever got reported to VAERS.

I think that a LOT of vax reactions never get reported. I think docs/nurses are quick to blame reactions on everything else under the sun, expect the vax itself.
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