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Re: Saving kids clothes?

Well, I went through my 0-12 mos stuff yesterday as a good friend of mine is currently in labour with a boy I helped her go through her baby boy stuff and she had maybe a grocery bag full, so I figured that was the push I needed to give away some stuff. I still have TONS though. ugh, I gave her a whole garbage bag full and yet I still have plenty enough to clothe another baby. I think I'm going to thin it down to the basics, and definitely keep snowsuits and stuff like that just in case money is tight next time around.


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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I have a rubbermaid (or similar) tub downstairs for every size DD has worn, other than newborn and 3 months, and 2 for the sizes she has yet to grow into. So that's 6 mos, 9mos, 12mos, 18mos, 24mos, 2, 3 (not much in that, since it's the size she's wearing), 4 and 5, and that's just clothes, not linens (hooded towels, recieving blankets) or other baby stuff. We are actively TTC, although we've been at it for nearly a year, and i keep thinking since it'll be so long between them I should just give up and sell DD's baby stuff. But murphy's law would then be that I'd get pregnant as soon as I do.

You know, that might be a good idea after all!

ETA forgot about the bin of diapers - she just PLed.

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Re: Saving kids clothes?

We have the space, and are planning on another child, so we save basically everything.

If we didn't have the space but another was imminent, I would probably still save most everything and just trip over it.

If we weren't actively planning on another, I would probably donate the whole bit - I can't stand clutter.

FWIW, I liked the earlier poster's idea of saving 8 outfits and a couple PJ's and the like. I don't know why I'm hoarding 100 outfits when we never wore everything the first time around.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I'm trying to decide that now - I have a few bins full of stuff and the baby gear - a part of me wants to try to adopt again and a huge part of me based on our experience says we are done... so for now, I'll keep it as its expensive to replace (although I'll get more with a new baby and especially a girl as I'd like some different stuff).
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I saved five large bins of clothes from my DD. Now we are going through them and going to sell them at a garage sale. I'm currently pregnant, and the baby will be born during a different season, so not much is going to work. Besides, who knows if we will actually have another girl.

So it's time for the stuff to go. I just don't have the room to save it.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I too am going through the same thing.

I do think we will have more. We only have boys so if I have a girl the clothes are somewhat useless bc they really did not have gn clothes and if I have a girl after too boys she will be in pink, lavender, lace, and flowers!!!

We have a different problem though. We are moving out of the country and storing all of the things we are not bringing. So I was thinking I would get rid of almost everything and then just keep there hospital shirts and hats and an outfit or two.

When I asked my DM what she did, she told me she still thinks she has my baby clothes in the attic and she was the wrong person to ask. That made me want to get rid of everything bc my DM is not the organizational role model I want.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I saved special things only. We might have another baby soon, or not. That baby might be a boy, or not. I just can't have so much clutter. I put lots of stuff up on FFS which makes Mommas HAPPY. We're definitely not well off, and I could use the money selling it, but I feel really really excited to send stuff off to Mommas, knowing that the clothes are getting used and really appreciated, too. Besides, even if I say I won't buy new things for a new baby, I always will. And LOTS of people give clothes as presents these days and pass around second hand stuff, so I like to share the love.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

After Ds was born we decided we were done..... so I sold or donated as much of the little stuff as I could. 6 months after I sold the last of it I was pregnant. But this time because the pregnaancy and delivery were sooooo bad we are totally done and when dd out grows all the stuff Ihave had to buy her I am turning around and selling the lot of it.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I kept everything from DS. We're having another boy in a different season, but the rest of his stuff should work as baby #2 gets bigger. I'm glad I have it all because we're not going to have to spend as much for this baby.

ETA: He was the first grandbaby on both sides, so at least half the stuff he has he never got to wear because he grew to fast to wear it all.
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Re: Saving kids clothes?

I have hand-me-downs from my sister (who's 6 years older than my DD). I wouldn't keep clothes in storage for more than 5 years or so.
I kept all of DD's clothes. After I found out DS2 was a boy, I gave her small outgrown clothes to my SIL (who's pg with a girl) and her larger clothes to a local church that has a food/clothing pantry. Likewise, I kept DS1's clothes (except for a few tubs that I gave away to family/friends). Once DS2 outgrows the clothes, I donate them. I have a tub for each of my kids for keepsake items.
I keep the boys clothes in blue tubs labeled by size and season, girls clothes go in purple tubs. I don't keep anything stained or obviously worn, character clothes, clothes that will be out of style in a few years, undergarments or anything that I or my kids just didn't really like. That ends up being just enough outfits for each season/size.
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