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Milk with school lunches

DS started school this week and I found out that chocolate milk is standard and white milk is by request only. I was shocked to hear this. When I mentioned it to my teenager, she said, "oh yeah, it's been that way for a long time." Gee, thanks for mentioning it!

Does anyone else think this is strange and totally unnecessary? My kids usually only get chocolate milk as a treat, it's certainly not an everyday thing! I am only going to let DS order lunch once in while, but a lot of kids eat school lunches everyday!


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Re: Milk with school lunches

Blech..not cool IMO.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

Well, see they think kids will be more likely to drink milk if they give them the flavored kind. And since the vitamins and stuff in milk is soooo important and sooo healthy, they must get it into kids by ANY means necessary. Even if we're talking sugar overload. Yeah it's THAT important.

Ok, so I'm totally being sarcastic. I fully believe that dairy is one of the unhealthiest things we consume and for the government to fund all these subsidies and encourage excessive sugar intake in children is beyond ridiculous. They could just feed the kids more greens and other high-calcium foods (which is better absorbed by the body anyway!), but they gotta do something with the surplus, so they flavor it and call it part of the school lunch program.

As for it being standard and white milk only by request? Meh. Just a small part of a bigger problem. The biggest problem is that we're giving kids dairy and no other alternative. I don't know if anything has changed, but when I was in school, milk came with the lunch but bottled water was $1.00. And milk alternatives were not offered at all. Seeing as how 70% of adults are lactose intolerant (and the % of kids approaching that number goes up with every year they age) with minorities being the most likely to be lactose intolerant, it's a big problem. A little sugar on top of that isn't good, but I figure the sugar alone is not much worse than juice.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

yet another reason to pack school lunch. yuck.

and that's actually something i think i would take to administration. it's worth a discussion right? there probably are parents who don't realize this and would not support it.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

our school is a charter school and they serve white milk, but if you need an alternative, they also serve juice and bottled water. You DO need a Dr note to get the juice with free lunch, but pretty much anyone can choose juice over milk if they want it.

And I agree with Shaunam 100%
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Re: Milk with school lunches

my older 2 buy lunch everyday- chocolate milk is an extra- for the elementary kids only on Fridays- my middle school girl has it everyday- but complains that it is 'weak and not so chocolatey' plus it is 2% milk- I use whole milk here- but really that is the ONLY milk my middle school girl drinks- so some calcium is better than none I guess- my elementary school girl opts for the apple juice AND brings her 'way cool' metal water bottle to school and fills it with water all day- she likes white milk at home but doesn't dig the 2% stuff- so her extra on Fridays will usually be an ice cream.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

My school has strawberry, chocolate, 2 percent white, and skim white out. I never EVER see anyone with anything but chocolate, though our school is mostly African American, which has a high rate of lactose intolerance. Those kids are allowed to just get 2 juices instead.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

It's definitely a problem. That was one of the problems Jaime Oliver dealt with on his Food Revolution show. School lunches are a mess these days, unfortunately. Things have gotten so skewed by politics. It's such a bummer. But definitely question it! The only way things are going to change is by group force - all of us concerned parents speaking up!
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Re: Milk with school lunches

The school I work in & my kids school has an option to buy milk. They have chocolate or white.

The boy I work with put the milk out as part of his job. We put out 45 chocolate & 6 white. There have only been 4 days of school this year & there will be more white going out, but it is 1/4 of what the chocolate will be.

In my kids school there is 1/4 white compared to chocolate.

In both school there are no cafeterias so it's all brought from home lunch. To get milk they have to buy milk cards & go to a specific spot where they sell milk. The kids choose what kind they want. If they run out of chocolate they have to have white & alot of kids just won't go & get it that day.

In a cafeteria setting I can see putting chocolate automatically & the white as request only as it will make the lines move smoother instead of asking each kid which they want & having to get it. If it's sitting right there then the line moves faster.
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Re: Milk with school lunches

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