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Re: MMR vax

We did Hep A but did not do chicken pox or MMR yet. We will do MMR probably eventually, but DS1 will never have it because he has a severe egg allergy and egg is in the vaccine.


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Re: MMR vax

Originally Posted by katiegud View Post
Sorry to hijack a little, but what kind of reaction did Kearnan have? Did he get encephalitis or something? I work with animals, who often have shock-like reactions to vaccines, but I really don't know much about children's reactions. Just curious about what happened to him.
He did develop encephalitis and resulting brain damage after his initial MMR vaccine, he has not had a second dose (or any other vaccines for that matter). He also has a chronic measles infection of his intestines which has led to difficulty maintaining healthy intestinal cultures and digesting foods ect. His recovery has been a long process and he still struggles. Children's brains are still growing and developing so they have an amazing ability to heal themselves in ways adults can't. With a lot of support he has come a long way. I am very proud of him.
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Re: MMR vax

We are going to do all at the 12 month appt this month but the chickenpox - my mom freaked out with that one but if he doesn't get it naturally but 10-12 then I will do it.
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Re: MMR vax

Wow, Shannon, that sounds tough. Thanks for sharing, I hadn't heard of that with the MMR vaccine.
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Re: MMR vax

Originally Posted by mrscompgeek View Post
My daughter is almost 1 and its almost time for her 12 month checkup where she will be getting the Chickenpox, MMR and HEP A vax. . I have given her every vax so far but am going to skip the chickenpox vax for sure and am pondering skipping the MMR one. Any take on this?
Why did you or why didn't you give your kids the MMR vax?
I know some of you probably didnt vax at all and some of you selective or delay vax and some of you probably do all vaxes. I am just wondering those of you who selective delay why did you the MMR one??
We vax on schedule, but we did delay the MMR by one year. he got it with his two year old check up. I just think three vaccines in one was an AWFUL lot for such a tiny little guy. I felt good about it then, feel good about it now and will likely do the same with DD when the time comes! HTH!
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Re: MMR vax

I delay vaccinations and plan to have her caught up by kingergarten. I'd rather have more needles than multiple chemicals floating around in her body at one time. Background, my sister has Autism and I have a degree in special ed and taught kids with Autism for 7 years. I know they've "disproven" the link between vaccinations and autism, but my biggest thing is that I'd rather be safe and know I did everything I could on my end than give my kids vaccinations on the AAP schedule and wonder 'what if' if something happens. Something could happen anyway and I'll have to deal with that, but that's my biggest thing. At my older daughter's 1 year appointment, we did not do the MMR. She got it when she was 2. I felt that, given her verbal skills, etc, at least she could somewhat TELL me what she was feeling if something started to go wrong after the MMR shot. I was really freaked out about it. She still has not had chicken pox (she's 2.5) and only the 1st of the Hep A. Other than that, she's caught up. I plan to do the same type of schedule with my 2nd who is 3 weeks old.
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Re: MMR vax

We skipped cp vax, and will vax for it by 10 if she doesn't get it naturally. No one offered hep a. We skipped mmr, and will do it later, not sure when. I am pretty worried about that one, my dd's first cousin has aspergers, and I'm not willing to mess around with that vax because of his dx. My dh feels very strongly about it, probably more than me. She can have it later, like around 4-5 years old.
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Re: MMR vax

I don't do more than 2 vaccines/shots at once, and while delayed DS is all caught up at 1 year. He has his 1 year check up Friday and will be getting the chicken pox (DF insists) and the other one- pneumoccocal? I'm not sure. He will NOT be getting MMR until at least age 3, hopefully not until 5. It's the vaccine with the most side effects, it goes straight to the muscle instead of just under the skin, and I just hear the worst stuff about it. I'd much rather give it later in 1 shot and have him be able to tell me if something it wrong.

Better safe then sorry IMO.

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Re: MMR vax

We fully vax on schedule, but I did delay MMR for Will. I'm going to delay until atleast 3.
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