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Dr. wants to induce me...

Ok so my due date is 9/15, but I think it's later. Anyway so I went to the OB today and she said that I'm not dilated at all and if I'm still not not next Tues (9/14) then she wants to check me into the hospital to give me something that will "ripen" my cervex and then induce me on Wed (9/15) .

I called back after I left this morning to talk to her about this since it seems a little weird to me that I would be induced on my due date considering it's my first and again I think my date is later. The nurse stated that the OB probably wanted to induce me on 9/15 since she was on-call that day and wouldn't be on-call again until the next Wed so she wouldn't be able to deliver my baby . I do have HBP but ever since I got prego my BP has been so good so that's not a reason and she's measuring in the 59% so it's not like she's too big to deliver yet!

Now I'm not a Dr nor do I pertend to be one but do you all think that's a little too much!? Why should I shedule my birth around her working schedule? Honestly I don't really care for her but when we moved here I didn't really have a choice of who I went to since I was due so soon. So what I'm saying is if she doesn't deliver my baby I'm so ok with it!
Should I put my foot down and say no I'm going to have the baby when she's ready to come and not before? It would be easier to "plan" if we did do this next week but I would really like to go naturally and not do drugs and stuff.
Thanks for listening and any advice is welcome!!


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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

not in your DD, but yes, you should NOT be induced because of a schudule. URGH. Many women, especially in military hospitals get who they get, not thier own drs and they do just fine. I would NEVER agree to an induction that wasn't medically warrented. Urgh. GL and stay strong. She can't force you...
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

I wouldn't agree to it if its not medically necessary. Its okay to say "no!" - GL!!
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

yup, you have every right to put your foot down. What kind of birth do you want? I thought you said natural birth? A baby birthing shouldn't be about convenience or liability (most dr's are about either one or both). I'm so sorry you have to go thru this! Stay firm! do some research and be prepared because it might be a battle. You can win this though. The doctor can't force you. My midwife was ok to wait even 2 weeks past the due date!

And I've heard of plenty of moms who ditch their doctor at the last moment, even switch to a midwife, and search for one who will really support a natural birth.

You won't regret it! You can do this all natural mama!!
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

My son was not delievered by my ob and I was perfectly fine with it! I would put my foot down and say that you do not want to be induced due to her work schedule. Especially if she is only measuring in the 59% range.

AFM...I'm being induced because "Sister" is measuring HUGE, I have a lot of water, and I've been contracting big time off and on...and dialated some. However she will strip my membranes first before doing any meds. She wants me to be "supervised" when I do go into labor or my water breaks.

My sister is going to be induced because her dr is going out of the country ("Dr.s w/o Boarders") on her due date...which I am not at all for.

I would talk with your dr next week and tell her how you feel...Hopefully by then, baby will already have made up her mind and come!

ETA: Steven was suppose to be induced for the same reason as sister (BEING HUGE)...but came 4 days before his induction date (2 weeks early) at 8lbs 7oz. I was given pit for a little bit because my contrax weren't regular...and I was still able to go all natural no pain meds...even after stitching me up with 20 stitchs med free.

So even if you are can still go pain med free
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

I'm with the other mamas. I don't have much to add. Hang tough mama. Your baby will come when they are ready.
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

I totally agree with the others. No no no. Not okay for the medical profession to push their values upon others based upon a simple scheduling thing. Especially if you don't care if she delivers your baby, I say wait it out (with me!)!!!
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

Mum of four [ and praying for our new one expected May, 2014.

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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

I'm chiming in with everyone else that you should say no if it isn't what you want. If there is no medical reason, then I wouldn't do it. Any intervention carries with it risks. If there is a medical reason to take the intervention related risks, then that is great. Taking additional risks just so the doctor can have a nice schedule - no thanks!!
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Re: Dr. wants to induce me...

I'd smile and say no thanks as long as your health and the babies health is fine (which it sounds like it is!)

Let her know you may discuss it again with her at or after 42 weeks

FWIW, I am now 40+ and for the first time EVER I am not progressing like normally for me.Usually at this point I am 4cm and I am only 1 now.Pathetic! LOL! Anyhoo, I know there is some reason for it and I'm okay with it. I am ready but not to the point of forcing my wee one out.

Besides, I am kind of in the same boat you are in that it is very possible the dates they have given me are off
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