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The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

My pregnancy with Brayden was a complete surprise, and a wonderful one at that. His estimated due date was set at June 13, 2010 and all his ultrasound’s agreed. He was born June 22, 2010 at 5:35p.m. weighing in 7lbs 4oz measuring 19 inches long. Here is his birth story.

After being over a week late, I was scheduled to be induced on Monday June 21st. I wasn’t very happy with having to be induced because I wanted it to happen naturally and I kind of liked the idea of a surprise for what day he would be born on. After some thinking, I decided it was fine and maybe it would be better anyways.
On Monday morning at 7 am we went to the hospital. My mom came too. I was told that there were three woman being induced today any hopefully one of us would actually go into labor. I never really knew that when you were induced, there may be a chance that it may not take and they would have to try again. I was kind of keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t take and it would be more of a surprise for me. I was immediately started on pitocin followed by a visit from my OB. I was at 2 cm. I hadn’t slept the night before so I tried to catch up on some zzz’s before going into actual labor. I may have gotten a bit of sleep but soon enough it was around noon and my OB came to check up again. He told me he was discouraged because I shouldn’t be smiling still. I was having contractions but I really didn’t notice. I decided to walk a little bit to see if that may get things going. The contractions began getting a little bit stronger but I wouldn’t rate it more than a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. I remember being told that 1 is your worst menstrual cramps and 10, well you would know what a 10 feels like once you are in active labor. They also were becoming more regular at about 5 minutes apart. Just after 5 pm my OB came in again. I was still 2 cm and he decided to have me stay for a couple more hours and if nothing happened, then I would go home and come in on Wednesday. I felt like the contractions were getting stronger but I wasn’t dilating so I was sent home at about 7 pm. Just before we left we heard the beautiful sound of a newborn baby’s cry. At least one of the inductions worked.
I was pretty uncomfortable when we left because I was having contractions about every 5 minutes. I was starving though so I decided to go to chipotle and get a burrito. I must say it was pretty awkward ordering a burrito during a contraction. All three of us ate at my grandma’s place before we took the 30 minute drive home. By the time I got home, the contractions were getting less frequent, which they said would likely happen. When it was about midnight, I was finally ready for sleep. My contractions were then about every 30 minutes, and woke me up every time.
Sometime around 8 am on Tuesday I woke up to a very strong contraction. I laid in bed for a while and noticed they were becoming closer and closer together. I woke up Neil and told him but he was so tired he just fell right back to sleep. The contractions were at about a 3 and not letting up. I got into the bath at one point and woke him up again. I had him time it and the contractions were lasting about a minute and were about every four to five minutes. I kept thinking that this wasn’t the real thing yet because it would be worse. I called my mom who encouraged me to go to the hospital. I really didn’t want to go in and be turned away but I decided it wouldn’t hurt. The contractions were uncomfortable and it took me a while to get out of them bath and into the car. Luckily the car was packed from the day before. The ride was horrible and bumpy. We arrived about 9:30 am and were greeted by my mom.
When I got there, there was a couple already waiting for a room. I’m sure the nurses noticed the obvious discomfort I was in because I was placed into a room before them. The room I got was a joke. It was the smallest labor/delivery room there was. I work at this hospital and I have been told by many that that room is usually used as storage and that they have never seen anyone actually be placed in there. It must have been a busy day because that was the only one left.
I can’t remember everything that happened right away but I know the nurse I got was going to get called in so she wasn’t there for a little while. The first person to check me said I was at 3 cm. I was kind of discouraged by it because I thought for sure I would get sent home. My OB came in within 10 minutes and checked me. According to him I was 5 cm and he was ready to break my bag. That’s when things really kicked in. My contractions were getting much stronger and were rated around a 7. My mom was such a great help trying to help me through my breathing exercises because I never really took any classes. By 1 pm I had given up on the breathing method and began my moaning/screaming method which really didn’t do much. At some point I received a shot of nubain which didn’t do anything for me. I became quite snippy but I tried to be somewhat civil because I didn’t want to make a bad impression on the sweet nurse. We got really lucky and were her only patient so she was with me the whole time.
I am not sure when it happened, but at some point the labor became back labor. Later I found out it was because Brayden was sunny side up but ended up turning just before being born. I have had a bulged disc when required surgery back in 2008 and back labor was the last thing I wanted. I wanted to stay open for anything during this birth but I really wanted to keep it as natural as possible. However, I had said from the beginning that I wouldn’t rule out an epidural if it was back labor. I was debating and debating and really was trying to avoid talking myself into it even though Neil and my mom were telling me that it was ok and it would help my pain. The nurse could see how I felt and said “Having an epidural doesn’t make you any less of the strong woman you are.” With that I gave in and decided to get one.
At the point I had to be checked again. It was about 3 pm and by then I was 7 cm. It took the doctor who was going to do the epidural about 45 minutes to an hour to come in. When he entered he laughed at the size of the room and was trying to make small talk which I wanted nothing to do with. It took him three tries until he got it in. I was told I could lay how I wanted and wait until it kicked in. So I waited, and waited, and waited. It ended up working on the right side, but not my left. By then my contractions were at a 10, at least on my left side. At some point I receive some pitocin which had made them stronger. I was beyond upset and inconsolable. I was screaming and crying because I wouldn’t have had it done if I would have known that that was going to happen. The feelings of contractions on one side only were driving me crazy. I felt like I had failed. I felt like I had given in and this was my punishment. I was selfish and not thinking about my son. I know now, and I will NEVER get one again. The doctor who gave it to me came back an hour later and gave me another dose. This time I laid down on the other side to make it work on that side. Neil had to hold the tube in place because it was getting loose from me moving around so much. It finally kicked in and I was able to relax, but not for long.
Within 20 minutes my OB came back in and checked me. I was 10 cm and it was time to push! It was frantic in that room. They wanted to get me in a bigger one but there still wasn’t one available. The room was so small there wasn’t enough room for anything so some things were inside and other things were outside. I really have no idea how all 6 of us fit in there.
At about 5:10 pm I began pushing. I heard the OB say something about getting a suction ready but I did not want that so I pushed with everything I had. I didn’t know I was only supposed to push during contractions so at first I just kept pushing and pushing. The OB simple smiled and said only push during contractions. For every contraction I had, my mom screamed PUSH PUSH and I sure was. About 25 minutes after I started, my son was born.
It was the most amazing moment in my life.

The first day

This is when I first got the eipdural but it still had not kicked in anywhere

My baby boy

My great mom!

My OB- He not only delivered my son but he delivered both of us too!

Our little family

My son now

For my next child, I plan on having an at home unassisted water birth.


Kameron~ Mama to Brayden 6/10 and my four furry girls

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Re: The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

You won't regret having your next baby at home.... I just had my 3rd baby (1st at home), and I will never have another baby in a hospital (Lord willing).

Congrats, he's beautiful!
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Re: The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

Congrats he's beautiful!

I had the same experience with an epidural with my last labor-I too will not be getting one again.

Mom to Mason (3/2003) and Maddie (11/2007) and Morgan (3/2011)
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Re: The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

He's beautiful!! We are planning a UC for any future babies as well ( TTC here )
Brittany-SAH, homeschooling, crunchy mama to E, G&B, A, C, and Due December2017 (TEAM GREEN!)
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Re: The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

I never had an epidural though I had to have hospital births due to my diabetes, but the same thing happened to my mom during her last birth - the epidural only worked on one side. Her leg also began involuntary twitching and jerking motions when they stuck the epidural in. I'm surprised she didn't have bigger complications from that.

Anyway, glad that it ended up well! Your son is quite handsome. Good luck on your future births, I hope they are better for you!
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Re: The birth story of Brayden and my bad experience with an epidural *PICS*

I had the exact same thing happen with my epidural for #2. I had #3 at home

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