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MW suggested Mineral Oil?

The MW I have seen a few times emailed me and asked if I had delivered yet. This makes me a tad nervous since I had a scan done 9 days ago by an actual OB, and he sent a copy of the report to her. I also got a copy. It states that there was Grade 2 Calcification to my placenta, baby was practicing her breathing, was low and head down, back up (he used the Med terms, I am too tired, LOL) and he thought delivery was imminent. Yeah, 9 freaking days ago. I am now 39wks+3d with babe #3 in 4 years. Add to that like 6 days of pre/false labor, and I am tired. I am playing Single Mommy to an almost 4 year old DD, a 17mnth old bf'ing DS, and trying to keep my DH calm in ND while he gets things in order there (had VA Med appt he HAD to go to) so he can come here within the week. DH and I are both totally at peace if Lily comes before he gets here, since I have had two VERY quick UC Homebirths already. He said if I need to get the ball rolling, to try what I am comfy with. My Parents are on the same ranch here in CA with the kiddos and I, so I have a support system and a plan in motion if there is an ER situation. Anyhow, I wrote the MW back and said nothing had been happening except the prelabor stuff, I am pretty sure I lost my MP about a week ago, and have had massive amounts of EWCM over the last 3-4 days. But no cntrax that are timeable, nothing really painful, but a ton of menstrual cramping and lower back pain. She suggested Mineral Oil, said she NEVER suggests Castor Oil. DD #1 came at 42wks3d DS came at 41wks3d, and I am quickly approaching the 40wk mark. By the end of the night my belly is so sore from being tight all day I am in tears. I am 5'9 and weigh less than 120lbs, am still walking a few miles a day even with the heat here in CA. I have no swelling, no high BP, no Protein spillage, no off or ill signs that anything is heading south. But I am at a loss. I am usually all for waiting things out, and I know that you can try and try but if babe isn't ready to be born, my attempts with be in vain. Has anyone had their MW or OB suggest Mineral or Castor Oil as an induction method? I mean I have obviously seen and heard details about it over the years, but there are so many mixed answers out there. Any first hand experience with any of it?


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Re: MW suggested Mineral Oil?

I haven't tried mineral oil but, was given castor oil by 2 different midwives for DD & last DS. I'm glad so I did with DD. I was a few days from my due date & it was my 1st vbac. She was over 10lbs. If I had waited it would have been another c-sec for sure. I would go with your gut though.
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Re: MW suggested Mineral Oil?

I am curious why you are nervous? About the calcification?

To answer your question, I have never had minerial oil, or had anyone suggest it. Perhaps she is trying to steer you clear of castor oil b/c some say that it can cause the baby to pass meconium in the water? I am not sure if it is true, I haven't researched studies or anything, just heard some say that it makes it more likely.

I drank a whole bottle of castor oil trying to get labor moving when my water had a super slow leak. It was AWFUL and nothing happened until a week later.

IMO, it sounds as if you know what you are doing and are prepared and well-educated. Since both your babies came well after 40 wks, if it were me, I wouldn't be too concerned.

ETA: calcification of the placenta this late in pregnancy (IMO) is not something to be concerned about. It just means the placenta is aging, which it well should be at this point. If you had grade 2 calcification at, say 20 weeks, it would be very disturbing. But at 39 weeks, it's par for the course.

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Re: MW suggested Mineral Oil?

i did castor oil with dd and will never do it again. i had painful contractions that kept me awake for like 2 days before i dilated more than 2. after like 50 hours of this my water broke and things finally happened. i don't recommend it.
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Re: MW suggested Mineral Oil?

i was suggested castor oil by midwife when my water had been broken for apr.10 hours and no contrax(gbs+) but after looking into it decided it would be a last last resort
and luckily after paying close attention saw that i was having light contx which led to the real thing quickly
since yours have a habit of baking longer i wouldnt try to rush it as you might just cause baby stress and yourself pain ect. for nothing
def. look into them both and decide for yourself
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