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Any Thoughts on This? Reluctant PLer.

DD is 25 months old now. About a month or two ago she was very consistently telling us when she had to go and when she needed a diaper change. Sitting on the potty is out of the question for her. She just straight refuses to do so. If I even ask her about it she will cry. We never forced the potty chair on her, but it seemed obvious to me that she wasn't quite ready for it. So we stopped mentioning the potty chair. For a couple months now DH has let her run around naked at home, and even gone to the store, park, etc. with her without a diaper on (just pants). She has never once had an accident. She will always ask for a diaper when she needs to go, and she will go within minutes of putting the diaper on. Afterwards she usually asks to take the diaper back off. No accidents ever. It seems to me that she is really ready. Two months of running around without a diaper and no accidents. But yet, she will still cry if we even mention the potty chair. We've backed off for quite sometime now figuring that she is right there, and when she chooses to use it PLing will be a breeze. But now I'm questioning how long we should really back off. I mean, she is doing so well but she seems to be showing no signs of warming up to the potty chair. I'm starting to wonder if she will ever choose it on her own. But at the same time I don't want to force her. In my heart I really want to just wait until she chooses to use it. I'm just not sure if she ever will since she hasn't shown much interest in it these last two months. Anyone else have something like this happen. It seems she is right there, but doesn't want to take that last step.


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Re: Any Thoughts on This? Reluctant PLer.

I could have written this post. Our DD will pee on the potty if we FORCE her to. But she gets so mad. If she wears panties she's dry for hours, but I can't make her go to the potty. She also would rather put a diaper back on than pee on the potty. So we've backed off, but I know that she knows how to do this. I also don't know how long to hold off either.
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Re: Any Thoughts on This? Reluctant PLer.

Maybe put something in the bathroom that will entice your DD to sit on the potty? I know with DD, to get her comfortable with sitting on the potty chair, we'd read books, sing songs, or color. It became a fun time when she got Mommy or Daddy's undivided attention, and that seemed to give her the extra push to actually sit on the potty long enough to get the pee out. Our issue, however, was more of her getting up too quickly. But it's worth a shot.
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Re: Any Thoughts on This? Reluctant PLer.

Maybe have her pick out a new potty seat? Or decorate the potty you already have with stickers or other things?

Does she like stickers? Maybe make a sticker chart (I just tore out a coloring page and had her stick them on wherever she wanted). 1 for sitting 2 for peeing 3 for pooping.

Maybe get a basket of special stuff that she can only look at/play with when she is sitting on the potty?

Does she want to sit on the big toilet instead? Maybe try a potty seat that goes on the toilet or one of those where the potty seat folds down from the main seat.

Another thing (which is hard, I know) is to stop worrying about it and thinking about it. DD was sort of like yours in that she would pee in the potty or toilet if she had nothing on but anytime she had something touching her, she would pee in it even if it didn't look or feel like a diaper. I would get so frustrated knowing that she could do it but only if she were naked. I felt like she would never get it unless she were naked and she can't be naked in public, even with a skirt or dress on. Then I decided I would stop stressing out about it and stopped putting stuff on her. I put her in trainers for a while and she started doing better. At the same I noticed that there was more time between her going pee so maybe before she was just peeing too often or it was just a novelty and something fun to do. Once she started going farther between times of peeing, she started doing a lot better.

Hope this helps. Hang in there!
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Re: Any Thoughts on This? Reluctant PLer.

My second child, DS1, was like that. Cried when ever we mentioned the potty seat. Finally, we told him he could have a certain toy (a stuffed Hulk that he fell in love with at the store) when he had SAT on the potty 10 times. With or with out clothes. I didn't care, as long as he just SAT on the darn thing. LOL
It worked. After sitting on it a few times, he realized it was no big deal. Then we worked up to sitting on it with no bottoms. Then we tried for a little pee.
He also liked getting to decorate the potty with stickers. He got a sticker every time he peed. Two for poo. He had a great looking potty. LOL

PP had a great idea to have your DD go pick out her own potty. I could see that helping too.

Good luck! I hope you find something that helps!
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