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Synagis and NEC

So my little guy had suspicion of NEC a little over a month ago. We had him on bowel rest for 5 days with TPN, lipids, antibiotics, the whole nine yards. It was horrible for everyone. Poor baby would root and cry cause he was hungry and I couldn't help him :-( He had no symptoms of NEC except bloody stools. No vomiting, descended tummy, nothing. He came out of it great, and we thought we were in the clear.
Fast forward a little. He got his synagis a week ago today. I battled with this for about a week before we decided to let him get it because one of the listed side effects was gastroenteritis, and with his previous bowel issue, I didn't want it to hurt him. But we asked the docs, they said no worries.
Now...tonight I went to 8 o'clock cares. Left at 9:45 to kill some time til 11 o'clock cares. Came back to him hooked up to an IV, just finished xrays, and is again on bowel rest because he had bloody stool. I should also tell you that we had to run dye through a catheter to his bladder this morning to make sure there was no leakage with his bladder (he had a leaking cord for a week or so after birth), and when I noticed almost black stools today, they said that it was the dye. But he also had dark stools last time he had NEC, so I should've seen this coming.
When my NNP was talking with me tonight, they said that NEC this late in the game is usually caused by an infection, like gastroenteritis. I remember telling S/O that if he got NEC from the synagis, I'd never forgive myself. NNP says she doesn't think it's connected because it's been a week since he got the shot. I'm just not so sure.
What do you ladies think?
Oh, and if that's not bad enough, my NNP also said she had been working up his discharge papers before this happened


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Re: Synagis and NEC

Oh, life on the NICU rollercoaster .

I wouldn't connect 'gastroenteritis' with NEC. Gastroenteritis is a spectrum of irritation symptoms, not necessarly an illness whereas NEC involves an infective process that causes some level of tissue death in the bowel (the N is necrotizing which means death). The former can most certainly lead to the later as irritation weakens the bowel's natural defenses against infection, but that is the extent of their connection.

I agree with your NNP that if the Synagis was going to cause issues, it would have done it 24-48 hours after administration, not a whole week later. I think you did the right thing by giving the Synagis. Hopefully, this lil' bowel issue will self resolve quickly and your LO can get back to coming home!

PS-One of my twins developed full blown NEC at 3 days old. He had to have 1 inch of dead bowel removed and an ostomy created. He still has not spent more than 24 hours off of TPN since birth where as his brother has been off for over a month. NEC is evil and most of the time we never know why it happens. Nash had only received EBM, was on minimal respiratory support, and had no other risk factors other than being a preemie so it caught us all competly off guard. Like I said, most of the time we just never know!

Another PS - I'm so jealous that you are taking your LO home soon! One of my 27 wk twins might be home in a few weeks, but the other is a long way from leaving the NICU. I'm sooooo excited for you that your NICU rollercoaster is almost over.
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