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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

What do you think about this one:


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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

No, it's never too late! Bruce is 28 pounds and I still wear him. The one I have is a Patum (I don't have it in front of me and I think that how you spell it) and it goes up to 40 pounds. It all depends on where you want the weight. I wear Bruce on my back but, some prefer the side.

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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

I too would suggest a Mei Tei instead of a ring sling at this point. Personally neither of my boys liked the hip carry by a year, and that's pretty much all you can do with a RS at that age (they're very uncomfortable for a 20lbs load if you have them in the cradle or something, and most 1yo's want to see what's up.)

A Mei Tei in a highback carry is amazingly comfy, and lets your 1yo have a great view of the world. Lots of fun -- like a piggy-back ride, only mom has her arms free!
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

A ring sling is limiting at that age possibly. Hip carry is about it and IMO I don't like my RS. I also have a 20#er, but he'only 4 months.

We use a Moby wrap. You can do any carry with it and it's one size fits all! Plus it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Happy hunting!!
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

If you are wanting something for quick ups and downs then a Ring sling or pouch is the way to go. The babyspace Adjustable pouch is great! I know Kristine from TBW and have tried her onbus...haven't tried this particular style of hers though.

I use pouches and RSs all the time w/my one yr old and I have other slings to choose from too.

I make pouches and RSs if you are interested.

If you are at all considering a Mei Tai...My personal fav. is Babyhawk XT and is she having an awesome sale on the 5th! 15% off!

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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

It's definately not too late, for any style really. Each style of sling has it's pros and cons. I have a comparison chart, although it's not up on the web quite yet (good reason to get it up, huh?).

Rings are great because they're totally adjustable. I wear my 13 mo, 24lb DD and I particularly like the adjustability factor. Even though I only hip carry her now, when she's sleeping I like to wear her higher on my shoulder, when she's wiggly and wants down (to run like a mad woman through the store) I can pull the fabric up over her arms and pull the sling nice and snug and that's all she wrote! She quiets right down.

I also wear my pouch a lot. It's super compact, quick and easy. I've never seen/worn an adjustable but it seems to me that would defeat the purpose. Pouches really have to fit well to work well, but a huge benefit is NOT having to adjust rings, snaps, or aplix. Besides, I wonder how well you could do a shoulder flip w/ an adjustable one. Pouches are particularly good for Moms who don't like the extra fabric of the ring sling tail or just don't get the ring adjusting part.

Mei Tais are great for long term slinging and I think they're the best for back carrying (IMO). You can back carry in the pouch or ring, but I only do it for a couple of minutes, I just don't feel nearly as secure. I frequently mow the lawn w/ my DD on my back in the MT. It is a little more challanging putting baby on your back in the parking lot, so I usually opt for one of the other styles unless I know I'll be wearing her for awhile. It is also my fav for getting housework done. In all the other carrying positions she's either in the way in front of me or has grabby hands.

I could go on and on, but check out Nine In Nine Out ( to find a local babywearing group. You can also look for AP groups, natural parenting groups, etc in your area (like on yahoo groups) as many of these Moms sling with many different styles of carriers. I'm with you on the overwhelmingness of the babywearer. It seems like it's gotten to be just one giant advertisement, and the forums get quite.... competitive and tense sometimes.

Happy slinging!
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

Never too late! i started to carry my DD at about 3 months and shes been on my hip or back ever since. She will be 4 in august and is aobut 35 pounds. She LOVES it!
We started out wit the Maya. I LOVED it! It was agreat up until aobut 5 months ago. It started to dig into the back of her knees a little bit and i couldnt quite master the back carry. So i go tthe Ergo and LOVE it!!!! DD prefers to be on my back and so this is great! If she was smaller i could do the front carry and hip carry in the Ergo also.
I have used the Native and it was a horrible experience for us, i will never use it again. I also have the Over The Shoudler Baby Holder. Its nbot that bad but its hard to do things around the house wihtthe big padding. But i like the padding because somedays it feels great on my shoulders and DD like it. But i dont like that i cant adjust the support under her bum and back like i can in the Maya. So, if you can find a ring sling like the Maya but with more padding i think it would be a great option for you.
I havent used the Mei tai yet, i love my Ergo, super easy to do!
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

I have an Ella Roo wrap, a ring sling, and a fleece wrap and fleece pouch and ring sling that I made. Ring slings would be a great place to start! They're very adjustable, pretty easy to figure out, and are very versatile (can be worn on all three: hip, back, front). I love wraps. I also have a black one that I made for my hubby - wraps are his preference. Once you find a tie style that you like, they're very easy to use. I like the wrap for walks and for wearing them on my back. I got my first sling when my second was about 6mo and wore my third and fourth babies from birth.
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

I haven't read all the responses, but I highly recommend a patapum!! Go get one through the co-op!!! It's so easy to use, great for older kids, and it comes in a toddler size! I like my Kozy carrier, but this is truly easy to put on!
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Re: Is it to late to wear my baby?

Great advice from everyone.

I'm going to wear my now 15 month old 24lb ds forever!! Well maybe not but as long as he will let me.

I love a RS for short periods. Quick up and downs for fussy or active toddlers. Not really the best at this age for long carriers.

I would go with a Ergo, MT or a Wrap.
Much more supportive and comfy with a 2 shoulder carry with a toddler for long periods.

I have all the above and use all of them everyday. Each one has their place and purpose.

Wraps are soooo comfy and verstile and can take you all the way through. I love German weaves the best.

Mt's are great 2 shoulder carriers. Love Sachi, Doodlebug, BH and Kozy just to name a few. You can tie them in different ways for added comfort. Like a Tibetan which gives you no straps around your waist.

My Ergo is HEAVEN. So quick and fool proof. Just toss ds on and we are off. So supportive and comfy. Love love LOVE!

1 year is soooooo not too late. Get in the game girl!
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