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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

With my first son, I lived in New Jersey but my OB was in Manhattan. The drive itself was actually only 9 miles, but with getting thru the tunnel and getting every red light on the way it took us over a half hour to get there.

I swear my husband hit every pot hole in NJ and NY that night. That was the only thing I remember about laboring in the car, when he hit a pot hole it was 10x worse. We drove home thru the St Patty's day parade in Hoboken so it was slow going, but the baby slept the whole time.


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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

my first DS, we were living in Korea, and the hospital was 1.5 hours(with good traffic) away. it was either that or go to a Korean hospital...and I didn't want to deal with that given the language barriers, and differences in expectations, diet, etc.

laboring in the car is never fun....LOL. I prefer to walk and rock

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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

OP, would you consider renting a hotel room near your ILs place and having your midwife attend you there? I know it sounds weird, but essentially a free standing birth center is a kind of hotel just for giving birth, and I have heard of several women birthing in hotels as they would at home when home was not going to work out for some reason or other.

I would do that before I would make a long drive while in labor.
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

We live in LA and with our notorious traffic I was afraid to get set up at anything outside of a few mile radius of our house. If you can believe it, there are only a couple birthing centers in this city and they're on the opposite side of town from where I live. I considered a home birth but had a REALLY bad experience with the first couple MWs I spoke to and then the OB found a large fibroid at my first US that we don't know if it will complicate a natural delivery or not.

I feel very lucky that my OB has been delivering babies for over 40 years but he prefers everything to be as natural as possible (unless it can't be). His office is in physicians center attached to a hospital and is only about 10 minutes away from my house (I've never hit traffic for any of my appts so far - knock on wood!). We toured the hospital a couple weeks ago and it seems very nice, the L&D rooms have wood floors and cabinets, showers in the bathrooms (no tub unfortunately), TV and Wifi so it seems like what I thought a birthing center would be like, kind of like an outdated hotel.

This will be my first baby so I really just want to see how things go. If everything goes totally smooth I will probably revisit that home birth idea for my second.
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

Our birth center this time is 30-45 minutes from us (depends on traffic) and the other we considered was 60-90 minutes depending on traffic and I would have been comfortable with that too, I just like this one better! Since we're taking the girls with us, I figure it won't actually take much longer than it did to get to the hospital 8 minutes away when second dd was born since we won't be stopping at the baby sitters.
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

My first birth was less than 6 hours.
My second birth was right at 3 hours.

This time, we will be driving 4 hours one way for all prenatals and for the birth.

We have the option of renting a cabin for the birth and staying there in the weeks leading up to it, but we have to figure out exactly how FMLA works for my DP. I would rather give birth in the car (Again) than have him miss it.

So, yeah, we are driving 4 hours to give birth when my last birth was only 3. I'm good with it though, it'll allow me to avoid the hospital and be with midwives who believe in me, and don't believe I am broken. Even though its going to cost $6000 out of pocket, not including the gas for all the prenatals, and the cost of the cabin rental, its worth it. And we are by no means well off - we barely hit comfortable - we are just going to find some way to make this work.

Its all relative, I suppose.

ETA - laboring, and birthing, in the car wasn't nearly as bad as I've always heard people make it out to be. I didn't wear a seat belt, so shame on me, but putting the passenger seat all the way back and facing it was actually a pretty decent position to labor and birth in. We were on a really, really rough stretch of interstate that had craters as opposed to potholes, and that wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

Our BC was only 25 minutes away, but the 2 things that helped me labor in that distance were 1) a CD of music I had been practicing relaxing to, 2) I kept thinking x number of contractions until we get there. As for driving home with a newborn it was easy. They both slept the whole way!
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

i dont know how far i would drive. With ds2 we drove about 1 hr 10 mins-20 mins and it was fine and driving home with the baby was fine. With ds3 we ended up going the home birth route but considered driving up to 3 hours away for birth centers. Actually it wasnt the fear of labor that kept me from doing it but the once a week appointments at the end where i would have been doing it alone with two under 3.
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Re: How far would/did you drive to give birth?

With our first we were only 25 mins from our Birth Center in the town over. I labored at home for most of it, (Total labor for me was 16 hours.) We went in around 4pm and DD was born at 8pm. The car ride was not very fun, but it was short. I do remember feeling every bump and being generally unhappy/uncomfortable with the whole situation.

This time, we live about an hour from the birth center and have decided to have a home birth. If this was not an option, I would drive an hour or more to get to a bc and avoid a hospital.
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