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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

DH and I installed hardwood flooring prior to #3 being born....we finished the floor, moved the furniture back in, and went to the hospital. He was born 2 hours later. With #2, I helped DH install a toilet in our newly remodeled bathroom prior to going to the hospital for another quick labor/birth. See a trend?



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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I went into labor with my third early Easter AM. When I was laboring in the tub I realized the Easter bunny needs to hide eggs and baskets as there was no way I was going to let the other two kids miss out. So while I was busy trying to find places to hide eggs, I would have to take contraction breaks all around the house in between my hunt. My contractions were just min. apart and we live an hour + from the hospital. Why I did not wake DH and have him do it is beyond me???? Silly laboring brain I suppose. We finally left after I carefully placed the last egg, drove an hour to the hospital and had her 45 min later.
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I was packing orders up until 2 hours before the birth... Then we got lost on the way to the babysitter's house, and they didn't have a room for us at the hospital - I ended up giving birth about 30 minutes after I got to the an overflow room after I warned them I was going to push it out in the waiting room. I barely made it to the room, lol. (And I think the guy in the waiting room was pretty relieved when I left!)

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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

Wow, you ladies were funny!

My labor started at 12 midnight, so I pretty much sat around on my couch for a couple of hours reading my baby books and convincing myself that I wasn't in labor. (mild contractions 8 minutes apart). The funny part came when only 1.5 hours later I was feeling the urge to push and my husband had just woken up and was trying to get me in the car. We had been arguing the week before as to if I could safely drive myself to my mom's house 2 hours away. I said that I should be able to, but he said that I might go into labor anytime. I argued that fast labors like that only happen in the movies, and it was no big deal. In the end he drove me halfway, my parents met us and drove me the rest of the way so that I could take maternity photos with my mom. 4 days later I'm in labor and I realize that it's going WAY faster than I thought and that we're at home and I can feel her head right at the perineum after 4 hours of labor but.....

I couldn't tell him because I was too proud to admit that he might have been right about the fast labor!

So he kept telling me to get in the car, and I just couldn't tell him that every time I stood up I felt the urge to push! I just kept saying "I can't get in the car!" So even in hard labor I had to be right...even though I ended up being wrong in this case.

But usually I am right
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I went to infant CPR class (including kneeling on the floor giving CPR to the dummy) & then out to dinner before finally admitting that I needed to go to L&D

I had gone to L&D twice in 1 week with very strong contractions but was sent home because I wasn't progressing so I was not going back unless I knew for sure that I was in real labor. The CPR instructor was a doula and kept asking if I wanted to go downstairs to L&D, but I told her I was fine & had been through these strong contractions twice already with no real labor so there was no need to go downstairs. Well, about 2 hours after CPR class ended, we were back at the hospital. I figured that since I was doubled over the bed during each contraction, it must have been the real thing and 15 hours later M was born. The doula stopped by to check on me the next morning.
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I woke up 5 days before due date with black spots in my left eye vision and tingling in my left fingers. I didn't know what was happening, but it started to progress up my left arm. I called my mom and the doctor (Easter Monday, so the office was closed), then I took a shower while I waited for them to call back. By the time Mom got over, my face was slack on the left side and I felt like I'd had a shot of Novocain in my mouth, as my tongue was tingly and my speech funny. After arrival at the hospital and hooked up to all the machines, the nurses asked if I could feel my contractions. Contractions? I couldn't feel my left side! Turns out that I had Bells Palsy with labor onset, which my doctor later said they see about 5 times per year.

So the Bells Palsy started to fade and my contractions were about 8 minutes apart, but they wouldn't let me eat! I was STARVING because I hadn't eaten anything that morning in all the confusion. I was BEGGING for food. Finally the doctor asked where I lived and since we're only about 2 miles from the hospital, they said I could check out. We went directly to a local greasy spoon diner, known for it's late-late-night crowd of drunk people looking for a cheap burger. I CHOWED down. To this day, I'm the only person they know of who checked out of the hospital - in labor - to go eat a Cheese Western.

Then I went home, labored for several hours, and showed up at the hospital about 2 hours before delivery. I don't let anything come between me and food.
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

All 3 of my babies were hospital inductions so really no crazy things here... One fairly typical crazy labor thing though, my dad was showing off his new phone to me IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONTRACTION!! I promptly threw his crackberry acroos the room! LOL O, and with #3 my MW said I could eat so I made my DH go and get me Taco Bell and Fritos chilli cheese chips.... Thank heavens I didn't throw up!!
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

my water broke and I had my son preterm ... it was a 3 day labor ... anyway there was about 15 people (men and women) in my room and we were playing cards and games for hours
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

With my first my water broke (high leak) in the morning and I went into work. I had a mw appt at noon anyway so I figured work was closer to the mw than home was, so no point in staying home alone! While I was being monitored in the hospital I wrote out instructions for my work replacement. They released me, so we went out for dinner that night and had a HUGE carb loading pasta feast.
With DS, my water broke again in the morning and DH was out of town so I called him to come home asap (3 hours away), called my midwife, drove DD to daycare, came home and puttered- we had a planned homebirth so I was able to clean my kitchen, walk the dog, go buy dog food, shower, eat what I wanted- basically just business as usual until he was born!
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I decided that DD's toys needed to be organized. I was on the floor with piles of toys trying to organize everything having to go to the hands and knees position for every contraction. Just sitting on the floor was painful!! But my stubborn self organized every inch of her playroom. It took two hours!
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