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EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

I tend to lurk here and love reading all the comments. I'm hoping you all can help me.

Jack is 7 months old and has had NO formula (yay me..I'm so thrilled we've been able to maintain this) He is breastfed when I am with him and I pump for him when I am at work. At one point he was waking once a night. Now we're back up to every 2 hours or so. It's driving me crazy as I'm not sure if it's become habit or if he really is hungry. It's like clockwork to be honest.

Here's his normal schedule: These are the time frames..he varies a little each day..depends on who he's with and what's going on.

He usually nurses between 5 and 7ish.
8:30-9ish - naps for 45-1 hour
10:30-11:30ish cereal (4 tbls with 3-4 oz milk and another ounce or two of milk in a bottle), jar of food
12:30ish..naps-usually 1-2.5 hours
3:30-4:30ish 5 oz bottle
5:30 - 4 TBLS cereal with 3-4oz milk, jar of food and 1-2 oz of milk in bottle
7:00ish nurses for bedtime
10:30-11:30ish Nurses
4-5ish nurses
and sometimes again around 7ish..depending on what time I go to work.

He's a healthy weight and on par for everything. We have a well child checkup this fri so I plan to ask my dr as well.

Is waking up all night long at 7 months normal? My other son didn't go go bed till 10 or 11 but then slept till 6 or 7 so this waking up all night is new to me. It's worse then when he was a newborn!!!

I have tried feeding him a bit of cereal before I nursed him at night and it didn't seem to have any affect.

Any advice, thoughts and ideas welcome!


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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

I really don't have any advice since my 7.5 month old wakes all night long still and doesn't get solids everyday like your LO does. I think it can be normal for a EBF baby to wake often regardless. He also may be missing you if your working during the day.
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

It was normal, though exasperating, with my DD. She still has nights like that at 26.5 months.

Be cautious in asking your doctor. I mean, of course, if there's a medical issue, you want to address it, but IME you're very likely to get a talk about CIO and sleep training.
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

My EBF LO does the same. He's 7 months also.
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

COuld just be a phase. is he sleeping with you, if not maybe Dh can go in a few times and see if he can settle him, since he doesn't have the milk.

Otherwise, cna you try a cup with water, for a few times.

I don't think he should be STTN yet but every 2 hours is hard on everyone!

Something else to try, maybe nurse between 7 and 10:30 pm more, like baby cluster feeiding to help him go longer at night.

I would not add any more solids as you want him to fill up on milk through out the day. You might even think about somethign besides cereal, just because cereal in it'self isn;t worth much nutritional.

Things like avacado and bananas are much better.

and the iron fortified cereal can mess with babies natural iron stores in breast milk
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

My 7 month old is still waking up every two hours to nurse as well. She only had a brief run of only waking up once a night when I first went back to work (around 3 months). We cosleep so not horrible but does wear on ya with never getting a full night's sleep. We even started adding food (purees at my hubby's insistence) three times/day and she still wakes up to BF every 2-3 hours at night.
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

breast or formula fed - one month or 12 month - some babies just wake up a lot! And soemtimes they have a phase were they only wake up once during the night only to get back to waking up a ton... it's frustrating but it will eventually end!

Watch what you tell the doctore...dorctor are weird about this stuff sometimes...
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

we currently cosleep, and some nights my daughter wakes up constantly (last night my husband came to bed at midnight, I was sound asleep, and my daughter was suckling away), and somenights she sleeps the whole time (I've had a cold lately and have had a few nights where I didn't sleep and she did). Lots of things effect why they want to nurse - hunger or thirst (more on active days, growth spurt days), comfort (teething, illness), plain old bonding with mom (mom has been gone all day, baby just likes to bond with mom at night).

That said, my daughter is nearly 8 months, and we are using the role playing/communication strategy in this book to try and get her into the crib and sleeping through the night because I need to night wean to try and get my cycles back so I can try to give her a sibling before I'm 43 (I'll be 42 in November). I think after 6 months, a baby that nurses sufficiently during the day or is getting some protein and a little bit of water from other sources CAN sleep through most nights. I'm really pushing Dream Baby, even though it is expensive and long and only available on ebooks in the U.S., because it advocates communication and role playing with your child to get them to sleep independently - training that any baby that has been nursed to sleep needs. I love this book because it does not advocate CIO (although there imay be some crying involved) or sleep training before 6 months, but it gives real strategies for helping a child learn to go to sleep on their own, something that I feel is missing from Sears and Pantley's books. Good luck!
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

just wanted to let you know my dd is doing the same thing!!!! from what ive read its common for babies this age to do this.... i am very sleepy, so i feel your pain!
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Re: EBF 7mo up all night? Help!

Your post sounds just like my DS, except minus the solids! He eats like half a jar for dinnertime and that's it.

I guess what gets me through is the fact that my first child, DD, didn't sleep either. She didn't STTN until we transitioned to a toddler bed around 16-18 months. And even then she still woke sometimes. Every child is different (except my two, they so far have been exactly the same! LOL).

They will all sleep through the night eventually. Yes, I'm exhausted (as are you) but I know I'll miss the late night nursing sessions when he's done. Even if they don't sleep for 2 years, it's *ONLY* 2 years, KWIM?

It's hard to tell if it's habit or need. For my DS, I think it's a little of both. He doesn't eat a lot when I'm gone to work, he'd rather nurse. So I look at it as that. He needs me when I'm home! He stocks up overnight. I guess the plus side is that it keeps my supply up for pumping at work! I don't think I'd be making enough milk if he was STTN. Even though I'd love a full nights sleep, I think I'd miss him if he STTN, honestly! He nurses when I get home from work, and then before bed, and then a couple times at night. If he didn't nurse all night, I would only be nursing twice and I'd be sad!
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