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As part time EC ers, we're not good at this!

We know when DS is going to start pooping, and bring him to the toilet, and he poops in there. Sometimes, he brings us

Pee. Arg. We know he'll go right after we take the diaper off, so we bring him to the toilet, sit him down... he doesn't go and squirms to come off. He sits on the floor and pees. If we don't bring him to the toilet, he still sits on the floor and pees.

Other than timing, is there another cue to know when they will pee?

Any other tricks to get him to sit longer on the toilet? We give him fun things to do there (playing with water or toys) but it still doesn't last longer than a minute or so... I don't want to force him to stay on, since I don't want that negative association...



Pseudo-crunchy mama who is just tryin' to do the right thing for DS (Dec/09) and DD (April/11)

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Re: Pee!!

my suggestion would be to try elsewhere to pee. With DS we have had him pee in many places throughout the ec journey. Now he is 21 months and it is cold outside, so he mostly pees standing in a mop bucket in our bathroom.
Previously, he has pee'd in the sink, tub, shower, outside (often fav place), BBLP, froggy potty, toilet with toilet insert, at toilet standing on step stool or on seat with me helping aim, big cup in the car, and i think that's about it.
When he had/has pee accidents on the linoleum (even carpet), I have him help me clean it up. This suprised me, he started to help me before I thought he'd understand the concept. I give him a rag and he starts to wipe it up. I don't scold him or anything, i just say uh oh and I think this has helped him understand that we don't pee on the floor.

Toys also never helped DS last long either. But I also didn't want to stay there that long either, so if he didn't start going soon, then we'd go do something else and I'd try to bring him back within 10-20 mins, depending on how much I thought he had to go.

How old was DS when you started EC? ...just info too, we did it part time starting at 5 months, and at about a year got more into it and then probably around 14 months tried to do it seriously. And now he's 21 months and in underwear during the day rarely with accidents.

And to answer your question too, I only could tell when he was about to poop because he'd start bearing down and grunting/grimacing. I could never tell when he was about to pee. However, I did tell he often shivered during peeing, but I could never tell a sign before. So we went mainly off of timing and depending on when and how much he drank last and right after waking up from sleeping.
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Re: Pee!!

We have only started up again in the past few weeks, ds will be 6 months next saturday. I mostly rely on timing because I can't read signals at all! Actually, I think that was kind of how we gave up. I had him on the mat when he was a lot younger, without a diaper. And it turned into a game of "when is he going to pee?" instead of, let's play, and when it's been "enough time", I'll take you to pee. So, I basically gave up. My sister (fellow ec-er) has been in the area recently and it only took one night of her staying with us, for me to see her in action with her kids, and suddenly we were doing it again, and this time, having success. But no more watching him to pee. He has just lately been getting distracted/mad/bored etc though. He wants to take toys with him to the potty but he doesn't have a good grip yet so I know he will drop them. I want a mobile for the bathroom, lol. Sorry, that was a lot of rambling and no suggestions. Hope you find something that works.
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