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Uggghh Need to vent about my in-laws please!!!

I am getting soooooo sick and tired of all the comments my MIL and SIL make about my DS being small!!! Yes he's small, I know this. He was born May 13 weighing 5lbs 13oz 18.5in long. He was a little guy. On Dec 6 he weighed 12.8. He has never lost weight other than his initial few days after birth. He is following a steady growth curve albeit being 5% or lower but a steady curve just the same. We have been offering solids here and there when I think about it (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, bites of this and that) but it's not an everyday thing. He nurses every 2-3 throughout the day and probably just as often at night. He takes 2 good naps during the day, one being a couple hours in length and the other about 1.5 hours. Every once in awhile at night he will give me 4+ hours. We also co-sleep FWIW.
My MIL keeps wanting to shove food down his throat! She thinks because he grabs for the spoon etc...that he's telling us he wants food I try to tell her "no, he grabs at anything right now that's in his face". She has 4 kids and BF all of them until they self weaned somewhere around 18 mos so she knows how it goes. But she tells me that NONE of her kids nursed this frequently and that it's "not normal for DS to be eating every hour and a half", and that "she doesn't think I'm making enough milk for him" and I should give him formula or more solids or both! Ugggghhhh I keep telling her that solids is not the answer that more nursing is and she just doubts my supply. Yes, there are days when DS' size bothers me cause it would be nice to see him bigger and with a couple rolls here and there but that's just not him! DH is 5'11 and 155lbs! He never gains an oz, stays the same and can eat like a pig! I just don't know what to tell her to make her BACK OFF!!!! I plan to BF as long as I can but it's getting harder when I start to doubt myself cause of all the comments being made!


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Re: Uggghh Need to vent about my in-laws please!!!

aw honey I know what you mean. All my kiddos were little and Aimee is my smallest. They allgo into the 5% for weight. Aimee is 15 month old and 17lbs
Naomi is 4 almost 5 and is 32lbs with clothes and Shoes
And Troy is 6 and 48lbs
Brian hubby is 6"3" and I married him at 155lbs now he is about 175lbs but he looks better now.

You stand your ground and nurse that baby!
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Re: Uggghh Need to vent about my in-laws please!!!

You poor thing. I think your mil/sil means well, but yes, that's annoying. I think you simply need to say to them, "please no more comments on his size or eating. I'm fully aware of all of this, he's a healthy little thing. I know your comments are well meant, but they bother me. Could you please just keep them to yourself? "

You could add, "I'm so glad you care," blah blah blah. Or else have dh talk to them. Just get it out there. It'll be ok.
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Re: Uggghh Need to vent about my in-laws please!!!

ugh, I know what you mean. Ducky has never been a chunky one (although he was 8.1 at birth) and weights like 20lbs now at three. It got so bad that the doctor wanted to do blood tests and such on him to see why he wasn't gaining any weight (I would never tell anyone about the things the doctor said cuz that would just add more fuel to their "BM is making him thin" fire). Thankfully I am the parent who was always skinny and never gained any weight so I knew where his low weight gain came from (I could wear 3T sized shorts when I was seven). I would just tell them that he is as skinny as I was as a baby and that he is just perfect. Have you seen some of your DH's baby pictures? Was he a chunker as a baby or was he skinny too? If he was, maybe you could one day start looking at baby pictures with the MIL and mention several times how DS is JUST like his daddy when he was a baby, down to the skinny bootie. And then every time she tries bringing up the subject you could remind her that her son was the same way and grew up into a healthy adult.
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Re: Uggghh Need to vent about my in-laws please!!!

My first was a small baby too, and still is a small child. It's just her build. She's always been under 10% on the charts, sometimes even below the chart. But the doc has never been worried because she has always gained rather than lost weight, if not percentiles. Sorry your family is giving you a hard time about it.
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