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Question Minimalist Baby <3

I haven't posted here in a while. I was lingering more around the TTC boards, but I have a question that only you gals can answer

We're expecting baby #3 in September. I'm only about 5 weeks, but I've already started planning for the wee one.

We (moms) know about what companies tell us we "need." The layette lists are ten million pages long! After having two babies, I know that most of what people say that babies need is hilariously off.

What do you think should be on my list? I only started CDing DS at 4 months, so I have no diapers smaller than Medium, most Large since I've sold off Mediums to fund Larges.

We decided to buy everything used, except for a few things new here or there that we can't find used. I've purchased from the FSOT: 25 fitteds, 9 AIOs, 5 covers, and we plan to buy a dozen prefolds and some gender specific woolies once we find out the sex of the baby. Other than that, I think we're pretty set for the little baby stage of diapering... probably the first few months until the wee one can fit into DS's Medium sized diapers.

I use Rockin Green to wash DS's diapers, so we already have washing stuff. I don't use a diaper sprayer. Already have pails, wetbags. Will need to buy an extra couple of Snappis and a couple of extra sets of pins.

As far as clothing goes, what would you buy? I'm due at the beginning of September. I don't want to have LOADS of extra clothes like I've had for my first two kids. It's ridiculous... some things have never been worn and it makes me feel terribly wasteful.

I'd like to stick with simple items like kimono tops, side snapping tees, woolies, etc.

What would you have (clothes + diapers + accessories) for a "green" minimalist baby layette? Items and quantities


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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

Here is what we had/have for our 3rd baby, now 5 months old (the diapers are for her entire diapering stage):

-24 preemie prefolds (used as diapers for first 2 weeks, now as burp cloths)
-24 infant prefolds
-36 flats (we just bought these, as the infant prefolds are too tight now)
-5 newborn covers
-5 small covers
-5 medium covers
-5 large covers

We have 3 girls, so I have tubs of clothes up in the attic. I only got a few items down from the attic when she was born, though (you may need more if you don't do laundry as often as I do!):
-3 pants
-5 shirts
-2 pairs of socks
-2 hats
-1 sweater

Other stuff that I used:
-3 cozy blankets
-receiving blankets
-carseat (obviously!)
-baby carriers (I have a sling, a ring sling, and a moby)

She sleeps in our bed with us, so that crosses out the bassinet/crib. We don't use a bouncy seat or a swing... she just lays on a blanket on the floor.

That's all that I can think of!
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

Our infant lived skin-to-skin in the moby til she was in 3 months clothes. I seriously didn't bother dressing her at all! we had three newborn outfits and that was it. And it wasn't even September- it'll be so warm for your newbie!

We didn't buy ANYTHING until we could prove we needed it- i.e.- a swing when colic hit full force! And even then it was a used swing.

I ONLY buy consignment clothing and toys, which in my opinion ups the "green" factor and makes me feel less guilty if an outfit doesn't get a lot of use.

No stuffed animals unless organic
Only wooden handmade (bought off etsy) toys.
Only baking soda in the bathtub, no soaps or shampoos
only lotion is california baby.

Less is more, and you'll be grateful, espcially if you're already tripping over toys and gear for two other kids! Congrats on the pregnancy!
My kids are 2, 3 and 5! Sleep and patience are in short supply.
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

I also need to figure out what to get/not get for Baby #2. I spent SOOO much money on things and clothes for my son, it makes me really sad. We were in a bad financial situation, and I spent our tax return on clothes, most of them that he never wore. We're doing better now, but I still want to be a minimalist when it comes to this stuff. I always figure.. if I NEED more, I can get it at that time.

I already have a small stash of NB clothes, so I'm set for the first 2 months until he is in 0-3 and 3 month clothing. And I'm hoping that by that time, I'll be able to take my time finding super cheap clothes at resale and consignment shops, and even then I'm limiting myself to only 5 of everything (5 sleepers, 5 onesies, 5 pants, 5 pairs of socks, 5 shirts..).

My Newborn CD stash is going to be:
20 XS Fitteds (to fit Newborn-3 months)(made by me)
4 XS Covers (2 Fleece and 2 PUL)
A handful of Snappi's
4-5 XS BG or similar AIO's (for trips out or when he is visiting with family that aren't too familiar/don't like cloth diapers).

For equipment, I buy everything off of Craigslist, Ebay, or a resale shop cheap. Usually the cheapest items are on Craigslist, with some good steals on Ebay if I can take my time to look and find them over a few months (since I have to pay shipping). And then anything I buy I resell for the SAME price so that I don't lose any money. It practically costs me nothing to use the item for the time period I needed it for.

Those items would be: Bassinet/Co-sleeper, Swing, Travel Swing, Carseat, High Chair, .. stuff like that. And I will only buy the items when I need them. So when I have a newborn, I won't be buying the jumperoo, high chair, bumbo, anything like that until it's needed and will be in constant use.

So I have a pretty good plan. But I definitely have to tell my hubby to keep me in check when it comes to staying minimal with everything. If not, we'd end up with tons of clutter and stuff that I really don't need.
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

for clothes, well in the cooler months I just kept mine in sleepers and onsies. My 14 month old still wears sleepers 24/7 right now, that way I don't have to worry about her taking her socks off and her feet getting cold and I know she is warm as we keep our house cool.

She takes her shoes and socks off in the vehicle too and it can get bitter cold with the doors open trying to put them on and since I don't let her walk outside in the winter (unless we were to take her out specifically to play) plus she's too slow right now to keep up in a parking lot, I just keep her in her fleece sleeper. Wanted to make wool interlock ones but was too $$.

Never had a changing table, a bassinett only with the 1st one (after that we ust used the crib with a side off next to the bed, it's converts to a day bed so was set up for that type of thing).

I had a swing, an execauser and high chair that was borrowed for the little one and of course car seats, diapers, wipes, hats etc. Oh and we have a very old playpen that my MIL got at a yard sale for $20 when ODD was born (she's 7) and has been thru all 4 kids, that I can't do without for campng, traveling and sanity. I used a 5 yd peice of fabric as a wrap and a VERY old beco (called ecobabies even) for back carry when older.

In the warmer months, I did wool shorties and t's
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

My littlest girl came home to NOTHING. Not only was I a single mom to 2 already waitressing double shifts to feed us but she was 2 months premature so there was nothing ready for her. Poor girl. But I suppose it WAS green. But within the first momth we were gifted most of what we needed, or we bought it.

Here's what we had:

-baby bathtub from consignment shop
-exchanged car seats with a friend. booster for bucket seat. nothing in an accident, I KNEW she took care of her seat, as did I. One of my girls was getting out of a car seat so this worked perfectly.
-we were gifted 2 dozen preemie prefolds and 4 preemie covers and a few preemie fitteds.
-had 3 dozen infant prefolds already from older kids.
-searched fsot for small covers and found 4 for like $4 each that worked awesome!
-we coslept and a friend gifted me a pack n play for when she was older for naps.
-we were gifted a high chair for later on
-bought a $10 bouncy seat at wal-mart after she got here because I needed something safe that could be portable and yet NOT on the floor with 2 big sisters who might step on her and I couldn't find anything used.
-clothing was exclusively from the consignment store other than a small handful of outfits given to us as "baby gifts." A lot of her preemie clothing was from her big sister. The clothing was probably about 10 outfits, mostly sleepers. No onesies, no mittens, no booties. They don't keep them on anyway.
-a handful of recieving blankets found at the consignment shop for less than a dollar each for spit-up or for laying on the floor to change her diaper.
-2 nice thick blankets for putting over her in her carseat as she was a preemie and not good at body temp regulation. one was given to us by a friend(and it's still her comfort item 3 years later) and the other was given to us in the nicu crocheted by volunteers.
-no changing table, no crib, no special toys or swings or vibrating whatevers.
-i made a sling out of $2 rings from home depot and half a flat sheet I bought for $1.49 at the consignment shop.
-our insurance provided a pump because she was a preemie and had feeding problems but otherwise I wouldnt' have invested in one as a sahm. Hand expressing is fast and easy once you get the technique down and it's FREE. It's not worth it to buy a pump unless you are a wohm or you have other extenuating circumstances like medical issues or a need to be away from your baby for long periods of time frequently. I hand expressed exclusively every 2 hours around the clock for two weeks with my middle daughter who was also a preemie when we couldnt' afford a pump and it wasn't too bad. Takes about the same amt of time as the pump anyway.

All babies truly need is clothing to keep them warm, something to feed them, diapers to poop in, and someone to love them. She was quite cheap. We used our typical california baby wash on her like we did with her sisters when she was stinky(ie, after a big blowout poop) but most of the time it was plain water. Lotion was the coconut oil we all use anyway. And I didn't buy any fancy detergent for her stuff, just our plain old boring homemade laundry detergent.
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

With each child I become more minimalist. It's a good thing we are planning on having more or that child wouldn't get anything (just kidding). My list would be: car seat, good wrap or sling, a decent sized lightweight blanket for swaddling and 6-10 of your choice baby clothing (onesies, side-snap shirts/longies, sleepers, whatever-I was a sleeper lovin' girl myself). I used burp cloths to clean up spit up, wipe lanolin off my finger, change baby on (of course I didn't reuse after that one ), but I wouldn't buy them. You could use prefolds or cut up some t-shirts and sew them double layer and that would work fine. I didn't start CDing until the youngest was 14 months, so I have no idea about that one.
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

The only thing I splurged on for my 2nd kiddo was blankies. I got a bunch (like 2 dozen?) gorgeously soft organic ones and we used them like crazy for everything. Swaddling, clean place to lay, burp cloths, changing pads, etc.

My babies never wore clothes at home - tshirts just rode up, onsies wicked wetness at the legs and were just a step I wasn't interested in, plus my kids hated (and still hate, lol) clothes. For going out (summer babies) they just wore onsies. I had maybe 3 total in each size, lol.
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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

I've always been a minimalist, but have gone crazy in the past two years getting rid of almost everything that's not nailed down. We've had two babes and knowing what I know now, I would probably buy 8 sleepers for baby to wear - and that's it. I really like the simplicity of sleepers and no one really expects your baby to be dressed in anything else for the first few months anyway.

I would definitely get enough diapers/covers to last through 2 days before having to wash them - so probably 3 dozen prefolds or fitteds, and 6 diaper covers (we made do with small covers and never had to get extra-smalls for our 7lb-er).

I would make sure they had a jacket and hat for when we went out to keep warm, and an infant car seat for obvious reasons. I would use the car seat to double as a baby seat inside the house and skip the swing/bouncer (and yes, I had a colic-CRAZED baby who screamed at all hours of the day and night, and I would still skip them because nothing ever really made him happy, not even those huge, ugly, overpriced pieces of baby equipment).

I would get a quality baby carrier that I could use from birth to toddlerhood (I really liked the Ergo, but didn't use it when my little one was small). I would splurge on a stroller and get a really great one that has a bassinet and is easy to push - only because my lifestyle is very urban and has me walking EVERYWHERE each day.

I would get a Pack & Play instead of a crib, so that it could double as a travel crib. I would use a couple of the blankets I already have to keep baby warm in the car seat and stroller.

I would wait until around 6 months to get a high chair or a exersaucer.

Congratulations and happy shopping!

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Re: Minimalist Baby <3

Our infant lived skin-to-skin in the moby til she was in 3 months clothes. I seriously didn't bother dressing her at all!
@poopstermamma You're my new inspiration. I've been wondering what clothes I need for my little one coming in May, but I'm going to stop wondering. I own two Mobys, and it's going to be May! Perfect weather for a nekkid baby in the Moby. Thanks for the reminder!
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