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Re: UPDATED- Please help my baby wont breast feed and midwife says to give up :(

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
We were at the doc this morning for a cough, we talked to him about the weight and he said his weight is fine, no need to bottle feed.

I think we just need to push through the fussy barrier while the milk comes up to speed over that final hurdle and we should hopefully be in the clear
Congrats on working so hard to get here!

I just wanted to say not to worry TOO much b/c even if you have had supply issues to start with, they can even out and you can eventually go on to nurse with no issues. I had supply problems with my first from supplementing her with formula - it killed my supply.

I also wanted to just gently say that even if your milk supply was perfect, as babies go through growth spurts, they need more milk, and they get your body to make more for them by nursing more frequently or for a longer time. They also tend to be fussier b/c they want more. While you are freaking out trying to figure it all out, your body is getting the message, and in a few days, it catches up and your baby is happy again.

So, his needing more milk could very well just pass as your body catches the signals and makes more.

And, I wanted to say that if you are having supply issues and you feel like it, there is nothing wrong with pumping once or twice a day. Nipple stimulation is what signals your body to make more milk. So lots of that is good when you are trying to produce more.

I've even noticed that if my baby falls asleep latched on and we sleep that way for a half hour, at the next feeding that breast will be exploding with milk, while the other is not as full.

Just keep nursing, nursing, nursing!


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Re: UPDATED- Please help my baby wont breast feed and midwife says to give up :(

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
Well things have improved, he nurses now fine without a sns or nipple shield.

We had gone to full breastfeeding, but again his weight slowed and he has been throwingf its at the breast and being hungry even after feeds.

The fenugreek had helped, as well as bottle elimination, and morse suckling, I went to boost my fenugreek and realized the German pills I had were not anywhere near the US equivalent and the doage was way too low. SO I am hopeful with taking more it will help, I was not even yet to the minimum recommended doasge. I am going to start with 3.6 grams a day (per kellymom) and work up if needed.

A really super mom here ordered me fenu greek from the us. On the German economy I would have to take minimum 16 pills a day to get that 3.5 minimum and it would cost me 110 dollars a month. The Us bottles, 7 months worth only cost 35 USD.- Can you believe that.

So we went back to the midwife saying to give a daily bottle, doctor saying not to. I did a middle ground and put him on the breast over and over until he got to the point where that justw as not a option, if he got hysterical which was not often I gave him a bottle. On a bad day that was maybe 180ml forumla a day.

But I very much still want to eliminate it fully. I no longer take formula with us unless we are going on long trip. But I want to eliminate that even. I am happy that it is cut way back and there are days where we need none, buT I want to get past that.

I think we have come a long way from a baby who was initially fully formula fed and I am hopeful that since even in small doses the fenufgreek helped, that at a proper dosage we can get passed this final hurdle.

I am hoping if the fenugreek helps that I can do some extra pumping. I only have an electric pump another month and a half, so I would like to build a freezer stash so that if for any reason he needs a bottle, I have breast milk on hand and can keep the formula out of the house. I have a hand pump so hopefully that will be doable once the elctric pump is gone.

I fully intend to nurse him 12 months, and am considering 24 months which is now reccomended by WHO.

Thank you all so much for your help this far, if you have any more advice about this last hurdle or pumping for the freezer please do share. And I sure hope to one day post that the formula is gone for good.

BUt for a little boy who could not even latch he has come a long way. I am proud of us both for making it this far-
So happy for you mama!
Kelly, knitting mama to 3 little loves and wifey to the hubs
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