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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

ds1 quirky
dd sassy
ds2 spunky
ds3 mischievous


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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

Stubborn, independent, determined, intense, intelligent, a problem solver.

I wish I could say she's sweet and loving but she isn't lol, she's actually quite the bully. She is just 2 so I am hoping as she gets older I can add more positive things about her personality. We do love her to bits though.
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

4 Year old DD- She is highly emotional and oversensitive and prone to crazy meltdowns. She is a perfectionist and won't do something until she feels confident in it. She is slow to warm up to people. She is highly imaginative and was from a very young age. She is a very girly girl and loves pink, dresses, dolls, purses and princesses. She could dress herself from a very young age and has been very opinionated about clothes ever since. She loves babies and has been a great big sister twice now.

2 Year old DS- He is very affectionate. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He was a high needs baby who wanted to nurse 24/7 and didn't sleep and he was/is a high energy toddler. He is a get into everything running at top speed not afraid crazy boy. He was a little speech delayed but is catching up. He has aggresive tendancies that I been working very hard on but still hasn't gone away. He will hug and kiss you after he does something aggresive though. He likes his younger sister but has no concept at all of how to act with a baby. He thinks he can wrestle her or pick her up. He isn't shy. He is all boy. He likes stick like objects, airplanes, tools and climbing.

The baby- She smiled and laughed very early and is quick with a laugh. She loves lots of attention and taking walks in the wrap. She is very "talkative". She is the best sleeper at this age. During the day she doesn't like to be put down and she nurses a lot.

It is amazing how different they are and how even from day 1 they all had their own personalities.

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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

My DS is so laid back! 2 months old been a great sleeper and eater since day 1, hardly ever cries - i am so spoiled, i hope all my future kids will be this good!
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

my girls are differant as night and day to each other but both have hearts of gold

6 year old- shy but soaks everything in, detailed orinanted...she wants things just so (thank goodness this mostly just affects school work though) for the most part she's very easy going and a people pleaser, sadly anxiety lurks around for her though..she's my girlly girl

3 year old-- FULL of energy, not much slows her down...and she goes till she crashes (literly she falls alseep a lot of the time talking) very much into everything, wants to know how things are, very social, will run up to strangers and hug them, nothing seems to phase her, she could care less that after climbing she gets hurts.(she'll cry tell me what hurts and do it all over again)....she's my tomboy
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

28 month daughter: Flexible with most things, highly communicative, there is never a doubt with what she is trying to say or get. Even keeled and in tune with her surroundings. Will jump in if it's safe, hang back if not. She seems oddly mature and very lovey-dovey. She is pretty gender neutral (if that makes sense) and her favorite thing is dinosaurs.
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

DS is 13 months and he's a little performer. When he learned to sit he would hold his arms out and toss his head back and wait for the cheering and clapping. He did the same when he learned to walk. He loves to sing and dance, and he LOVES people, even strangers. He's very active and not super cuddly, even when nursing.
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

ds1 is very intelligent and happy. He does have atlesat 1 outburst a day and can be very energetic. He does have ADHD though so that plays a role.

ds2 is very happy and content. Usually not bothered by anything.
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

DS - he is my most outgoing/social child and yet my most sensitive. He gets his feelings hurt very easily and I take care not to yell at him even if he frustrates me badly - he's just very sensitive. But he's quite friendly and loves going new places, and will just jump right into any social setting, which I love. He's very active and has tons of energy; he's really not afraid to try anything, be it a new food, activity, or whatever. He gets bored easily and it seems like his mind is always working, working, working. Excellent vocabulary and quick to learn.

DD1 - she's dainty and feminine, very much "the little girl" if that makes sense. I don't want to sound offensive. But when people describe that mold of what they think a little girl "should be", that's her - she loves dresses and new shoes, she's always stealing my makeup and caking it on her face, she has a high-pitched and very cute, soft voice, she carries around about 5 baby dolls who are all named "Boo" and she pretends to nurse them throughout the day, and she freaks out if she gets dirty. I was always pushing for her to play with DS's cars/trucks and not be confined into that stereotype of what a little girl "should be" but this is just her personality. She hangs back a lot more than DS, and is not at all rough-and-tough - she is polite but reserved with strangers. If she gets mad, however, she gets mad and can be just a bit overly dramatic at times - she's a bit of a drama queen.

DD2 - she's the baby for now, and she's a little shy around strangers but extremely sweet. She may not want them to hold her but she has a big, toothless grin for everyone. She is my snuggle bug and will often crawl across the room into my lap for some snuggle time, and she loves to be rocked to sleep and she's delighted when we wear her. She is very big on skin-to-skin contact, as well, and is very affectionate with her siblings. She's playful and highly intelligent, and very good-natured - not demanding at all. If she gets upset, she gets over it very quickly and is smiling again in no time. While DS can get into tearful fits if his feelings are hurt in any way and DD1 is the drama queen, DD2 just lets it all roll off her shoulders. I hope she always has this "glass half full", sunny, sweet personality - she definitely brightens up my day.
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Re: How would you describe your child's personality?

DD is almost exactly like her mama, LOL! She's reserved and cautious. Prefers to play by herself when there's a group of kids around. Won't do something unless she's certain she can do it on her own and do it correctly. Extremely verbal... with people she knows really well. Other people constantly ask if she's talking yet. Prefers quiet play and looking at books, but LOVES to be outside. Gets bent out of shape if something is out of place in her little world. Was a very high-needs baby, but with the exception of the sleep thing, has been a pretty easygoing toddler.
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