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First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Hey everyone, I am breastfeeding my 3 week old son and this is the first time for nursing for me so I have tons of questions lol and thought you ladies might be able to help me out. First off I feel like all I do is feed him, non stop all day. I can barely get him to go 2 hours between feedings and usually its closer to an hour but he only nurses for about 5-10 minutes and then falls asleep and as soon as I lay him down he wakes and wants to eat again and the same thing happens over and over. Last night I fed him and went to bed, he woke up 5 minutes later and my husband got him and couldn't do anything with him so he fed him 4 oz of breast milk that I had pumped and he still was hungry so he fed him 2 oz of formula and then he was content and could be and slept better than he usually does, 4 hours. I just feel like he is not getting satisfied with my milk, I know he is getting enough because of his wet and poopy diapers but I just feel like he isn't satisfied with that. Also when I pump I can barely get an oz or 2, could it be my supply is low? Any advice would be greatly appreciated TIA~


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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Sounds like a normal 3 week old to me My los NEVER went 2 hours btween feeds at that age. I suggest getting rid of ALL bottles till lo is a bit older and feed him whenever he seems hungry. They do seem to eat ALL the time at that age, but it gets better as their tummys grow bigger and hold more milk.
1-2 ozs is normal. Relax and keep up the good work! You can do it!
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Yep, sounds normal to me too Also he may be gearing up for a growth spurt around 4 weeks. IME I wouldn't give bottles this soon. If you absolutely have to give a bottle you should pump in it's place or your supply will drop. At this stage it's all about feeding your LO and getting your supply established. I suggest reading thru the site. You will find a lot of useful info there Hang in there, you're doing great!
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

My son is 5 weeks old today and HONESTLY today is the FIRST time that I have not felt exactly like you do right now! His schedule is backwards, but I know how you are feeling and it does get better, slowly but it does. The formula is bad, as a mama that was sabotaged before just pour it out and give away the bottles. It is just WAY to easy when you are tired to do the formula thing and it will ruin your supply. Also, the formula changes the composition of your little guy's gut and it can take a week or more for everything to get back to breast feeding normal if you keep using formula.
Pumping is a horrible indication of how much milk you have. Baby is SO SO SO much better then the pump and it takes a whole different set of skills to pump. You have to know how to relax and trick your body into thinking that is the baby and do everything like it would for the baby. It's hard, you can do the pumping if you need to, I do for over full relief, but don't let it make you worry. If wets and poops are there, that is ALL that matters!! You can do it, and PM me if you need to I would be more then willing to talk anytime.
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Very normal mama. I tell my friends who are getting ready to have babies and BF that they should prepare to sit on the sofa and feed a baby for the first 4 weeks. In fact one that just gave birth has already given up BFing because she didn't believe me. I tell them that it takes an hour to get the baby to nurse for 10 mins on each side and then they want to do it again 30 mins later. Its completely normal but it does get better. THIS WILL ONLY LAST ABOUT 4-6 WEEKS. The one way I got my little guy to give me a little longer at night is by swaddling him. That seemed to help alot!
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

I agree with what everyone else has said - this sounds normal. My other four didn't nurse as much the first six weeks as my fifth one did, but he nursed every hour and only for a short time whenever he did nurse, so I thought he just wasn't getting full - but it's fine - they have small tummies at this age.

I was really freaking out, though, because I had to go back to work after six weeks, and I didn't know how we were going to manage, as often as he ate. But it got better as he got older and he doesn't eat as much when I'm not around - he eats more in the evenings when I'm home with him.
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Ditto what everyone else has said, but wanted to add that I also have a very sleepy eater (not so much anymore) I would usually nurse her on one side, she would fall asleep, then I would change her diaper to wake her up so she would nurse on the other side. If you are worried that he's not eating enough, you might try something like that.

Also, I wouldn't necessarily assume that since he slept longer after your DH fed him it means that he's not satisfied with what he's getting from you. 6 ounces sounds like a lot for a 3 week old to me. Sometimes babies will drink more from a bottle than they actually want, so maybe that was part of it...also formula takes longer to digest than breastmilk so he probably just wasn't hungry as soon.

Oh, and I have found the only way to get my baby so sleep longer than an hour at a time is if she is sleeping in my that's how we sleep now, it sucks but at least we are sleeping.

I hope it gets better for you soon, I know it's hard to have to wake that often to feed.
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Keep in mind that formula fed babies go longer between feedings because it's more work for the body to digest. So the fact that he slept longer does not surprise me at all. Breastfed babies need to eat more often. The only time my baby went three hours between feedings was at the NICU. Now that's he's bigger and has the energy to eat, that's all he does!
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

yes, all normal but here is a great link to help you feel better.

6.The baby will take a bottle after feeding. This does not necessarily mean that the baby is still hungry. This is not a good test, as bottles may interfere with breastfeeding.

No more bottles
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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

He sounds just like my LO when he was that little. They like being held, they love nursing; NBs are just really, really needy! He's loving your milk, that's why he can't get enough At 3 wks, I think they're going through a growth spurt and just want to nurse a LOT. Don't let pumping get you down. My next door neighbor had a baby the same week I did and she was always telling me how much she pumped (TONS!) and in comparison I was getting nothing, so I felt like I wasn't making enough, but my baby was pooping and peeing plenty and growing fine. I don't think your supply is low, just don't get yourself down by overthinking it. I wouldn't supplement w/formula too much because that will end up affecting your supply. You're doing great! hang in there

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