View Poll Results: How were your pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester?
I had a lot of symtoms right from the start 8 12.50%
My symptoms took a whlie to really kick in 12 18.75%
I have felt great or pretty normal for at least one of my pregnancies 43 67.19%
Other 1 1.56%
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

I had every symptom in the book 2 weeks before my BFP with DD. It was terrible.


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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

Funny that you asked this question, I have been wondering the same thing! I am almost 17 weeks pregnant with #3 and have had minimal symptoms since the get go. I had some early nausea but it was not very bad at all. I have never puked with any pregnancy.

I am starting to feel the baby kick more often and am more tired and hungry in the past few days. But seriously forget I am pregnant most of the time (until by belly gets in the way)

All in all, I cannot believe how easy this pregnancy is going! I am so grateful.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

I have hated pretty much every minute of being pregnant, haha! I had horrible morning sickness really early on at 8 weeks or sooner, and it wasn't just in the morning, it was off and on all day. It lasted the whole first trimester and into the second for some of it. It's funny because once you go through it, you kind of forget how bad it was. I had nausea and really bad cramping, I found out I was pregnant at the ER. I was really tired too, still am...I've been tired this whole time haha. Not to mention extremely hormonal and crazy!!!! I find that the person who sets me off the most is my poor DH...he witnesses the majority of my insanity, and doesn't handle it well all the time...this is our first baby. I was NOT ready for it, so maybe that has something to do with it! Being mentally prepared, and planned. I don't know how people enjoy being pregnant, I think you're crazy! Luckily I don't feel sick all the time, just really uncomfortable! I'm only 5'3" and about 95lbs normally...I've gained about 25+ and I still have about 43 days to go till estimated due date...all the weight is piled on in the front, so hard to get comfortable sleeping! Even with this dumb boppy pillow! Maybe I'm not using it right! I can't wait to get this baby out of me!!! Labor doesn't sound scary to me at all, it sounds great at this point! Ok, I'm done with my negative blab.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

With my DD I was sick as a dog from 5 weeks till 15 weeks. In fact at first I thought the constant nausea was due to having Crohns disease so I saw my Gastro doctor. LOL

Then a couple weeks later my DH went on a trip and that night I was so ungodly sick that I took myself in to the ER. I was having severe cramping pains (Crohns flare lol) and vomiting etc.

Before they gave me any meds they asked me "could you be pregnant" and I said well NTNP and they tested me...I was already 7.5 weeks pregnant!

My periods were always irregular so the fact that I didn't have one recently didn't clue me in.

Now this pregnancy, I knew the moment I implanted. I got cramps and severe migraine headaches. Plus I just "knew." Then for the past 5 or so weeks I've felt really great, I had some mild cramping but that's stopped...but starting into the last few days... Morning Sickness o'rhama. To make it worse, I have an awful cold right now. lol So I totally feel like crap.

Which is sooo much fun when chasing a toddler.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

I felt amazing during my first pregnancy (not so much this 2nd time around). No morning sickness, no aches and pains, boobs felt fine - just bigger. I really felt great until around 37/38 weeks. I thought something was wrong with me because it seemed like everyone else complained about one thing or another when they were pregnant but I didn't feel bad at all. I just wish the same were true now....
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I knew I was pregnant right away because I had really weird congestion - but I never had morning sickness or felt worse than mildly nauseous. I did fracture both my feet, consecutively, over the course of my pregnancy, so maybe that was my payment for not vomiting.

Later preggo symptoms, I did have - mainly monster swelling so extreme my doctor considered bedrest. I was the Empress of Cankles.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

I didn't feel pregnant at all and kept forgetting until close to 24 weeks with this last one.

I have NEVER done that before. But I am wondering if gender plays a role. I had lots of symptoms and loads of sickness with my other three but they are all boys this pregnancy is a girl.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

Yeah, I had such an easy pregnancy. I only felt (a little) nausea for about 2 days. I had some cravings throughout but nothing more than when Im not pregnant. The only real recognizable symptoms I had were fatigue (I needed at least an hour nap a day for the first 12-15 weeks) and some irritability (Im usually irritable but it was harder for me to filter it/control my impulses). If I didnt chart like a maniac, I probably wouldnt have known for a few months!
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

Mostly my only symptoms are exhaustion and sinus infections.
I have had light nausea this time around, but it was gone by 11 weeks.
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Re: Anyone have no or only mild pregnacy symptoms?

With DS I had virtually no symptoms. There were only a couple things that after I found out i was pg I thought "oh ok that kind of makes sense" and they were: I was a tad more tired than normal, my gums bled when I brushed my teeth, and my breasts were sore. I never even suspected pregnancy.
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