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Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

Hi ladies!

DD#1 is 21 months and DD#2 is just under 8 weeks. I was very successful with DD#1 - we breastfed and PT pumped for 4 months and then I exclusively pumping from 5-11 months (we had enough froze to wean at that time). She wasn't a great breastfeeder, that is why I pumped. Have have awesome supply and it worked out great.

With DD#2 it is so much harder. DD#1 does not cooperate when I am feeding or pumping - she has a lot of jealousy. She also regulary wakes up 1-3x per night along with my 8 week old who is waking up every 3-4 hours to eat.

In summary, help! I am exhausted and I go back to work in 3 weeks. At the time I didn't realize it, but with DD#1 it was a piece of cake compared to now! I am already ready to give up



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Re: Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

I don't have much advice for you but I just wanted to tell you good luck! I hope you can figure something out so that you aren't so exhausted. Maybe your older daughters jealously issues will get better. Don't let anyone make you feel bad if you decide to pump full time or switch to formula if you have to either.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

Mine are 16 months apart. We used the Sleep Lady sleep training on DS before DD was born, so at least he doesn't wake up during the night anymore (unless he is teething). DD is much more challenging as well, DS seems to always need me while I'm nursing, or she wants to nurse while I'm trying to feed DS she is reflux-y. Or he comes into her room just as I'm laying her down for a nap and starts whining. I just keep telling myself that it will get better and this won't last forever. BF'ing is really important to me, so I just get through it. I had to put DS on formula at 9 months b/c I got pregnant with DD and my supply dried up, and I hated every single bottle I gave him. Yeah, he's fine and lots of babies grow up just fine on formula, but I still don't like it.

Also, I gave up on my no-TV rule for DS...I throw in Thomas the Tank Engine when I need to lay DD down or nurse her without distraction. They're nice b/c they're only 5 minute episodes, so it's easy to go turn it off after I accomplished what I needed to.

But really, for the sleeping, I highly recommend the Sleep Lady program. It's not CIO, and DS went from waking every 90 minutes to sleeping 11 hours in less than a week.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

mine are about 18 months apart.
For a while I just had to put ds the older one in his crib with a few toys while I nursed my dd. After a while it got to where he would sit quietly in front of where I was nursing dd. Now he is almost 2.5 and he tells dd to eat when she takes a break or gets distracted.
Sometimes for the longer feeds I "read" a book to him that I have memorized so I'm just telling the story as he looks at the pictures.
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Re: Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

I totally broke the no-tv rule with my DS (18 months) too. Fortunantely it works out that DD (1month) wants to nurse at his meal times so I just strap DS into his highchair with his breakfast/lunch/dinner and nurse her while he eats. I tell him something like "look, you're eating and baby's eating". Seems to calm him down. The story thing works too, but he is learning that when its "baby is eating/nursing" time he just needs to entertain himself. Still working on it. I guess whatever works depends on how long the lo nurses... Keep up the patience, Momma, it'll work itself out soon. Hugs
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Re: Breastfeeding with a toddler around... (need some motivation)

We had to break our no TV rule so that I could nurse my youngest, too. I also save a couple of toys back that only come out when I'm nursing. As for no sleep, our rule is that my husband gets up if our toddler needs something in the middle of the night, and I get up if the infant needs something (sometimes my husband helps me with the infant if he doesn't need to eat). I'm certain I couldn't have stuck with it if I had to get up with both. I also made mini goals for myself, and I firmly believe that's why I'm still breast feeding. I would tell myself I could reassess after one more week, and then usually after that week, I'd say "just one more week."
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