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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

My almost 2 year old got really skinny over the summer/fall. Not sure why, he just looked emaciated to us. Doc said he was fine, so we stopped worrying. He's starting to thicken up now. He's 2 in February, and weighs 24 lbs.

Here's a pic of him this summer.

watching by Elkay 724, on Flickr


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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

i have a peanut, too. born 9lbs 2 oz, exclusively bf until 6 months or so. drs were so concerned with her weight we had to go in for weekly appts for the first month or so. my mom says that my siblings and i were the exact same way. born big, then turned into skinny little bean poles! and i was a stick all through high school, too! i wouldn't worry. drs can cause unnecessairy alarm in parents. as long as your kid is eating often, eating good food and gets exercise, it's sounds like everythings fine.
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

Thank all of you for easing my worries and helping me figure where to go next. Thank you!
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

I just read the OP so sorry if this has been asked and answered already. From what you describe, it doesn't seem like he has much fat in his diet. Do you add butter to his veggies, or saute them in oil? If not, do. Babies need a lot of fat for brain growth, especially saturated fat like butter, coconut, palm, and monounsaturated fats like olive oil.

Does he drink milk? Eat whole milk yogurt and cheese? My very skinny EBF baby put on a ton of weight once I added whole milk and full fat dairy to his diet. I mean we are talking going from the 3rd percentile (his lowest) at 12 most to the 84th percentile at 26 months. As soon as I introduced it he loved it and ate like it was going out of style, avg 4-6 cups of milk a day! I passed off his skinniness as genetic but looking back, I am sure I had low supply and he was not getting nearly enough milk from me. I continued to nurse him his second year but adding the whole cows milk really helped his weight gain - and his sleeping. A few months after introducing milk he was taking regular naps and STTN.

DS met all his milestones too, and looked healthy to me, but seeing how much sturdier he is now that he's put on weight makes me realize he was going without for a very long time. I won't let that happen again. I worry what the first skinny year did to his development, but I can't go back, only forward. I started recently adding a couple cups of flavored toddler formula to his diet to give him some extra nutrition to maybe make up for what he might have missed that first year. I have noticed since doing this that his behavior is more mellow and today he took a 3 hour nap! Makes me so happy to see him thriving!

Here is a couple pics

A few months before he turned one (on breastmilk and solids, no dairy) around the 90th percentile for height and the 3rd for weight.

this one makes me very sad

Within about six months, after adding whole milk, this is him! A nice sturdy filled out toddler! 95th percentile for height, 50th for weight.

Now at 26 months and in the 97th for height and the 84th for weight You can see he's not fat at all, just proportionate!

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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

Only gaining 2 lbs in 6 months does sound slow, but less worrisome since he is over 1 year and actually gaining (just slowly). Does he look healthy? What is his height percentile? For example, looking at silvermoon's pictures, you could see her boy was way too skinny for his height.

However my daughter is 21 months old, 21.5 lbs (5th percentile), height about 25th percentile, and she looks healthy. But she generally has been sticking to the 5th percentile since 12 months. She was born at the 50th percentile.

Their birth weight does not determine what their percentile should be. My doctor was happy as long as my DD didn't drop more than one line on the percentile chart at once. And besides that, she looks healthy, and does gain.

And definitely make sure he has fats in his diet. If he is drinking too much milk that could limit how much solids he eats. Should only be having a maximum of 24 oz of milk a day. I personally, give DD a max of 16 oz per day, and then she has whole milk yogurt and cheese.
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

I didn't read threw the post so forgive me if I say something already said.
My children are all tall and skiny
Troy is 6 years old and is about 48-50lbs
Naomi is going to be 5 in March is lucky she is 35lbs
Aimee is 15 months old and is 19lbs
The doc never says a word he says he would rather have skinny kids then children that are at risk for being over weight and My children eat everything. He also says he rather have a child that eats fruits and veggies then a child that eats junk food all day and has more weight on them.

He is fine I don't see anything that says other wise, he eats and that is all that matters. By the time Troy was 15 months old he had gone from the 90% to the 5th %. Same as Naomi As long as they gain and not lose there should be nothing to be worried about.
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

we are dealing with this too... DD was 17 lbs 5 oz at her 12 month. She was in the 3rd percentile for weight and 5th for height. The Dr said that she doesn't like her lack of weight gain over the past few months (which has stopped since she became mobile) and if by 15 months she doesn't start putting on a little weight we are running tests
I have started giving the girl ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she will eat. I am going to add some pediasure into her diet as well. She is lactose intolerant so I have to be creative.
She sounds a lot like your DS though, put on weight fine until around 10-11 months *which I EBF all that time* then when she quit nursing, and I mean QUIT she stopped gaining. I tried to pump and give her bottles but she refused my BM all together. I feel like it's a little bit my fault, but this all happened around the time she began crawling and walking. DS stopped gaining weight around the same time, but he was 28 lbs at a year, so he had weight to spare
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

I have two skinny kids (and my DD has growth issues). Our ped always says that as long as there is some growth, either in weight or height, they're doing okay. Once they hit a year and start moving, they burn a lot of calories.

That being said, what are his poops like? How often does he go? Sometimes a food intolerance or allergy can inhibit growth. Poops are often the first or only indication of these (runny, multiple times a day, lots of unprocessed food).
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

my dd was 7lb 8oz at birth and i think around 16lbs at a year. you better believe we got grief from the dr! she's always been very tall an thin though, with no problems meeting milestones. at her 5yr appt a few months ago, she was finally up to 40lbs.
ds1 was 7lb 1oz at birth and 19lbs at a year. we had a much more understanding dr now, so she looked at the whole picture and wasn't worried. he's tall and very active, has met nearly all milestones on the early side, and eats everything in sight. at his 18mo appt he was slightly over 22lbs.
and then there is ds2, lol. at birth he was 8lb 10oz. he goes for his 2mo appt monday and i'm pretty sure he's already a little over 13lbs. not sure i know what to do with a babe that isn't "skinny". he's still goofed up on their chart though because he's tall as well. he was 22inches at birth and had already grown another inch at his 2wk appt.

as long as your little one seems healthy and is meeting milestones, i wouldn't worry yourself.
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Re: Mamas of "skinny" babes i need your advice

Hi, My DD has always been on the thin side and her Dr. has never been concerned about it because she is healthy in every other way and she does eat. The one thing I will mention is that a gluten intolerance can inhibit weight gain. The body doesn't process the food the way it should to get the nutrients from it. That may be something to look into. Good luck!
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