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Re: For those with DC less than 2 yrs apart . . .

Mine are 21.5 month apart and I wish we'd waited another year or 2! I just think DS didn't get the one on one that DD did. He's such a sweet little man but my time is so dominated by my "terrible two" year old. She's great too but is just in one of those phases of testing her limits. I will say that she didnt' seem bothered by DS's arrival and was very nice up until about now (DS is 9 months) but she's doing this "that's mine, that's mommy's" nobody can touch/use/sit on/ etc something that isn't theirs. It's hard because DS is crawling like a crazy guy and he inevitably touchs or looks at stuff that's not his and she'll push him away and yell it's kinda sad! I just wish there we 2 of me! I hope they'll be best buds later but my brother and I (23 months apart) were mortal enemies. DH and his sis were BFs until teenager-dom. Just my


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Re: For those with DC less than 2 yrs apart . . .

My boys are 16 1/2 months apart and I wouldnt do it over for the world. If it were up to me, we would have #3 here already and probably be about the same age apart as well. When Matthew arrived, little Oscar was so happy. He helped give him his bottle( when a NB in the hospital, and then when a little older after I stoppped nursing ), he got diapers for me and also threw the dirty ones in the trash for me etc... he just wanted to be mommy big helper. When Matthew would go down for naps, I would have " mommy and Oscar time" and little Oscar and I would do something together, just the two of us and it kept him happy. Now that Matthew is older, they love to have each other all the time. Oscar will even crawl into his crib with him, he gives Matthew kisses when we pick Oscar up from school, I think they get along so well due to the fact they are sooo close and they are living in a family where they get kissed and feel loved 24/7 so they carry that on.
I persoanlly want to have all my kids by age 30 so that intails them being kinda close.
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Re: For those with DC less than 2 yrs apart . . .

mine are 20 monthes apart and while sometimes i wish there was a bit bigger of a gap i don't think it would have made a difference much.Paul is delayed and that makes it harder but there has never been any jealousy and they adore one another.In the end i am very blessed.I do hope to have a bit of a bigger gap next go around.
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Re: For those with DC less than 2 yrs apart . . .

DS is 22 months older than our twins. Had I known I would have had twins would I have waited? YES, LOL. Poor DS gets almost no attention and I feel horribly for him since he used to be so attached to me and now really can't be.
If it would have only been one baby would I have waited? Probably not - it would have been much easier to spend time with him.
We had initially started TTC when he was 6 months old, but it took awhile so I was ready to have two that close.
It went OK when we came home from the hospital, I think he just had to be driven away from all the crying. He had to transition pretty quickly, I think. It was like overnight that he had to switch to his own bed (his choice) and figure out how to play more on his own. He actually seems fairly well adjusted considering, LOL. I think it helps if you have people (well, DH but also a grandma or granpa or something) to pay extra attention to them if needed. We're lucky that he's getting pretty attached to my mom and DH's cousin so he has more of a support system than if it was just me and DH.
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Re: For those with DC less than 2 yrs apart . . .

My oldest 2 are 2.5 years apart. That worked out great for us, because older dd was potty trained, very independent and wanted to help. ydd and ds are 19 mos apart. There is a lot of jealousy between the two of them. YDD sitll wants to be the baby. When I was nursing ds, I had to hold her on the other side. When I had ds in the sling, I had to have her in a sling on my back. Now, they play well together, but I sometimes feel like I slighted ydd with her baby time. If we had it to do over again, we would probably space them at least 2 years.
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