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Feeing so alone!!

A friend was pregnant, due the 5th, she had her baby.

Another friend was pregnant, due next week, she already had her baby.

Another friend was pregnant, due the same day as me, and gave birth on our due date (Wednesday!)

Another friend is pregnant, due Sunday and just announced her water broke.

Then there's me. Still pregnant!

I know that overdue isn't anything surprising, I was overdue with my DS by 3 days, overdue with my DD by 10 days, and here I am going on 3 days overdue now.

I guess it's just that I was pregnant right along with so many of my IRL friends, all due around the same time this month, and yet, I'm still waiting!!

In addition, I have a few more IRL friends and my SIL all due in 1-2 months from now, sheesh!! Course I can handle that a bit better, I know I'll have a baby before then!

Tonight I had some contractions, mainly discomfort in my bottom/rectal area with hardening of my belly. They were consistant for about an hour, never timed them because they weren't really anything to speak of...but now they've stopped. Oh well...maybe tomorrow...


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Re: Feeing so alone!!

Oh mama I'm sorry! I had the same thing happen with me and 3 of my friends! It sucks to want baby here so bad and see all of them with theirs! I'll send you some ((((((labor vibes)))))) In the meantime try to rest and know baby will be here soon!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

Hopefully the baby comes soon!!! I've never had to deal with being preggo and having other preggo friends all deliver before me, so I don't know exactly how you feel, but I'm sure I'd be frustrated and also ready to get it over with and deliver already! I still have about 5 or 6 weeks left and I already want it over! Hang in there!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

I know how you feel. I was in that postion with my 4th. People all around me having babies before me. ugh. I decided to pick a date that was about 3 weeks past my due date and focus on that day. The baby would obviously be here by then, so by focusing on that day, and not the present time, made it seem not as far away. Hopefully it won't be much longer for you. Good thing is....your little one should have lots of friends their age!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

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Re: Feeing so alone!!

I know it's hard now but later once baby is here it wont matter.
You know A LOT of peop
My cousins new wife is pregnant and due May and my other cousin and his wife had a baby about six months ago.

I am now eight days late, w/cramping and "bh's" but that's it really, and just feeling totally uncomfortable!
My mom was late w/me (first and only) and my DF's mom was late w/him (first).

I really feel like there's an hour glass ticking down for me, since Im not wanting to transfer out of my birthing center, so Im feeling the pressure for sure.
I feel so conflicting, and I just want her to be safe and not be rushed if she's meant to be here later than her Edd.

Believe me I know it's hard.
Soon everyone will be fawning over YOUR new LO.
~Amber, sahm to Caden 02/17/03, and Baby Georgia 1/30/11!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

Just think in the next few weeks the baby has to come

Then you'll have no more feelings of being alone. Enjoy these last few days of your little one kicking around in your belly and being low maintenance.
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

Hey due date group buddy! I'm sorry you are still pregnant. I was also feeling like this around my due date since lots of people I knew IRL and on the board were having their babies! It is frustrating. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I went over. Try to enjoy these last few days! Hugs!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

Seriously, enjoy this time. Since you sound like you are at the end of your rope and you don't think you can stand it for much longer, that probably means that the end is very near. At least, that's how it was for me. I went into labor just a few hours after I broke down crying to my husband about how badly I was done being pregnant and wanted that baby out NOW. Good luck!
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Re: Feeing so alone!!

I felt like that- my first one all my friends had their babies early and mine was 13 days late- I was going crazy!!! I remember visiting one friend and holding her baby and not wanting to give it back, because it just felt so right, lol. Those hormones are intense.

My second one there weren't any other preggos around that I was close to, so it was easier. This time I still have a couple of weeks to go, but two of my bests just had babies in the last few weeks and it is really hard. I totally stay away from the due date forum or else I feel worse about it- all those early babies- I just couldnt' handle it.
Hang in there!
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